Thursday, March 28, 2019

No Chicken Pictures

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in mater anti matter.

Deep in me has always  been the yearning to fly. From my earliest childhood in being shown birds, I have had a fascination with them my entire life. Photographed in my memory in the top of a dead ash tree forked perfectly at the top is a Cardinal my mother showed me at age 4. That old forked tree 30 feet in the air, was a roost for everything from morning doves to blackbirds.

When I was older, I dreamed I could fly. I would cock my arms back like a jet, run and I would take off. It was a marvelous thing to fly.

I used to have a game in counting different species of birds in a few minutes in our yard. In those years I could do that three times over and rarely repeat the species in groups of 5.

It always bothered me when I could not identify a bird, and when I received a bird book, it bothered me more when the birds in drawings did not match the birds I was looking at. That was immensely frustrating. That is why when the thrift shop had an Audubon 1988 Eastern Birds addition for 80 cents, with color photographs I picked it up to our delight. Imagine having a bird book where the birds looked like the birds I was looking at.

That is what I am now in possession of and will be along for our walks and our adventures. I am not one of those nuts who stands around all day and gets her ovaries wet looking at birds in binos to photograph in Arctic cold, but I do enjoy the few moments I have in ornithology to look at the birds.

It is an odd thing  though in primatethology in how many dead people have children who throw their bird books away.  Odd thing in the Depression Generation reared Baby Boomers who have no value for birds their parents fed and watched. It makes me wonder just what it is these children of the dead keep besides the CD's and the cash stuffed in books.

This book had no currency though, no writing either. Another odd thing about primates is they will  write in Bibles like they are the Lord God Himself, but they will not put their names into bird books.

This post is mostly for people who do like watching the birds in letting them know that there are 1988 publications out there with real bird pictures to take the frustration out of figuring out what kind of birds you are enjoying.

Oh no pictures of chickens though, as East means eastern United States not the Jungle fowl of Borneo.

Nuff Said.