Monday, April 1, 2019

A Private Letter

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

This letter is for the Good. Everyone else is not authorized to read this. God Judge those who steal any information with so much as a glance of their eyes with what measure they mete out to others in Jesus' Name Amen.

I've been in hibernation/recuperation, partially from the heinous weather, but mostly from old wounds dealt by the 'dearly departed', including her fully lucid multiple attempts to put me six feet under after failing to drive LC and I apart, as well as many other unmentionable heinous acts she perpetrated (with extremely malicious aforethought) which we suffered and require Heaven to completely forget and heal from. We so appreciate the prayers, letters, and sharing of your lives throughout the past months, as you have Blessed us more than you know. Our puppy-cat Puntz has also been recovering from the toxicity of the dearly departed, in that now she is turning back into the sweet, playful, semi-cuddly creature she was prior to the exerted toxic influence (born of jealousy that we actually had a nice kitten and trying to make the cat 'love' her by constantly feeding the cat food that was ruining Puntz's digestive system). The constant moodiness and clawing/biting has mostly dissipated, still has her days/moments but the intervals between 'bad spells' are getting longer and longer. It seems Puntz finished up the last of the human food stash in the old bedroom wherever it was hidden, as she hasn't been having pain going to the bathroom for a couple of weeks (and things have firmed up, finally no more puddles and painful gas!). She also talks more now than she ever did. At least once a week, some new endearing quirky behavior shows up, like when she 'holds my hand' at night when we're all cuddled up going to sleep, placing her little paw into my open hand for a minute or two.

Now for a few notes:

To our Viking-- Holst holds about as much of my affection as Ravel (hint: I absolutely loathe dissonance, with every fiber of my being). The Planets weren't too memorable for me, although one or two movements in the distant archives of the old 486 were okay. Copeland/Rutter are about all I can stand of "modern" classical music (and Gershwin/R&H, which LC likes as much as I like Ravel). We were watching an episode of Pawn Stars in which some guy wanted to sell off some pieces of modern art by some guys from the modern era, maybe Gauguin and Cezanne, whatever, you get the idea. During his typical "don't know enough about them, want to ensure they are the genuine article" shpiel, Rick made the comment that these paintings can be easily faked. Well no wonder, since they looked like children's finger paintings a fond parent would stick on the fridge! (Not all are horrible, e.g. Paul de Longpre, Monet, Debussy for music, but the quality is not to be compared to Western culture in general during the Renaissance period.) We were concerned to hear about the impending (now complete) surgery, but glad everything worked out for you to find a great doc so that you would be in good hands. You are, and will be, in our prayers for complete recovery and to heal even better than before the injury. Besides, you have to heal up perfectly so that you can take BG and ST ice fishing next winter. :) Enjoy the rest and new season of life, you have definitely earned it!

To our Sandy-- I don't miss Facebook, but I do miss talking with you and all the creative beauty, wisdom, and humor you share in Blessing the other people in your life. How is the puppy doing? Recessive genes or not, I was drooling over the litter when you sent us the pics (quality over quantity!). She must be a little bigger than a snowball by now. :) We were so glad to hear things worked out so that you could go on vacation with your family, as of course any and all time with the kids and grandkids is priceless. May God Heal all parts affected so that they will be better than new, and so that life will be easier for you, in Jesus' Name Amen.

To our Paul-- Please take care of yourself, as there are so few of us left to hold the line and to 'be faithful' to what is True. Just the simple act of living uprightly is a great help and a daily victory, as the spiritual darkness continues to deepen around us.

Our Texas Fam-- getting this done sooner or later, usually later. :) Wouldn't you know it, our favorite chancellor is digitizing such things as citizens' access to driver's licenses, no more wasting the entire day at the DMV! Couldn't do that here though, too many "necessary workers" to pay. God Heal you and Keep you from all sicknesses, disease, and viruses in Jesus' Name Amen.

To our DC, AL, JA, NS, David G, Captain Kirk, Bones, et al-- thank you for your kind notes of encouragement and for sharing a little of your lives with us, as we so enjoy hearing when good things happen to the good people. We do grieve with those of you who have lost a beloved family member and keep you in our prayers. Regarding the things you long for and are praying for, sometimes for decades without any reprieve or fulfillment of the desires God Gave you, know that you are not alone in your struggles, and please remember this:  God is Faithful, He Wants the very best for you, and His Plans for you are to Give you a Future and a Hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Recently the Holy Ghost Pointed out the verse where Jesus is Teaching the disciples about what we all can look forward to when the Kingdom of Heaven has come to earth--

And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. -Matthew 19:29
The desire for success, comfort, love, etc is not bad in and of itself; God Knows our hearts and what He has Placed within them. However, sometimes the very things we want the most are what the devil will use to try to steal, kill, and destroy us. When you turn away from the relentless pursuit of that desire, whether it be wealth, material goods, a relationship, or even if you stop putting yourself in an unhealthy situation that involves loved ones, it is in essence forsaking all for the sake of Christ. Jesus has Promised that the return for putting Him first is a hundredfold, even when it comes to relationships. Of course it's hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Keep in mind, each daily "death to self" is one more victory in Jesus and one step closer to the complete fulfillment of your heart's desire.

To all of you--
Regarding the current state of things, these verses have been coming up a lot from the Holy Ghost in what He has been Speaking--
Isaiah 5:2
Isaiah 5:30
Psalm 110:6
Isaiah 32:11
Ezekiel 7:12
Isaiah 7:18-22
Jeremiah 12:7-9

The fulfillment of them could not happen to more deserving people.

As an encouragement, this passage referring to the remnant also comes up quite a bit, multiple times a week, Promises to be Fulfilled both for now and for the future: Zephaniah 3:12-13

That about wraps it up. God Bless and Protect the Good.