Thursday, March 14, 2019

You'll be living in better fitting jeans......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People always ask me what I look like.

No they don't but it sounds good in the opening and it does make you start utilizing your mind in the prejudice of what kind of dreamy girl I look like.

When I was writing stories, I never engaged in telling my readers what a character looked like as characters are best created by a reader, as each person has their own genius in what is beauty and what is ugly.

Today in the thrift store I found several cheap pairs of blue jeans, as God has not been so provision oriented in providing me with free pants in the throw away box. My last two pairs are falling apart as they were used and by me really used.

I love wearing blue jeans. I was raised in them and my favorite brand was Wrangler. I dislike Lee jeans in people who wear them are like stove pipe legs and stout in who Lee cuts them for. I have never understood the Dickies or Osh Kosh, as you could put two of me into those pants as I swim in those legs, like wearing a damn bell hoop dress.

I do understand the big ass cut in clothes as most rural people are fat people. I just got a Van Husen shirt, as Sandy said she wears men's shirts to the beach, but when I put that VH on, I could have been prego with a herd of piglets to fill that thing.

The jeans were Levis. Levis are cut trim. They used to be so stiff that you could stand them up in room. That was before they were fag jeans.  For me Wranglers are perfect fit for riding horse, and Levis are the perfect fit for wearing. They are not painted on me, but they fit like all Levis in being built for show.
I used to wear them as a teenager. I  had the fashion orange tags and the tags of the work jeans when Levis tried that genre which failed and the 501's which I never liked, too big of bubble butt ass and trim legs, no holding as the material was light. No jeans to ride horse or do cattle in.

When it comes to jeans, you got Levis for trim, Wranglers for work fit, Lee for looking bad, then them carpenter jeans of Osh Kosh, Dickie and Carhartt. Carhartt if they grew up they could be the old Levis but that is brown duck and their jeans are too soft.

So with my 36 inch inseam, if you were paying attention you should know what I look like. I though will never purchase Levis as I will not support Sodom and Gomorrah. I am though forced to wear these Levis or go naked. Not much attraction in that as it gets winter here and I hate getting my legs bit by bugs and grass always scratches my legs.

I would like these Levis better if TL would help pull them off me as that is what has always been the problem with Levis in they go on ok, but are hell to come off, especially if it is humid.

That is about it in the jeans thing.  When we get our place and the donation, I told TL that we are going to get some hay burners and go riding horse again, as I miss that more and more. Last time I checked my cowboy boots they were mouldy.....yeah it was good leather in them and they will keep.

That is the story of what I look like. Odd that I am glad I got my grandfather's genes and not my pudgy Gram or the Gram who was a bone pile. Now there were two women who you would not win any second looks. It is what it is though in you are what you become.

I also usually carry knives, guns and have rocks in my pockets for bulges. So no I am not happy to see you.

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