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The Missing Manalnk

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Mossad kaska, Victor Ostrovsky narrated in his expose' of the workings of the Jewish state, By Way of Deception, a way the Mossad addicted nations to come under their control. The first approach was arms sales, as in Sri Lanka, and then arming both warring sides, and then demanding state to state recognition, with a World Bank project worth hundreds of millions of dollars, where the Sri Lankan farmers giving the regime trouble, were literally removed from their farms and put in a desolate area, with the promise that a huge  irrigation project would come to fulfillment, which never did, and still the Jews profited from it.

Ask yourself as this opens in why is Paul Manafort in prison for laundering Russian oligarch money for Vladimir Putin and Jared Kushner is not in prison for laundering  Jewish mafia money for Vladimir Putin into the United States?

As you ponder that diversion,this article deals with the Protector of America in Robert Mueller's investigation for the individual or individuals who were speaking to Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone in what has become Russiagate. We know that the Jew, Seth Rich was the one who provided Wikileaks the copied DNC documents on Bernie Sanders throwing the election for Hilllary Clinton for which he was murdered, and so does the Special Counsel, but in all of this, the Mueller investigation has been asking about this Missing Link.

Utilizing published accounts of this part of the probe for which Paul Manafort will be serving a life sentence in prison as at age 69, his years are numbered, but in Paul Manafort lays all of the Mueller Probe, for it was Michael Flynn in meeting Vladmir Putin which the Department of Defense was aware of, and Paul Manafort's financial connections to Ukraine and Russia, that the entire probe of Donald Trump began.

For a bit of history in this back when the Berlin Wall was crumbled by Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush oversaw what would become the looting of Russia by the direct approach of British MI6, which only ceased when Vladmir Putin became President and put the Oligarchs on a leash or in the grave, we have in this era Paul Manafort legally laundering money during the George W. Bush era out of Ukraine and Russia. He was investigated for this and cleared, but the same charges appeared again and this me he was indicted.

This is important to understand in all the connected people understood completely who Paul Manafort was, his connections, and his legal problems, when Paul Manafort was infused into the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016 to "save it" from the #NeverTrumpers.
What you had was the Bob Dole operatives appearing in contention with the Bush Neocons who were rabid in their denial of Donald Trump to be President, in favor of Hillary Clinton, now that Jeb Bush  was set to the sidelines.

In case you missed this, this is the key element in all of Russiagate in everyone knew Paul Manafort had problems and yet the people who were  claiming to support Donald Trump, were laying what would become  the "witch hunt" against Donald John Trump, which forced Trump to give up MAGA and become one of the swamp to save himself as the Indiana Mafia took control of Trumpstate from the DIA control of Donald Trump.
If you require it explained any more plainly, Paul Manafort was put into the Trump campaign to trigger all what is Russiagte. Some have called it SPYGATE hinging it on Bill Browder in the death of his attorney Sergei Magnitsky, which was about laundering money into the Clinton coffers and was at the heart of the set up of the meeting of Don jr. in Trump Tower, but in each instance all of these events have one common thread and it is Russian money being laundered into the United States by approved and non approved sources.

 Attorney Sergei Magnitsky - Bill Browder

What you are looking at is competing sources for Russian moneys. In this focus, it was Hillary Clinton with Uranium One which led to the murder of LaVoy Finnicum and with Paul Manafort his connection was with the Russian aluminum tycoon, Oleg Denipaska, who is suing Paul Manafort for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from that fund with his partner.

Oleg Deripaska 

The concerns of U.S. authorities were even more acute when it came to Deripaska. He had emerged as the winner of a brutal competition for control of Russia’s aluminum industry–a billionaire since his 30s. The U.S. revoked his visa in 2006, effectively banning him from the country, reportedly because of alleged ties to Russian organized crime. That only seemed to improve his standing with the Kremlin. He had already married into the family of Putin’s predecessor, Yeltsin, and later became “a more or less permanent fixture on Putin’s trips abroad,” according to a 2006 U.S. embassy cable.
Even without a U.S. visa, Deripaska still managed to develop ties with some of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington, including Manafort and his then partner, Rick Davis. The consultants introduced Deripaska in early 2006 to several Republican Senators, including John McCain. When the late Senator celebrated his 70th birthday in the tiny Balkan nation of Montenegro that summer, Deripaska was among the revellers.

