Monday, March 18, 2019

When even Obama can't save You

 Every Negroid Revolutionary needs a Jew to Cook the Books

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have no idea who Alan Krueger was, but hanging around people like Barack Obama, Bill  Clinton, Cass Sunstein still caused this man to murder himself.

We all have triggers which can push us over the edge. In someone who had nothing, I always thought that having money, a family and connections would fulfill a life, and yet Krueger had all that and found it was not the answer, or losing it, and for that he murdered himself.

What bothers me most is the fraud of Birther Hussein's image is the same Obama appears in pretending to care as long as the attention is on this Designer Negro. What kind of eulogy is it, when all the liberals can lament about for you, is that you crunched some numbers and proved raising the minimum wage did not kill jobs. For the record, of course up to a point it does not cause businesses to quit hiring, but in the Trump Obama Visa Vermin jobs of America, the fact is that like China the job pool all starts to pay less to all workers, evening the field, and in that, the manufacturers on the plantation pass all the inflated job costs to the consumer so your prices go up......or they start Walmart shoppers having robots doing jobs the Niggers did.

In the real world for example, the Niggers used to butcher chickens, but they were not efficient, so they brought in the Beaners, who spread disease, so as I just learned from some Canadian chicken "breasts" I got on sale, the Canadians have a machine that goes postal in shredding breasts.

All Alan Krueger did with his troubled soul attempting to prove he cared about the lower classes displacing the White crackers is doom them all to genocide as the chicken butchering machines are quicker.

Back to the Obama Eulogy though in how wonderful Krueger is, as his greatest accomplishment was not bringing the condemned the Gospel  of Christ, but was instead trying to stop up the hole in his empty heart by proving he cared about the poor vermin by paying them more, which doomed them to an expedient genocide.
Obviously it did not fill the hole.

His path-breaking work on minimum wage was only one of many ways he used his genius for the good of all.'
In his statement, Obama said of Krueger: 'He had a perpetual smile and a gentle spirit - even when he was correcting you. That's what made him Alan a fundamentally good and decent man.'

The favorite in this, and this is another genius thing for which Krueger was celebrated and remembered for in Obama communist circles is this gem:

It showed that high economic inequality corresponds with low economic mobility on a generation-to-generation basis. 
In short, it meant that when economic disparities between the rich and everyone else are wide, people's ability to improve their financial health depends even more heavily on their parents' economic status.

Yes he took credit for the reality that poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich. This stuff is news to leftists as they are the ones spending working peoples money to "fix" things and the ones hiring the goddamn foreign vermin, enter the poster boys of Bernie Sanders and Mark Zuckerberg from Jew Street.

I have no idea if it bothers Krueger's family that he offed himself, as snowflakes tend to worry about how it makes them look, instead of the old man is in hell, but I hope they ponder the message that everything Krueger dedicated his life to, was not the answer.

....and as it was nothing but Jews lamenting him, being a Jew was not the answer nor more than an image of Obama trying to get all the attention from a corpse.