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A President in the Crosshairs

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In the memoirs of Victory Ostrovsky in his time being abused by the Mossad as a katsa, he related a most interesting investment the Mossad undertook examining the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy. It had been 25 years, and the Mossad was still indoctrinating recruits on the assassination with their version of events.

As you read the quotes in the following paragraphs, notice that the Jews had EVER film on the Dallas assassination. That is of interest as there was the Zapruder Film and another which revealed nothing, and yet it sounds like the Mossad had more film than the public or the Warren Commission ever heard of.
The Mossad also stated that Governor John Connally was the real target as the mob wanted to get in on the Texas oil fields. Again that is about as far fetched of an idea as could ever be created as the mob was going to kill Connally, which would not make one bit of difference on control of Texas oil, and by blowing Connally's head off, everyone was to believe that the target was Kennedy, and in this,  the Secret Service, FBI and CIA would just drop the case as they would not care that anyone had shot at the President.

As you can see in these examples the bullshit meter was going off, and Mossad knows as professionals their assessments were moronic, so that points to the Mossad created an elaborate recreation of Dallas, for the simple reason, to provide cover for their involvement in this assassination.
No one has ever asked if the Dallas mock up was from 1963 and not 1983.

Ostrovsky also stated that his student group picked angles on Kennedy's position. There has been a great deal of Mockingbird based on the TRIANGULATION of Kennedy as that points to professionals.

As few reading this have ever been involved in shooting at moving targets with a rifle, little alone an execution team shooting at humans, they fall for the propaganda of triangulation as they have not any knowledge of the geometry of it.

Let me explain it with this first chart in, the three circles are the shooters in triangulation, the blue square is Kennedy, and the triangle is the moving field of fire, as we are dealing with a 10 second window at most, that a target enters an area, and moves out of the optimum kill zone.

Even a layman can see the angles change dynamically in a true triangulation, except for the position of the shooter the target is moving toward. Even in that though on an elevated position, the angle for the shot is changing as an elevated position actually raises the rifle bullet strike position on the target, just like raising the barrel. The angle for the front shooter increases with every second.

Remember in this scenario no matter the shot sequence if it is premature, the kill zone or follow up shots as the target moves out of the kill zone, the angle is changing, and for example in the middle shot or the kill zone, the  left shooter literally in missing John Kennedy, would probably shoot John Connally in the front seat on his back right side. The right shooter missing John Kennedy would blow Jackie Kennedy's back half of her head off or the back of the head of the driver. As for the frontal shooter, his shots could hit anywhere from the front windscreen, the trunk hood, or John Kennedy's head to his torso, as the shot angle is changing in movement every fraction of a second.
The limo moving at 30 miles per hour covers 44 feet per second. At 20 miles per hour it covers 29.3 feet per second. So every second that lapses, the angle is increasing from the front, decreasing from the rear,and the side shot is the worst due to the clutter of non targets in Jackie Kennedy and John Connally from the right.
The shot picture is changing a car length to almost two car lengths as each second passes. Any follow up shot is near impossible as the vehicle in moving out of the area so fast it is decreasing the chances of a lethal shot.

The following is close to the Dallas scenario of a shooter on the bridge, one from the depository and one from the grassy knoll on the right. The knoll again was the most difficult due to it being a passing shot, the angle and the chance of blowing Jackie Kennedy's head off as the woman was scrambling around trying to pick up pieces of brain.

The chart below though is  the correct placement in an almost in line shot from the front and back, with the Grassy  Knoll being an acceptable angle kill shot not endangering Jackie Kennedy or John Connally, providing of course there is in a flier bullet which happens to go off target as is known to occur, as there are  variables in ammunition.

Below is the moment of impact of the kill shot as Kennedy's head erupts into a spray of blood, bone and tissue. The public is still unaware of the shots by the women on the grass taking photos, but the security is reacting as is Jackie Kennedy, as this was at least the second shot to hit Kennedy and the third to hit the occupants of the car, as Connally has already been struck, and Kennedy received a shot through the throat to which he raised his arms over, as the impact was like knocking the wind out of him.

Estimation is the first shot from behind hit Governor Connally first, the second shot hit John Kennedy from the front where he raised his arms, and the third shot was from the Grassy Knoll, which was excellent marksmanship considering it was a passing angle shot, but not in the vertical as the bridge and depository, as the knoll shot was a horizontal angle, where only lead was a factor, where centered on John Kennedy's forehead, the shot would have accomplished thee exact autopsy photo of blowing out the back of JFK's skull.

The following in the Mossad  version of events, and on the above proofs, they knew what they were indoctrinating their recruits with was bogus. It was cover to keep their bright children from asking why no one had investigated this, and by providing a conditioned response to false conclusions, it would diffuse the situation, as the CIA would never in future years ask why the Jews had suddenly gone quiet on the assassination.
The reason for the future years, is in the need to know, everyone knew who did this and why.

One particularly intriguing aspect of the course was a movie called, A President in the Crosshairs, a detailed study of the November 22nd, 1963, assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Mossad theory was that the killers - mafioso, hit men, not Lee Harvey Oswald - actually wanted to murder, then Texas Governor, John Connally, who was in the car with JFK, but only wounded.
Oswald was seen as a dupe, in the whole thing, and Connally as the target of mobsters, trying to muscle their way into the oil business. The Mossad believed that the official version of the assassination was pure, unadulterated hokum. To test their theory, they did a simulation exercise of the presidential cavalcade to see if expert marksmen with far better equipment than Oswald's, could hit a moving target from the recorded distance of 88 yards. They couldn't.

