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The Missing Brink

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Everything about Pissgate has centered on one man, and that is Paul Manafort.  Not for what he did, but for what he was going to do in changing the American system.

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“They were very good at painting targets on themselves.”

James Carville

For Donald Trump 2016, was a long path to the presidency, in one of the largest intelligence operations ever embarked on illegally inside the United States. While we still do not know who created the AltRight in all of their political genius, we do know the identity of Uncle Gordy's contact in the Trump Sphere, being Roger Stone, who went out of his way in the shadows which Trump exiled him to, to talking to the fringe, the largest of which was the Canadian Jewish backed, Alex Jones.

It was Stone who ushered then-candidate Trump into the fringy netherworld of Internet conspiracy enthusiasts and far-right activists by arranging for him to appear on “Infowars,” the program hosted by Alex Jones that boasts a massive digital following and has a penchant for spreading outrageously false stories.
Stone would also help Trump reach out to mainstream Republicans by suggesting that he hire Manafort as campaign chairman. Manafort, who owned an apartment in Trump Tower but wasn’t close to the candidate, was sold to Trump by Stone and others as the perfect man to tap long-standing connections with party regulars in the event of a floor fight at the Republican convention.

In all of this,  Roger Stone becomes the focal point of  who brought Paul Manafort in from  the cold and brought this political genius to the cusp of re establishing his invention of the deep swamp, after being placed out into the cold by the defeat of Jerry Ford, but brought back in by Ronald Reagan, to which Manafort's phone did not stop ringing once Reagan was in the White House.
Oddly, Manafort was the man who stopped Reagan's run to unseat Jerry Ford as President, and oddly, Manafort would be the man who in 1980 AD in the year of our Lord, had been the Trump Wall in driving of contender George HW Bush who was  trying to unseat Ronald Reagan.

Both Stone and Manafort were east coast Republicans from their birth. Manafort came from a Republican political family in Connecticut.

This early exposure of the two, placed Stone and Manafort into an orbit where both brought talents  to the table which the other did not have, and which thoroughly benefited Republican Presidential Candidates.

Stone, born in Norwalk, Conn., the son of a well-drilling company owner, had shown up with more than his share of bravado — but without a hotel room. Dolan, Stone’s friend and a future Republican kingmaker, walked the teenager over to meet a guy who could help.
Paul Manafort Jr. had a pedigree in Connecticut politics. His father, Paul Manafort Sr., was a local Republican macher and mayor of New Britain, Conn. The younger Manafort served in a leadership role with the Young Republicans. To Stone, he looked like a budding master of the universe.

For Stone, Russiagate and the bringing down of a Republican President was not his first brush with infamy. Stone was the receptionist on the night of the Watergate coup, who took the messages from G. Gordon Liddy and other "plumbers" who had been sent in to frame Richard Nixon.

 During Nixon’s first term, Stone said, he rented a room from the president’s influential campaign aide, Herbert L. “Bart” Porter, in the Palisades neighborhood of Northwest Washington. On the night of the Watergate break-in, Stone said, Porter was out of town and Stone spent the evening taking urgent phone messages from Watergate figures, such as G. Gordon Liddy, who organized the burglary at the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

The genesis of what would become 2016 AD in the year of our Lord  followed on the Reagan victory, where Stone was handled a rolodex with dead people and losers on it, but one name stood out in the queer Roy  Cohn, the perfect storm in Conservatism in all he would provide in the tempest.
It was Cohn who first put Stone and Donald Trump together, and it stuck, as Roger Stone with notes from Richard Nixon praising Donald Trump to run for office, was the beginning of what we  all know as the future we lived through.

Roy M. Cohn.
Cohn was Stone’s sort of guy. He’d been the prosecutor in the 1950s espionage trials of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, and he’d been chief counsel to Sen. Joseph P. McCarthy, the communist-hunting rabble-rouser. When Stone arrived at Cohn’s Manhattan apartment, the lawyer was sitting with one of his clients, Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno of the Genovese mob family.
Cohn suggested Stone go meet a friend: Donald Trump. The dashing young real estate developer, still in his early 30s and building his empire both in business and as a tabloid celebrity, was also busy conjuring the legend that he was a self-made success story, rather than the son of a wealthy man who set him up in business. In Stone, he encountered a bon vivant with a similar gift for grand illusion.
Trump made a contribution to Reagan. As the campaign moved along, he called Stone frequently, Stone said.
“He kept track of his investment,” Stone said. “He was constantly checking in. He’d say, ‘Carter’s a piece of s---. If you can’t beat that guy!’ ”

Yes the Reagan boys were the ones  who brought about Donald Trump in a New York which rules are for others and not for those with political cover.

One of the first clients of the firm they christened Black, Manafort & Stone was a New York developer named Donald J. Trump, brought into their portfolio by Stone, who’d met him through the notorious Gotham lawyer Roy Cohn.
The brash Reagan boys would become essential architects of the city Trump now dominates, a place where the line between the lobbyists and the lobbied is so blurred that some question whether it exists at all.

Stone's only client was Donald Trump, who was someone they had to pry money from as Trump jewed his lobbyists out of every cent. Of all things, Stone got the marina dredged when Iran Contra arms dealer, Adnan  Khashoggi sold his yacht to the young Trump.

I went out and signed the Trump Organization,” Stone said. “That was my big client.”
There was little that Stone wasn’t willing to do for Trump in those days, as now. When the New York developer bought a yacht — then one of the largest in the world — from the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, Stone maneuvered to get approval for a dredging operation so it could be docked at a marina in New Jersey.
“Those permits can take years,” Stone recalled. “I got it done in months.”

