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The Missing Ink

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With Paul  Manafort serving a life sentence in prison, when  he should be having a full Trump pardon, as Paul Manafort's "crimes" were not crime when he was working with George W. Bush's system of bringing Ukrainian and Russian funds into the United States, as was Hillary Clinton and all the other major assets of the American regimes, and only became a crime when Protector of America, Robert Mueller, who gave Manafort a pass as FBI Director in previous lives, moved hard to put a stop to the outreach to  Russian funds being brought into the United States, sanctioned by the administration of Donald John Trump.

With it known that Paul Manafort was the father of the Washington DC Swamp in he invented the Super Lobbyist with Roger Stone, after Ronald Reagan's election to the White House, and that Manafort was a procurer of American government support for people who were the kind of people Americans  appreciated putting bullets into the heads of terrorists, so we could all believe that John Wayne was what America was in living the American Delusion. The question is how when all the insiders knew Paul Manafort had interesting financial dealings, which the government looked the other way on, how was it that Paul Manafort made it to the inner sanctum of Donald Trump?

In reading the published accounts, there is an interesting pipeline, a known pipeline to Donald  Trump which those who desired Paul Manafort to appear in the inner sanctum. knew exactly who to float Manafort's resume to.
Paul Manafort is one of the best self salesmen in the world. He is capable as the Mossad in finding not very nice people, who need nice people to make them look so not nasty, and turning them into the  kind  of asset that Paul Manafort could exploit.

The focal point of Donald Trump was Thomas Barrack, the gatekeeper of Muslim Middle East contacts. Donald Trump valued Barrack's expertise and trusted him. When it came time for Paul Manafort to appear, it was Thomas Barrack who was the one who was approached on several fronts it appears, from published accounts and had the name Paul Manafort whispered to him.
The guise in this was the suddenly manifesting reality and paranoid danger that Donald Trump did not have  people on the ground for the campaign and Donald Trump did not have anyone at the convention to herd the delegates to vote for Donald Trump.

The #NeverTrumpers floated this and Paul Ryan and Scott Walker were telling delegates to "vote with their heart" which meant not to vote for Trump, but this was a tailor made situation, a real intelligence operation, beyond what the hapless John Brennan could have come up with. Brennan was a bull in a china shop. Those who were behind this were smooth, suave and sophisticated. This was the old school of operations which rarely appears in this world. This Manafort operation had  the most self absorbed experts being led around like dogs on a leash and they had no idea in the diversions or in their personal lusts of what Trump would mean to their situation to notice or care that what they were being told about Paul Manafort was 80% true, but it was that 20% which none of them asked about.

During the Trump campaign, Mr. Barrack was a top fund-raiser and trusted gatekeeper who opened communications with the Emiratis and Saudis, recommended that the candidate bring on Paul Manafort as campaign manager — and then tried to arrange a secret meeting between Mr. Manafort and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Barrack was later named chairman of Mr. Trump’s inaugural committee.

Thomas Barrack is one of these manufactured "hedge funders" who are all the darlings of spreading money around which has collected to them, from pretty Hollywood types to rewarding all the self absorbed GOP trust funders that they are special people too.

Barrack like Donald Trump had the HYW, the Hot Young Wife, as the photo below reveals, as for some reason the old guy in this sandwich does not notice his good friend Rob Lowe is having his crotch rocked by Mrs. Barrack.

Yes Rachelle, the blonde half of the Barrack situation,  interestingly decided after Donald Trump gained the Republican nomination, with her and her husband's help, as it was this duo at the start of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, were in tandem bringing Paul Manafort to the inner sanctum of Donald Trump.

Like Jared Kushner, taking credit for Donald Trump's victory as it was his and Katie Walsh's wetware drives that manipulated the masses to vote Trump, there was Roger Stone who appeared taking credit for being the brain who brought Paul Manafort to Donald Trump.
In this though we learn that Stone is the one who was bugging Manafort to come and work for Donald John. Stone was the "Trump Campaign" apparently that contacted Manafort to bring him in from the cold.
Manafort was the return of direct influence with Donald Trump for Roger Stone, and part of the plan to remove Corey Lewandowski from running the Trump Campaign. Manafort was spewing though the insider gospel of muzzling Donald Trump, instead of allowing Donald Trump to be Donald Trump.
Manafort won the squat assassin insider game of who would win in the Lewandowski and Manafort duel, as Manafort had the backing of the insiders and those insiders had a project of their own making to defeat Donald Trump.

