Thursday, March 21, 2019

Overcoming Non Donation Philia

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do all I can for the readers of the blog in the upstanding citizens and the deadbeats. For instance, this blog's enforcer, Jan Michael Vincent, the greatest television star ever, and would have been the greatest film star ever if he had not toned down his charisma to uphold the necessity of America needing John Wayne as someone to look up to, recently issued an ultimatum in either I find out why the deadbeats are not donating or he was going to launch Airwolf and sink England.

I told JMV that only doing that would reward the non donors as no one likes England, even the English hate being English, since Louise English stopped dancing for Benny Hill.

The Great Afrohead Entertainer,  Benny Hill
with Louise English and someone else.

The most beautiful woman in England ever, Louise English.

 Proof that Louise English is the most beautiful English maiden in history.

JMV agreed that rewarding deadbeats with the elimination of the Anglo would not solve the non donor situation and in order to solve the deadbeat problem, I suggested that JMV hire Simon & Simon detective agency from San Diego California, as they have courteous service and reasonable rates, which helps JMV as he has lots of deadbeat donors and often has to hock his metal leg at the pawn shop to afford a case of Hamms beer, known as the good stuff, where fine brews are sold.

The goddamn Limey's served their best purpose
as fodder for Andy Jackson!

So the boys of Simon & Simon were employed and they did a thorough investigation of the deadbeats on the blog, in logging their IP addresses, cross referencing their lingerie fetishes, and yes their personalities disorders which makes them philia to being deadbeats.
It is a real psychological condition in being sexually aroused to not donating.

At this point it is best to let the boys tell the story of their investigation.

Just what in hell do these deadbeats look like?


I was prettier in my senior photos.


I hate monkeys.

No we can't beat them all up even if they look like monkeys.

Most of them are blind in staring at the sun.

Look I didn't want to go blind as I like donating to the girl.

Some of them are phobic in thinking the donate button
will set off the doomsday codes.

No, no, no, don't touch that button as that starts
 the nuclear countdown sequence....


Tell them anything is a banana and it calms them down.

Mmm banana donation rewards.

Yes boys nothing to fear in the mother's milk of donating.


Now you dress up in a suit when you donate to Lame Cherry.

I'm checking this one out as she calmed down after a banana.

 Case complete and no charge as we will be donating to you
as it is an honor working for JMV.