Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The #Legend Never Dies

I ain't dead you poor bastards as I am on a secret Presidential Mission!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It has come to my attention that the greatest television actor in history, Jan Michael Vincent, passed away on February 10th, 2019 AD in the year of our Lord. I have located and produced his Death Certificate 

Can anyone ever though really be dead? My condolensces go out to his family, but as Elvis was seen numerous times after his death, in being a deep undercover agent, I simply can not let go of the Air Wolfe Enforcer of this blog, as he has done so much for the world.

There are rumors JMV is still alive and with us in a deep undercover operation for the CIA. His cover is the faked death with the even more delicious cover that he faked his death due to bill collectors and bar tabs, and is now going by Stringfellow Hawke.

  1. Jan Michael Vincent Retweeted LaLaPetite
    Ok, I’ll come clean. I put out a rumor that I died because I just had too manny bill collectors on me and unpaid bar tabs. I’m legally changing my name to “Stringfellow Hawke” new credit!
    Jan Michael Vincent added,
  2. Jan Michael Vincent Retweeted Maverick Scott Flint
    It’s gonna cost you CASH!
    Jan Michael Vincent added,
  3. You think a heart attack can take out JMV? I just popped a couple aspirin and took a shit. 100% again!
  4. Quit tweeting I’m dead, I’m not... Dying is for faggots
  5. What’s this bullshit news I’ve been reading??? JMV doesn’t die! You understand?

I have heard that JMV's special assignment was that he accompanied President Donald Trump with Air Wolfe into Vietnam during the Kim Jong Un Summit, where JMV was sent in for a missing POW from that war, in yes, John the hero McCain, who faked his own death as his brain cancer was cured, and McCain fled to his luxury villa in Vietnam on the Cambodia Laos border as has been featured exclusively here.

It was this photo published in Beach Daddy, which triggered President Trump to summon JMV to hunt down who this really was and not come back until this person was in custody. This was Presidential Directive 4331 in an above black operation.

So if any major strange events take place around which do not seem to make sense, rest assured it is Jan Michael Vincent with Airwolfe in hot pursuit of this mystery man seen on the Beach Daddy shores of Indochina.

JMV protecting all of us reassures that no matte what is going on in the world, that all will be right in the end.

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