Thursday, April 11, 2019

A Prayer for Debbie

I never consider my prayers worth much. God is the One Who is merciful to me and everyone. It is an  odd assortment of answered prayers,  I somehow lost our tape measure last year, putting up supports in the shed we built so the snow would not bust the roof in.
So I was thinking I needed a tape measure, and the in coming home the back way, a van pulled in front of me, and something was on the pavement which the gal hit and it ricocheted out, which I noted was a tape measure.
I stopped and picked it up and considering a 6000 pound van just played hockey with it, it works  fine.

I smile about God's working to provide. I keep looking for the big donation from the rich. I suppose God has to wait to ricochet some rich person off some 6000 pound something to get their attention.

The reason for this is a note from Debbie, requesting a prayer.

Hey LC
Sorry to bother you but I have a little request. I'm sitting in the hospital after my heart cath. They want to send me to another hospital for a quick bypass surgery. Was wondering if you or TL could say a small prayer for me while I get this done. Your prayers are so powerful.  I have been sick a couple of months so I haven't donated as much but will do better when this is over.  Thanks for all you do. Jesus please bless you and TL. Love and thanks. 


Almighty Father, be Merciful for Debbie in sending Your Holy Angels to guide her physicians, with the Great Physician, Jesus, sending His healing energies to Your child in this time of need.
I know this has nothing to do with my prayers, but Your Goodness. Reveal Yourself to Debbie for Your Glory and Honor. We are Yours and in Your care from the moment of our conception, to Your forming us in the womb, to Your forming us all this life, in our return to You, as why we are all born.
Speed her healing, comfort her in Your Holy Spirit and return her to Your service. Freely You have given Your Love to us, and freely we come to You in our petitions, as Debbie owes us nothing in this prayer, for all we are is from You and through You.
We commend Your child into Your hands in the Name of the Father, the Lord Christ and Your Holy Spirit, Amen and Amen and Amen.

As Richard and Stephanie would say, "We are all family here". This is what we do for family.