Friday, March 1, 2019

Man Crush March Day

I've always been a dick magnet......


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

According to Breitbart, Jonah Goldberg likes stuffing Lindsey Graham up his ass as

On the death of Andrew Breitbart, the Jewish agent that even Mossad could not protect from assassination,  it was a fascinating day over at the site in it was Man Sex March Day starring Lucianne's little tod Jo'berg as he is know to his bearded friends.

Jonah Goldberg getting off on #NeverTrumpering

Steve Hayes crushing on Jonah Goldberg.

“Trump-skeptical” is basically Never Trump’s version of “bi-curious,” which means Goldberg and Hayes intend to complete the transformation.

Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes are apparently wanted for homicide for killing of National Review and Weekly Standard. I don't get that part in Nick Nolte's accusations as everyone knows it was William Kristol, the neo jew, who bludgeoned that publication to death, beating off to Donald Trump. Sticky keyboards just glue down and there is nothing you can do with them. Hell Kristol could have built the Trump Wall out of sticky keyboard out of all the cum keys he gummed up.

Jonah Goldberg, the guy who helped kill National Review, is leaving to launch a “Trump-skeptical” site with Steve Hayes, the guy who helped kill the Weekly Standard.

Anyway, Nolte moves on and I think there is something wrong with the dudes eyesight or gentials as he says Joe Scarborough has a blonde wife.

Never Trump’s hero is not Ronald Reagan; it’s Joe Scarborough because it’s Scarborough they emulate because it’s Scarborough who has what they so desperately want and believe they deserve…
Scarborough sold his soul and got a blonde wife and his own TV show.
Never Trump sold their souls and got the Bulwark.

This is Mika the blonde that apparently Nolte views as a notch in the belt like a job worth millions of dollars.


Like most people this is what I want to do when I think of Mika Scarborough.

OK, all of this was brought to you by John Nolte, who looks like Stephen Paddock, and we have learned that he thinks that Mika Brzezinski is like a million dollar hooker in prime bone meal and that a Mika in the bush is not like a Lindsey up the ass.

See, Stephen Paddock.

Kind of strange putting into print that you want to bang a high priced whore and that your mind fantasizes about snuff mags with gerbils up your ass named Lindsey Graham.
But then I'm not part of Trump Clapper media either.


 Where did I put that gerbil.........