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DEBIT DREAMER: The Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Card

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

*Editor's Note: This should be a stand alone post as this is one of the most monumental historical documents ever produced here, but I doubt the readers will comprehend it, until minds in the future state what is written here in universities, the day the universe changed in the return to the Nimrodian economic system.
Upon composing this, this is one of the long list of Inspired documents which I am most proud of in it's revelation as once again no one has revealed the following, save the Lame Cherry.

Recently the President's daughter, Ivanka Kushner, attempted to make herself relevant as Meghan McCain, in deciding like the rest of the people in Kushner media, that she could job up and bitch slap Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, as it is the fashionable thing to do, to prove you are "one of the girls".
For my children here and the brats, you have noted that I am protective of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, because she is just a working girl of the Mockingbird CIA, and can not be taken seriously as she is just playing the role of a communist. Mrs. Kushner only adds to the designed distraction and none of that does any of you any good, as in reality it has only been the Lame Cherry which has in matter anti matter exclusives, in process, been exposing what the neo economic structure is going to be, established by the world elite.

In this white paper on the subject, this orphan girl is going to lay out the fundementals of this in a more concise manner, as it was here that the first white print of it was ever written of in the Kruz Doctrine of African Trade, where Europe has established that the 2 billion Negroid will be "purchasers" of European goods, as the European Super State fills in the technology gap with the Ring of Fire nations, led by Japan and South Korea, who have quality control equal to  the best German goods, and now surpass the ghastly limited shelf life of American made goods with inferior Chinese manufacture.

The best working model, which again this blog first covered, is Venezuela, and why the Americans and Europeans are targeting Maduro of Venezuela, is this non communist nation. Venezuela is not socialist nor marxist. Venezuela is instead a safari reserve where the citizens do not toil nor spin, but all are awarded debit cards from the government in order to bribe them into contentment, like a lion in the zoo is alloted their 100 pounds of beef quarters a day to keep them from attacking el presidente.

Maduro's process is simple. el Presidente, takes the gold, cocaine and oil from Venezuela, and sells it as contraband to thwart American sanctions put into place, because American Jewstreet finance is not getting their CIA black budget cut. This money is then put into the debit card account in which the population draws upon this resource.
It is a great deal like Colonel Khadaffi's rewards program in Libya and why he was slaughted by a French CIA agent for the Obama regime, because Libya was not providing the cartel their cut, and far too much revenue was going into Russia, and Russia has not been providing any western Jewstate banking their cut for sometime. In this system the people have wealth distributed to them, and they in turn purchase regime goods, which are expensive as it is all imported as inside production is not available as this is not a landowning society of capital wealth production. Other nations profit then in this trade, and it requires more financial blackmail to gain control of this distributed wealth by the cartel.

It is not the idea of a billion dollars in Venezuelan gold, a billion in coke and a billion in oil every quarter funding this process, it is the reality that the cartel loses control and leverage with this kind of funding producing and independent thought in nations, who think they do not need the cartel, and that is the threat in this in the lack of control of nations.

This is the fraudulent plan that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is being attacked for by Ivanka Kushner who says people do not want to be given anything for nothing. Considering everything the Kushner's have been given in life from education, to sales to White House positions was not earned and other people's work that is a comedic performance by Mrs. Kushner. It is though what the Nazi conglomerates are attempting to expand in the American Salt Pit System of slavery.

See there are two competing systems in this the Kurz Doctrine which is the Maduro Model, where an affluent plantation of Europe resides in luxry or resides in a palace in Caracas, while the peon and nigger reside in regime quarters comfortably, as resources are mined, produced and then sold for the benefit of the elite ruling and the bribery of placating the populace to be content sheep of the pen.
What is astonishing to me is Donald Trump a true International Socialist and Ivanka a socialist, while attacking Maduro of Venezuela as a socialist, never contemplate that the United States overflows with the Maduro Model in the American Indian Reservations which are nothing but a regime funded socialist state, marketing meth by the tons, in one of the greatest profit structures for the Nazi Conglomerate which rule America. The Trump importation of 1.5 million Visa Vermin is another regime welfare hand out of debit cards in food stamps and housing. Every Black and Mexican neighborhood in America has a numerous street corners pedaling the narcotics trade worth 2 million on ever market corner which is laundered back through franchises like Subway etc... to Wall Street where it is produced as "revenue" which is legalized.

The American Obama model which is the old CIA Rockefeller model is a working model though only in part on the Modura Model, as the White and Asian Peoples are still working and the American race is being genocided for the Mexican slave labor market and the production of the Chinoid slaves in China, making this the Salt Pit System of slavery which Ivanka Kushner is defending as is her father as the American Dream of MAGA. What the Obamas, Trumps, Bushs etc... all promoted on the Dwight Eisenhouser Soveitzation of the United States in the 1950's in the first Nazificaiton of National Socialist America on the Adolf Hitler successful model of socialism, where Hitler imported forced labor to concentration camps to profit the Reich as the Germans remained above the war, is now become under Donald Trump on Obama's promostion is this replacement of American workers who are independent with Latin slaves who are dependent and do not revolt. It is the cartel replacing the American honeybee with a less protective Italian strain which will not sting when the keeper steals the honey from the hive.

It probably must be stated that the Lame Cherry is not promoting Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's system of Debit Card Plantations nor am I promoting Ivanka Kushner's Salt Pit Mine Slavery, as both are designed to break the will of the people for easy control by the elite who live as feudal lords with everything as the pacification and addiction of these systems destroys God's creation in all humanity is meant to be.
The only system which works is the Biblical, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Hart Benton American system of individuals own land, owning their own homes, living moral lives, working to provide all for themselves to be independent of the state, which is not stealing people's wages in high taxes, and each generation then advances on inherited wealth in a Benjamin Franklin wise stewardship of resources and personal wealth, working to benefit all the people of that nation to an advancing standard of living.

America was deliberately destroyed by the cartel and is the same degenerate salt mine as China. A new model which is more humane, but will provide a reason for Africans shitting on the planet is the Kruz Doctrine of national confiscation of resources to be rationed out to the Negroid on the plantation until they die, as robotics and the few working to produce the mining are all that is necessary to run this advanced state of humanity. It is in essence the Nimrod System of Assyria in the first world empire.

This though is the first explanation of this in history in print, and why it is being hidden from all of your minds, as you are too  unInspired to discern it in seeing outside of the box of "MAGA" which will never exist in your patriotic right or welfare leftist frauds. The only reason Trump and Kurz were fingering around in Venezuela is their financial houses were not getting their cut and control. If they were, Venezuela would not be an issue as Kenya under Mugabe is not an issue, as Mugabe turned over all the wealth to the Europeans and he kept his head.

I hope this Lame Cherry white paper educates all of you, as I really doubt this is every going to completely be written of by your right or left wing media, until of course  it becomes a propaganda need as in Hitler's era to brand his system evil, while FDR was overthrowing American instituting the same state control in the United States which was parroted as liberty and justice for all. No it was immense profits for those in luxury on top, built on White and Black agrarian peoples who subsited on menial wages and were told they could work themselves to death and that was the American Dream. The only reason these people received anything is they were trained soldiers and DC did not want a revolution on their hands so they created propaganda and the outside cold war Soviet Union which was the real enemy...which Dwight Eisenhower transformed America into as the Soviet Amerikan state.

This is a PHD in information and another leap beyond what any of you could ever arrive at by the Grace of God. It would be fitting that the rich would donate to this poor orphan girl as they should as no one does what this blog does and without it, none of you would ever get your heads out of the places this world has shoved them up into.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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