You will notice in this another Pissgate name appearing in the background of this in Paul Manafort introduced the Russian Oligarch to John McCain at Montenegro in the Balkans as divided Yugoslavia was being plundered and the Serbs were having more of their territory carved off. McCain would later appear in Ukraine to install Nazis in attempting to wrest control of that nation from Putin's influence. In 2006, John the hero McCain was still inflicting on George W. Bush, by the Obama era, McCain for his faction would seize control over Obama foreign policy in the Nazis of Ukraine and the ISIS trolls of Syria, all aimed at the Russian state in a larger gambit of control of Russian finance which was not flowing into the accepted money laundering outlets.

Two conspirators in this of John the hero McCain would appear in the 2016 GOP primary to Balkanize the GOP for Jeb Bush. McCain's pay off in this was to be named Defense Secretary or Secretary of State in the Jeb Bush regime. It was why Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio were set upon Donald Trump to seal the deal. It is why Marco Rubio is involved again in leveraging Donald Trump from pardoning Paul Manafort, because the part of this which is being focused on in this article is the money, and Marco Rubio's benefactor is the fag billionaire Paul Singer, a Jewish nation rapist for the cartel, enriched by Karl Rove to control the promotion of Republican candidates. Singer is a state approved outlet for plundering foreign moneys and for funding political wings in America as George Soros is. This is why Sweaty Marco has appeared warning Donald Trump to not pardon Paul Manafort as that pardon would convince other non approved money launderers to attempt to launder other Russian moneys into the United States.

 Time Line

May 19, 2016 | Manafort formally becomes Trump's campaign chairman and chief strategist. Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, is fired June 20. Read more
May 21, 2016 | George Papadopoulos, who Trump identified as a foreign policy adviser to the campaign, emails Manafort saying Russia is "eager" to meet Trump. Manafort forwards the email to Rick Gates -- a campaign official. Read more 

July 7, 2016 | Manafort offers to give briefings on the presidential race to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire who is closely aligned with the Kremlin. “If he needs private briefings we can accommodate,” Manafort wrote in the July 7, 2016, email, portions of which were read to The Post. There is no evidence showing that Deripaska received Manafort’s offer or that any briefings took place. Read more

Aug. 19, 2016 | At the request of Trump, Manafort resigns. Read more
March 21, 2017 | A Ukrainian lawmaker releases documents alleging that Manafort laundered payments from Yanukovych's party using offshore accounts in Belize and Kyrgyzstan. Manafort denied receiving those payments. Read more

 As you can see by the Washington Post timeline above, Paul Manafort lasted 90 days in the Trump campaign, in which he did absolutely nothing and almost lost the convention, if it had not been for Reince Priebus gaveling Trump through for Mike Pence. On August 19th, 2016 Paul Manafort had served the purposes of those who had placed him into the Trump campaign for later. Manafort as he sits in prison appears to have been a dupe in this in he never knew why he was put forward in who whispered his name to the campaign.
On August 16th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord in the turmoil which Donald Trump's nomination was in chaos, the Kushner's jetted off strangely at the same time as this to liberal David Geffen's lot in the Balkans to swim with Rupert Murdoch's ex wife in Wendi Deng, who had put the Jarvanka together as Vladimir Putin was putting his cum in between her nethers.
Anti establishment Corey Lewandowski was out, Manafort was in and having served his purpose, DIA asset Steve Bannon appeared from Breitbart, a publication by a Jewish man named Andrew who was assassinated on the streets of California for stating he had information to bring down Barack Hussein Obama, which Bannon sat on and never published. See even the Jew is not protected enough in this financial control if he dares rock the boat.