In 2016, Manafort got a call he couldn’t resist. Stone was pushing him to join the Trump campaign, as were other Trump confidants. According to a person close to Manafort, he had to reintroduce himself to Trump.
Manafort’s arrival gave Stone a crucial ally inside an operation he had left months earlier. Stone recalled getting phone calls from Manafort while his old friend was a having a private dinner with Trump and two other campaign officials at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach resort.

 This though is where Paul Manafort in his genius ran into the Paul Manafort in why he was recruited by the Missing Link, in Manafort had a knack for being the center of gravity of rich foreigners who the United States appreciated in the Cold War years, but the communist sympathizers did not appreciate thugs of this caliber who put bullets into people's heads.
As Manafort always stated, "They are bad men, but let us make sure they are our bad men".

In this Manafort received during the Reagan campaign 10  million dollars from the Filipino hero, Ferdinand Marcos. That money is a sum which Robert Mueller the protector of America has not located, but then Zerohedge seems to indicate that there are two Mueller files, and one of those files is filled with a warning from those who suggested Paul Manafort should enter the Trump inner sanctum, should never be investigated as all of this would then appear in the courts, instead of just pieced together on a blog no one reads.

. In 1996, Manafort left to start his own firm.
That same year, Rollins — who’d known Manafort from the Reagan campaign — wrote in his memoir about having dinner in 1991 with a Philippine power broker who said he’d delivered a suitcase with $10 million in cash from Marcos to give to the Reagan campaign. The man said the money went to a well-known lobbyist, whom Rollins didn’t identify. Rollins wrote that the money was no doubt sitting in “some offshore bank.”
For years, amid rampant speculation that the unnamed lobbyist was Manafort, Rollins steadfastly refused to name him publicly. But in a recent interview, Rollins confirmed that the lobbyist was Manafort.
“By that point in time, everybody knew that Manafort was pretty sleazy,” Rollins said.

Paul Manafort met with Thomas Barrack and his wife, and from that meeting, along with Roger Stone's promotion, soon enough brought Manafort to the attention of Donald John Trump, as the ultimate insider outsider who could bring in the Republican network now plotting against Donald Trump, and secure Trump the nomination which was being denied him.

Manafort pitched his campaign services to Trump in February 2016 via a mutual friend, Thomas J. Barrack Jr. He touted his international experience, saying the fact he hadn't worked for the "political establishment" since 2005 left him free of any "Washington baggage" in a letter obtained by The New York Times. 
Roger Stone, Manafort's former partner and a longtime friend of Trump, also recommended Manafort. Stone told the Hartford Courant that he pitched Manafort to Trump as "the best delegate counter in the GOP" and as someone who could "bring structure and professionalism" to the campaign.

Trump liked what he heard and Manafort joined the campaign in March. But his role wrangling delegates and convention planning quickly expanded. And he took charge after Trump fired campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on June 20. 

Manafort was also driven out by reports that surfaced about his ties to pro-Russian groups in Ukraine. Eric Trump told Fox News that his father didn't want "the distraction looming over the campaign" 

As in all things, Roger Stone was the center of this universe. He understood the Trump psychology and perfectly manipulated Donald Trump.  He gave the balls to Paul Manafort, after telling Donald Trump what the pitch would be, and Donald Trump heard everything he wanted to hear, and swung every ball for a home run. It was love at First Manafort Sight, and Roger Stone was the one confirming everything Donald Trump was hearing from Thomas Barrack.

Initially joined the campaign in April 2016. His role began with delegate operations, ensuring that the Republican National Convention went off without a hitch and ended in Trump securing the nomination. By May, Manafort was named the campaign chairman and by June, Trump’s first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was out.
According to the officials familiar with the deliberations, at the outset of Stone’s time with the campaign, he made a strong case to Trump to bring in Manafort. Manafort himself backs that version of events up in an interview for the upcoming Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone, which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23.
“It was all Stone. Every bit of it was Stone. Right down to suggesting that he go salary-free,” one source familiar with the process told The Daily Beast.
As detailed in a recent New York Times article, Manafort reached out to Trump with memos in February 2016, pitching himself as a professional who could help Trump’s operation. According to the Times report, Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a friend of Trump’s who went on to become the chairman of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, provided Trump with the Manafort memos. Trump subsequently requested a meeting with Manafort, according to the paper.
That’s where Stone came in.
“After Barrack brought Paul to the president, Trump called Stone for a recommendation and they had a long conversation,” one former Trump campaign official told The Daily Beast. “Paul’s offer came soon after.”
Neither Barrack nor Manafort responded to a request for comment from The Daily Beast.
“Roger’s relationship with Trump has been so interconnected that it’s hard to define what’s Roger and what’s Donald,” Manafort says in the documentary. “While it will be clearly a Trump presidency, I think it’s influenced by a Stone philosophy.”

