Sunday, March 24, 2019

Prayer For The Viking

My Father, Who is in Heaven,

We place before you, the Viking, for your safekeeping and care. We ask for You to send Your Holy Angels  to be with him, his wife and family, and to guide the physicians and nurses in his surgery.
We rebuke all harm, evil and set back from him in Jesus Name.

Speedily recover him, in Your goodness of Caring, Love and Nurturing. Watch over him in his recovery and restore him to the fullness of life. Remember him for his goodness to us and others, and bless him as we bless You to Glorify Your Name in Your holding of this Your child.

Be with Mommy and the Baby Girl, be with Grandma, and especially the Viking,  be the active Participant in their lives.

We commit the Viking into Your hands and safekeeping. Vouschsafe keep us this day oh Lord. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus Name Amen, Amen and Amen.

Be well soon Viking and I accept your terms on the donation, but please know if you need it back, tell me please or if there is a problem and I will refund it, with thanksgiving, as you and your girls are what matter there.

God bless