It would have been the perfect cover. If Connally had been killed, everyone would have assumed it was an attempt on JFK. If they wanted to get Kennedy, they could have got him anywhere. A single bullet was supposed to have gone through the back of Kennedy's head, out his chest and into Connally. If you look at the film, you'll see those points were not aligned.  If ever a bullet could do the Waltzing Matilda, that was it. The Mossad had every film taken of the Dallas  assassination, pictures of the area, the topography, aerial photographs, everything. Using mannequins, they duplicated the presidential cavalcade over and over again. Professionals will do the job in the same way. If I'm going to use a high powered rifle, there are very few places I would work from, and ideally I'd want a place where I held the target for the longest possible time, where I could get closest to it, but still create the least disturbance. Based on that, we picked a few likely places, and we had more than one person doing the shooting, from more than one angle.

Oswald had used a mail order, bolt action, clip fed, 6.5 mm, Mannlicher - Carcano rifle, with a 4 power telescopic sight. He'd bought it through a catalogue for $21.45. He also had a 38 Smith and Wesson revolver. It was never determined if he had fired two rounds or three. But he used regular military full jacketed cartridges, with a muzzle velocity of 2165 fps. During the simulation exercise, the Mossad, using better, more powerful equipment, would aim their rifles, which were set up on tripods, and when the moment came, they would say, "Bang", over the loudspeakers, and a laser direction finder would show, where the people in the car would have been hit, and the bullet exits. According to what we found, the rifle was probably was aimed at the back of Connally's head, and JFK gestured or moved at just the wrong moment - or possible the assassin hesitated. It was just an exercise. But it showed it was impossible to do what Oswald is supposed to have done. He wasn't even a professional. Look at the distance, from the 6th floor window of the building, the kind of equipment he had, he didn't even reinforce the bullets. The guy had just bought the rifle. Anyone knows it takes time and skill to adjust the telescopic sights on a new rifle. The official version is just not believable.

Victor Ostrovsky
By the Way of Deception
Pages 141 - 143

It was the work of Jim Marrs literal investigation and David John Oates in Reverse Speech which confirmed all of the details to link the Mossad to the assassination of JFK. It was reversals from former president Dwight Eisenhower and later president Lyndon Johnson which mentioned Jewish connections to this. This is not to say the Jews blackmailed  thee Americans, but it was a military industrial complex Jewish finance world, and when John Kennedy refused to get on board in the Cold War in arming Jews with an atomic bomb, it set into motion the necessity of removing the detente Kennedy. The Americans in Dwight Eisenhower of the military industrial complex, along with Lyndon Johnson in Texas oil, signed off on a Jewish coordinated removal of John Kennedy. Everyone was to be dirtied up to keep them quiet. The mob was brought in to divert, as was Oswald from military intelligence to frame Cuba and the Russians, which could have started a nuclear war. In addition  a French shooting team was brought in, as Kennedy tried to assassinate DeGaulle and had assassinated the Vietnamese President which was a French protectorate, add the American right wing which detested John Kennedy for stealing the election from Richard Nixon and being weak on Cuba and the Russians, and all parties from J Edgar Hoover to Allen Dulles found it expedient for John Kennedy and later his brother and son to be gone.
There was not any way the Mossad or the actors in this could  allow Robert or John jr, ever to gain access to power to retaliate as to what happened to John F. Kennedy. RFK and John jr's assassination pointed to Mossad oversight again. The blowing off the tail of propeller aircraft has that Mossad feel to it.

Once John Kennedy was dead, Lyndon Johnson suddenly had nuclear material missing from United States refinement centers which built the Jew bomb. Later Richard Nixon would end the clean thorium power plants already tested for dirty plutonium and U 235 power plant production, as this is about the military industrial complex with Jewish finance.

For the record when Victor Ostrovsky remarks that "they could have taken out Kennedy at any  time", they could have taken out Governor Connally even more easily as Texas is full of gun nuts, and the reality is on two occasions, assassination attempts took place against John Kennedy which were botched in Chicago and Florida. It is assessed these were to involve the mafia and Cuban exiles to dirty them up, in those operations were never intended to be what Dallas was, including the summoning of a young HW Bush to the School Book Depository were police arrested him, and he later was released. This was designed to taint everyone so everyone would keep their mouths shut.

It is assessed by the immediate destruction of the crime scene, which was the limo, that there was at least one bullet hole if not more in this vehicle which could not be accounted for. In auditory recordings from an open police mic, there were four shots recorded.

In any event, the Mossad did a Mossad job, which was according to Mossad protocols in they coordinate well, train well and oversee well, and then disappear, without ever being detected, unlike on 9 11 when dancing Jews were reported and arrested on a New Jersey roof top, but later released and disappeared back into Israel with no more said about it.

The recitation of Victor Ostrovsky points to a forensic psychological "the Mossad doth protest too much" as is their psychology in creating a false lead to dupe their recruits and to provide a false scenario with enough facts to agree with conspirators that the Warren Commission lied, but of course the Mossad were the honest brokers in the examination.

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