Paul Manafort was  placed into power by those who were setting up Donald Trump for later investigation on Russian collusion. We will arrive now to what this is all about in Paul Manafort almost immediately moved to contact Oleg Deripaska, who appears to have kept his distance, but in that "closer relations" between the United States and Russia, Manafort appears to have initiated a new money flow into the United States of Russian investment, meaning the old money flow which would be Rothschild and Schiff Oligarchs into Berlin, Paris, London and New York would be replaced with an American centric, state approved cash cow.

This would have cut out the cartel who had invested in the Clinton and Bush families as bagmen. So you should begin to understand in all of these diversions and slights of hands in Paul Manafort was made an example of to keep others from trying to establish this money hub taking control from the Obama mentioned "powers that be" and to put Donald Trump onto a leash.

Manafort was establishing a counter to John Brennan's CIA approved groomed politicians which are in every corner of the world and Manafort was in process of wresting control of the billions of Russia for this venture.

The partnership between Manafort and Deripaska was especially rich with opportunities for the Kremlin. The American lobbyist even pitched Deripaska a plan in 2005 to shape political events across the U.S. and much of Europe, according to the Associated Press, which published parts of the plan last year. The aim, the AP reported, was to “greatly benefit the Putin Government” with influence operations in a several Western capitals. One tactic Manafort reportedly touted would be to “train a cadre of leaders who can be relied upon in future governments.”
Deripaska has denied ever agreeing to such a plan and Manafort denies working for Russia. “I have always publicly acknowledged that I worked for Mr. Deripaska and his company, Rusal, to advance its interests,” Manafort said in March 2017. “I did not work for the Russian government.”
The year after Manafort sent his plan to Deripaska, they worked together on a project that redrew the map of Europe. In the spring of 2006, Montenegro held a referendum on independence from neighboring Serbia. Manafort has admitted helping stage the vote with financial backing from Deripaska. “It probably couldn’t have happened without their help,” says a Montenegrin official involved in the referendum. “They made a very good team.”

This is the Manalink, but not the MISSING LINK which Robert Mueller the Protector of America has been engaged in having his investigators grill Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone over on who was the conduit piping American intelligence to Wikileaks which was a group of anti Hillary liberals exposing the deep state operations.

When Marco Rubio is getting sweated up over a Trump pardon of Paul Manafort, that is something which every investigative journalist should be digging into, because great expense, great FBI effort in making an example of Paul Manafort and great propaganda smears beginning with CBS making a 68 year old Manafort look zombie at 6 in the morning after he had been up since 4 AM, all prove that what is swirling around Paul Manafort is the real story.

In concluding this article, I will remind readers that in the 1990's Russia took on the Jewish DeBeers interest of diamonds in South Africa, Amsterdam and New York in dumping gems on the market to break that monopoly in industrial and consumer diamonds. What began with Bush Inc. looting Russia, evolved into a contest for control of another Jewish monopoly, and that was investment of Russian finance into the United States.
Remember Theresa May of MI6 had her fingers all over setting up Donald Trump for London Finance which is Rothschild controlled. England owns the lions share of America investment control as does the Fed families. Imagine if another source by a competing group started investing for influence and supplanting the Jewish interests of Schiff and Rothschild, and it was Russia liberating America from that control.

Does this make a great deal more sense in the hysteria behind all of this from John Brennan and all the established police state and political state, that they understood this was about control of the United States and why all hell broke loose?

There is the matter of the Missing Link which Robert Mueller, the Protector of America has been questioning people on at length, but in that tempest at the eye of this the names Paul Singer, Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham keep appearing in what linked all of this to the Trump campaign. That facet has yet to be discovered, but it is the part which no one is speaking about as it begins to shine the spotlight on the financial control of what this was all about at base.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as no one else has these  exclusives as they are flying blind or paid off by Mockingbird.

Paul Manafort was Steve Bannon before that DIA asset ever appeared, and in 2005 Paul Manafort was progressing for some interest, which the Bush family signed off on in, Donald Trump candidates being spoken of in 2005. 2016 was a decade in the making before Trump appeared.

The Missing Links.

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