The due date on this according to the CIA New York Times time line, was February 29th. That means the cartel operatives had all of this already set up in the event Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Remember that Bill Clinton told Jeb Bush at this time, not to worry, because everything was being taken care of concerning Donald Trump.

If we can piece together the Stone time line, he was moving Manafort toward Trump, and in this Thomas Barrack on the trusted Trump inner sanctum was meeting with Manafort in interviewing him. Once the paper was produced for Manafort to submit to Donald Trump with all the talking points, it was Barrack closing the deal on Donald Trump, striking at Donald Trump's blind spot in the absolutely clueless Ivanka Kushner and her Jewish slum lord husband who would sell anyone out for a jar of orange marmalade. 

On Feb. 29, 2016, Mr. Manafort, the former lobbyist and Republican operative who now sits at the nexus of investigations into Russia’s meddling in the presidential election, reached out to Mr. Trump with a slick, carefully calibrated offer that appealed to the candidate’s need for professional guidance, thirst for political payback — and parsimony.

“Donald Trump and I had some business in the 1980s but we had no relationship until the Trump campaign called me,”

But it was Mr. Manafort who initiated the process for getting a job on the campaign, the documents show. It began when he sent two succinct memos to Mr. Trump through Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a mutual friend.
A couple of weeks earlier, Mr. Barrack met with Mr. Manafort for “coffee and snacks” at the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills, according to Jason Maloni, Mr. Manafort’s spokesman. He added that Mr. Barrack wanted his old friend to help the struggling campaign deal with potential challenges at the convention.

Mr. Barrack passed Mr. Manafort’s pitch to Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, who were Mr. Trump’s closest advisers, as they are now.
Ms. Trump printed it out for her father — who hates reading documents online — along with Mr. Barrack’s recommendation that Mr. Manafort be hired to manage the Trump operation at the Republican convention in Cleveland

In the Time's CIA article from Trump insider, Maggie Haberman who the President and Katie Walsh were both leaking to and blaming others, there is an interesting point in this, in Paul Manafort calls Karl Rove his blood enemy in politics from their college days. While Lee Atwater was a confidant, and Stone was a partner, Rove would go on to kneel  before George W. Bush as his wiss kid, as Paul Manafort would deny HW Bush the presidency in 1980 against Ronald Reagan, which leaves a hint in this, in the insider intrigue taking place in this political drama, that Bush family now cuddling with Michelle Obama and in remorse over the low energy Jeb Bush, have a reason to make an issue of Paul Manafort, as Manafort's vision from 2005 on was to use Russian  money to bring down everything the Bush  Romney Nazism had established in America for a new National Socialism  in leader Trump, over leader Hamrod Clinton.

At one point, he described Karl Rove, a former adviser to George W. Bush who was organizing an anti-Trump effort, as “my blood enemy in politics, going back to the College in the 1960s.”
Mr. Rove said Mr. Manafort was referring to a bitter fight for leadership of the College Republicans that pitted a candidate backed by Mr. Manafort and his close friend Roger Stone, a longtime Trump confidant, against Mr. Rove and Lee Atwater.

For those on the right who think they had an advocate for them in Bob Dole's Paul Manafort, this quote says it all what Manafort thought of most of you reading this. He worked hard to get in the face of who Trump's voters are.
Of course Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman featured this part about Manafort being against the right wing, the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the culls, but the question is in this, on this white paper which Donald Trump read, Thomas Barrack wrote a cover letter for, the Kushner's printed out, and it is assumed that Roger Stone had seen, why did Donald Trump hire a guy who fought against the entire Trump base?
Speaking of his previous experience as a convention manager for several Republican presidential candidates, Mr. Manafort wrote, “I have had to confront the Extreme Right, Tea Party, Rush Limbaughs etc.”
Plus he had a powerful closer’s move: He would work for free.
“I am not looking for a paid job,” Mr. Manafort wrote.

Maggie Haberman contributed reporting.

In all of this Missing Link expose, you ponder a very long time about Donald Trump who you voted for, the people he trusts most, put forward a Paul Manafort who was working against what is the Christian Conservative base of the Republican Party.

Thomas Barrack told Donald Trump to govern past his base. Roger Stone told Manafort to sucker the cheap Donald Trump by not asking for a salary which Trump would bite on.

The Missing Link not only put a future criminal investigation into Donald Trump's presidency in Paul Manafort, and Donald Trump chose a man who routinely made war with the people that Donald Trump was telling he was going to make America great again for.

Merry Christmas.

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