Friday, April 12, 2019

Do You Want To

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am super bummed.

See I was looking for pictures of songs which tormented me in gulag school and this one photo came up, of a girl in distress, with the caption that she was in distress over her first big cock. If think my website is bad, Lord God, that site made my eyes roll.


Turns out this is some face paint chic named Laura Lee, according to Vox.  She was whining about racism or something on Gaytube.  That is disappointing as you got sympathy for a girl taking on her first hose machine, but when you find it is a liberal just bawling, over some catharsis she had in voting for Birther Hussein, you just roll your eyes.

It gets worse as you move the hand, and get to see the face. I mean zombie zapolocolypse.

She kind of looks like that little hot ass from Entertainment Tonight, but with Mick Jagger lips. Ass lips are not flattering, even if you sing like the Jag.

See Maria McGreek, looks just like her, but she smiles allot so I do not know if she likes big cock or is not traumatized by them.

See most women they say they see their first big cock.....are not very good actresses, as it is really bad acting and they don't want they guy to know that they have seen them more than tampons. That is the expression most of them have in, they just do not want the guy to know that they have seen like 1000 before.

Chics must wear their mouse out double clicking on the big dick links in emails. Any way I just would like liberals to do a bit better acting in the racism stuff as they were all shocked by it or at least shocked by how men actually buy their acting. Then again men will believe anything once they hear the word SEX.

Nuff Said