Thursday, March 7, 2019

Good News Sandy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sandy sent an update on her eye surgery and I wanted to thank those who prayed for her as the operation went well.

I will include her note as the picture above is her Bible covers. She is a great deal like Richard is with wood and Stephanie is with food in the miracles she comes up with.

Hi LC and TL,
As always I hope this note finds you both well (and warm). I don't have much news and plan to check your blog to see how things are in the brier patch. I  nearly always do this in the wrong order- I should read and then write. 
I am seeing much better. I had the cataract removal on Monday. I guess I have a bionic eye now because the doctor removed my lens and inserted an IOL. I don't have the focus that I had before all this , but I no longer have the awful distortion and light glare that the cataract caused. I hope my vision improves, but I can live with this if I have to. 
I know people who have it much worse than me, and I'm grateful for the vision that I do have.
I like to share happy stuff with y'all when I can and I thought you might like to see these Bible covers that I made. My 18 year old Bible was coming apart so I made a cover for it from some pieces of scrap suede that I had. BlakeLea liked mine so much that I made her a cover and a bookmark from some leather that I found on Ebay. She loves turquoise. I thought about you LC when I finished them and gave agtG because my little 68 year old sewing machine and I couldn't have done it by ourselves. 
Sending hugs and prayers from here! ❤
Love, Sandy

My creativity was shoveling snow cement too much and having things bulge on me in the wrong places, as I await a new HAARP one two punch of Biblical proportions. God heals and restores though and I must be on a correct path or life would not be so much hell while those in luxury have their rewards in this world.

I would that I had Sandy's heart in the pretty things she does. For me most of the time it is Louisville Slugger which I hyper extended my elbow last week which is now just a forgotten pain.

Such beautiful hearts some people have and I am blessed to have them expose me to a beauty more radiant than sunsets.