Sunday, March 24, 2019

We are all DC

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We wanted to express our deepest sympathy to DC in the passing of his father which we just learned of today.

Hello LC and TL happy spring hope the warm weather is making it your way. Dad passed away this past Tuesday he had full blown Alzheimer’s and double pneumonia got him.

I have contemplated this over the years in parents, in the death of my dad, and then the death of the mother. I would that death was easy, but it seems we have emotions which pull us both ways at once. We are glad the suffering is over and then at the same time there are the regrets.

I have often thought of what is better in having a loving parent or a parent one detests. As I never had the first, I see people who grieve for years in losing a good parent, or people like me who ends up dealing with anger with a bad parent. There just is not any winning in this. There is only being a Christian and trying to act proper.

I do not mean to make  this about me, but instead my experiences if it will help people. I thought my dad was the worst person ever, but after the last years with the mother, he at least as a sociopath had some redemptive human caring. The mother was without any redemptive qualities. Even with four months since the mother's passing, I find myself still appreciating she is dead.
I know that it would be worse if I missed them. It helped in being distracted with all the disasters and hard winter to get some distance, but we have not really dealt with the death and that is still coming.

I pray others and especially DC has a better situation. Having a parent with senility is so hard. The mother was just starting at times to not be aware after she fell and hit her head. I hope it is of some comfort to DC, that pneumonia is natures of God's way of easing people to the next life. Pneumonia is what a body embraces when it is shutting down. I take comfort in the words of a buffalo hunter in Bill Dixon, having witnessed deaths on the plains, that dying is a good thing, where it wraps it's arms around you warmly, holds you, and you drift away like a dream.
I have always said it is the living which is hard, but the actual dying is easy.

There are never any comforting words or things a person can do for those who have family members who have passed on. Just know you are not alone and that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all going through these things together and that is what is the important part in life, not dossiers or how pretty AOC is today on the puppet string.

God bless.