Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A Notre Dame Heist

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 Flying Buttresses.

I love flying buttresses. I love seeing them, saying them and porno lusting after them. Nothing appeals to me more in gothic architecture than flying buttresses.

See you got buttresses and then you got flying buttresses. Yes a buttress is like Raquel Welch's nice ass and they you got Kim Kardashian's flying buttress size butt, in like ten butts times two. Flying buttresses look great on buildings but they are just a big butt on  women.

Donald Trump was very sad today in Notre Dame Cathedral burned down. Not the one in America, which I have no idea where it is, but the one in Paris. Notre Dame as Flying Buttresses coming out of the wazoo.

This is what a hot flying buttress looks like.

What I did not get is how the French got stone to start on fire and burn. I mean volcanoes are on fire and burn rock, but it is not like Washington Monument or Rushmore starts on fire and goes molten.

Bummer in Gayway Pundit seemed to be all over this. I didn't think sodomites glommed onto things homophobe as Notre Dame is like all against buttresses having things shoved into them. I can though understand in a queer being allured by buttresses, not that I am queer, as I like buttresses as they are like capstones and things like that.

You know it took 100 years to build that movie set? Yup it is older than Joan of Arc. Got it's own hunchback and  hot women too. Maybe it was all them hot gypsy dancers in Notre Dame that turned the stones to fire.

See here are hot Notre Dame women that sent hunchbacks wild to swing from gargoyles.

I like Leslie Anne  Down the best. Not her acting though.

Gypsy women come in all kinds though.

Surprise the SS could round them all up, as they were all flavors.

Not so much though in hunchbacks. All the same even if Anthony Hopkins was the best. Odd how he did his best work before he was well known. Probably inspired by all those hot gypsy women.

Anyway the question is, how Notre Dame had been evacuated before the fire and it was left to burn. It was almost as if the French government of Manny Macron was burning it down for someone.

See all rocks, so how is it burning. Not like someone stacked the pews up and lit up the Virgin Mary.

I don't suppose that someone important planned a heist. You know on Herman Goering art collecting scales of private collections.

Firefighters are still working to contain the blaze as teams try to salvage the artwork stored inside.

I wonder how Joan would feel all about this. Paris gates are where the King abandoned her to the English to be abused. Now Les Miserables is all illuminated in the best of fires and the worst of fires.

Poor Manny, Yellow Vests from Vienna, and then olde Notre Dame gets torched. Probably won't get invited to view them though.

Several churches around Paris rang their bells in response to the blaze, which happened as Catholics celebrate Holy Week.

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