Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Attention Getter

 Sorry my Jew pussy is for Mossad eyes only

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This took numerous times to load and I wonder why as I noticed one lone Mossad operative had been on this site, along with I wonder how many other assigned individuals are busy collecting data on the exclusives here.

All it seems to have taken was one pretty Jew girl in the Manalink series of articles mentioning that in the set up of Donald Trump, there was a Jewish kaska or Mossad operative involved in all of this.

Did you know at Mossad headquarters that they hire only pretty girls or ship in only young IDF material and they all end up play things of those who run Mossad. I doubt that the monitor from media relations will have privileges to the hot Jew pussy, but one day they will have all that access to 18 to 20 year old vagina.

I now have a Homeland file and within hours there will be a report on a kaska's desk reviewing the information here or there, hopefully with pretty pictures as Jew wood does please the nether beast behind the desks at Mossad HQ by the Prime Minister's summer palace.

Nuff Said