The one group, except for Paul Manafort who kept their noses as clean as the Pence Mafia were the Dole people. Everyone of them was top notch and provided the ground  work for a Trump victory. In that though, everyone knew that Paul Manafort had major ethics problems in the lobbyist game he always played.
Ed Rollins stated the Philippines gave Manafort 10 million dollars in the Reagan campaign and that money disappeared off shore, and it still has not been found by the Protector of America in Robert Mueller.

That again brings in the reality of this all, in everyone knew Paul Manafort had problems, yet he is the one who the Missing Link  was whispering to one and all to bring into the campaign and none of those  giving Donald Trump advice said a word of warning.

It was as if the world of Bob Dole in getting oversight bodies to give  the thumbs up to a major money laundering operation bank in Muslimstan made it kosher for Dole to be on the board taking money.

Bob Dole and the Kyrgyzstan Connection. 

. In 1996, Manafort left to start his own firm.
That same year, Rollins — who’d known Manafort from the Reagan campaign — wrote in his memoir about having dinner in 1991 with a Philippine power broker who said he’d delivered a suitcase with $10 million in cash from Marcos to give to the Reagan campaign. The man said the money went to a well-known lobbyist, whom Rollins didn’t identify. Rollins wrote that the money was no doubt sitting in “some offshore bank.”
For years, amid rampant speculation that the unnamed lobbyist was Manafort, Rollins steadfastly refused to name him publicly. But in a recent interview, Rollins confirmed that the lobbyist was Manafort.
“By that point in time, everybody knew that Manafort was pretty sleazy,” Rollins said.

It was in 2005 that Paul Manafort preceded Steve Bannon of the DIA, in it was Bannon who supplanted the nationalist agenda which Paul Manafort was fully promoting for Europe and the United States. In Manafort's genius, he was going to supplant Schiff Rothschild Jewish financial control of politics with the Russian financed control of a New Europe and New  American political leadership.

Kremlin. The American lobbyist even pitched Deripaska a plan in 2005 to shape political events across the U.S. and much of Europe, according to the Associated Press, which published parts of the plan last year. The aim, the AP reported, was to “greatly benefit the Putin Government” with influence operations in a several Western capitals. One tactic Manafort reportedly touted would be to “train a cadre of leaders who can be relied upon in future governments.”

Deripaska has denied ever agreeing to such a plan and Manafort denies working for Russia. “I have always publicly acknowledged that I worked for Mr. Deripaska and his company, Rusal, to advance its interests,” Manafort said in March 2017. “I did not work for the Russian government.”

The year after Manafort sent his plan to Deripaska, they worked together on a project that redrew the map of Europe. In the spring of 2006, Montenegro held a referendum on independence from neighboring Serbia. Manafort has admitted helping stage the vote with financial backing from Deripaska. “It probably couldn’t have happened without their help,” says a Montenegrin official involved in the referendum. “They made a very good team.

In that background of Roger Stone on the outside looking in as Corey Lewandowski was keeping the door shut, Paul Manafort surfaced as a much trumpeted necessity to solve a new rumor hashtag problem Trump had which no one knew of the day before, in Trump had no ground game and no control of the delegates. The one man placed into the problem solving arena was Paul Manafort by the Missing Link.

Corey Lewandowski was soon gone, Manafort was doing nothing at the convention, and in 90 days Manafort was gone, replaced by the DIA's Steve Bannon.

In 2016, Manafort got a call he couldn’t resist. Stone was pushing him to join the Trump campaign, as were other Trump confidants. According to a person close to Manafort, he had to reintroduce himself to Trump.
Manafort’s arrival gave Stone a crucial ally inside an operation he had left months earlier. Stone recalled getting phone calls from Manafort while his old friend was a having a private dinner with Trump and two other campaign officials at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach resort.

Roger Stone in the hinterlands was all over the place. One moment he was pressing his associate Paul Manafort to the Presidential pot of gold, and the next he was with the tin foil hats, assuring them in their din of the internet that Donald Trump understood them and loved them.


Stone, who takes credit for persuading Jones to support Trump, envisions the Web impresario as a potent force during the new administration, a bridge between the presidency and a restless, skeptical slice of the population.

“I think Alex Jones may be the single most important voice in the alternative conservative media,” says Roger Stone, the Nixon-era political trickster who orchestrated Trump’s appearance on the show.
On Monday, Trump seemed to confirm Jones’s status. Jones says Trump called to promise he would return to the program to thank the Infowars audience, an extraordinary gesture for an incoming president whose schedule is packed with calls from world leaders and the enormous task of overseeing the transition.

For those who do not comprehend what you just read in the above, I will point out that in all of the Missing Link, I have to assess what is stated, and in never crossing the line of pointing in the direction of the people who sent out the missing link, from the online stories in the mainstream media.

What appears in all of this, that for all the genius or Roger Stone and Paul Manafort,  they were in a game which they were the pawns in those behind the veil were manipulating all as is always the case. This was an incredible operation, which is all smoke and mirrors diverting attention to what really was taking place.

I am pondering these as stand alone posts as 99.9 are never going to figure this out, but the reality is Stone and Manafort were  made examples of for a reason, as Robert Mueller  the protector of America was engaged in his job. Manafort represented the political financial house and Stone represented the intelligence fringe house.


We will see what missing connections follow.

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