Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Joined At the Trump

I like being God of the Ganges...when's the dwarf tossin'?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ok so there is this movie, about Christians rallying around a man who was usually too drunk to remember if he raped women in high school............

And this drunk who causes a national outrage, on his first action representing Christians, votes to keep the butchering of babies legal.

Then this comedy gets better, in the drunk's replacement is an Asian India, complete with swammy accent and a fat Ganges babe, who at university wrote papers on:

Defending Date Rape.


This isn't rape. It's the 3rd world way.

Yes the woman to replace the drunk, too drunk to remember if he was raping women, wrote a paper defending date rape and the epic stance is one where the Indian defended dwarf tossing.


 Thank Ganges I have a right to do this!!!

Now in Donald Trump theater and theatrics, pure WWE tweet rages, can there be anything more bizarre than pussy grab Donald, nominating a pro aborticide Brett Kavanaugh drunk too inebriated to know if the woman is lying who accused him, is replaced by a woman who in Dinesh D'Souza tradition, expresses American values in date rape and dwarf tossing.....and this is the caliber of people Donald Trump nominates, and more to the point the Republicans vote for in the Senate and all these Evangelicals are rallying around defending.

What does a Franklin Graham Crusade start with in spiritual songs? 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall?

Does George Beverly Shae's ghost come on stage and sing, "That Old Rugged Date Rape" followed by the local choir singing, "Silent Night, Toss the Dwarf Right"?

I mean literally Jesus H. Christ, without taking the Name of God in vain, as long as you are a legal American, you can get appointed to any court, so the gene pool is quite extensive for judges, and about any pew sitter would qualify, who has not been so drunk they did not know if they raped a lying woman or not, or has been giving sermons on acceptable date rape and the right of tossing dwarfs.

We  have now got those cranks Obama, Clinton and Carter put on the courts who are fucking numb nuts, and now we have these mutants like John bunghole Roberts to the cadre that Donald Trump is putting on the court who vote for Obama and make Sharia Law look tame.

After a good date rape I like tossing around a few dwarfs to unwind.

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