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The Missing CHINK

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Representative Doug Collins of the Freedom Caucus has been releasing the transcripts of former FBI Counsel Lisa Page and others in their testimony before Congress. There was something today though when Rep. Collins appeared on the Sean Homo Hannity show, which captured my attention in the devil being in the details.

There has been a mystery in the start of this in CIA Director John Brennan, kept referencing another dossier and no on has explained where this document appeared from, but gleaning from in between the lines in what Mr. Collins was stating and Sean Homo missed completely, there were two dossier's created, and it is all in the murky world of the Bruce and Nellie Ohr  and their connection to Fusion GPS.
So you will pay attention to the explanation here is the punch line. It appears that there was a reality in this, that there was an OFFICIAL version and a Fusioin GPS version, in the same document. In this frame up of Donald John Trump, someone took the time to plan out that the FBI would have a working version and Fusion GPS would have another version, in both versions would compliment and confirm the other.
Two witnesses, both lying, therefore would be the evidence to go after Donald Trump.

This is what is missing in this and makes sense, in why Rod Rosenstein kept signing FISA warrants on Trump. He had a version of evidence confirmed by an outside source With all that smoke it was deemed that there had to be Russian fires burning at the Trump campaign.

In review of this, we know that Marco Rubio for Bush fam, engaged with his benefactor Jew fag Billionaire Paul Singer to create a dirt file on Donald Trump to stop him from the nomination for Jeb Bush. Once Jeb went into a tail spin, this dossier which was created by Fusion GPS, and the person who hired Fusion for Paul Singer was the Washington Beacon's own, son in law of #NeverTrumper, Bill Kristol, again both Jews.
This fake dossier which even Christopher Steele knew was bogus, but was part of an operation to smear Donald Trump, was blessed by Theresa May of MI6, and do not forget in any of this that George Papadopoulos had Jewish agents, front men for the Mossad, shadowing him on oil deals in the Mediterranean, as Papadopoulos was being set up by Stephan Halper, who was using an FBI cover to frame the Trump campaign, and was being paid by the CIA in John Brennan.

So you get this, there was the bogus pissing prostitutes story of Steele from Ukrainian sources, who then confirmed that the Russians broke into the DNC, when it was Jewish Seth Rich, making copies for Wikileaks, who was then murdered to silence him. Into this, we have MI6 wacko information, then salted with John Brennan information involving Halper's set up, and the Jewish Mossad, along with British intelligence out of Australia feeding even more information to set off the red lights in the original files as "confirmation".
Exactly as that Trump Tower computer kept being pinged out of Russia. That is textbook Mossad and they were framing Donald Trump.

Does the Peter Strzok title for the investigation in CROSSFIRE HURRICANE make more sense now, in MI6, CIA, FBI and the Mossad had Donald Trump caught in a crossfire of intelligence and it was about to unleash a political hurricane of a storm. Except for the bullets, Crossfire Hurricane was Dallas 1963, and missing the plumbers, Crossfire Hurricane was the framing of Richard Nixon in the Watergate break ins.

 In all of this the reformed socialists Bill Kristol seems out of place, as here you had an advocate for Benjamin Netanyahu, and Bibi was sleeping in Trump's son in law's bed, but Kristol is of a faction which is pushing a different agenda than Donald Trump was. Kristol is a International Jew, while Trump was a Nationalist, now transformed to be a National Socialist of the order.
What appears to be the reality in this in hindsight is Kristol and Singer are the International Jews, who were protecting that control against Donald Trump of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. The Mossad has Jewish sayum in every orifice on the planet in the diaspora.  The Mossad is currently implementing their agenda in a coup against Prime Minister Netanyahu which was the original order in this, as the Mossad does not like Bibi. It was a simple matter in this, that Mossad had no problem in using pro Netanyahu Jews against Donald Trump by manipulating them. They would still move on Netanyahu in time, but the first order of business was helping the British stop Donald Trump, for Russian resources to be exploited when Putin was brought down. The British would then owe Tel Aviv, and Lord God in Heaven, can you imagine the Mossad getting control of the Russian inventory of weapons to sow around the world? They would be making profits till doomsday, and probably could give up e fraud stealing of stock market money dumps based on the PROMIS software.

So now we are certain in confirmation, the reality of John Brennan's mystery dossier, was an original which Bruce Ohr was assisting with in Michael Steele to make it the FBI file, and Nellie Ohr was busy assembling the information Singer purchased, Christopher Steele's fiction and the creative writing of Hillary Clinton's campaign who wrote most of the dossier. This is how Donald Trump was framed, and the misused Lisa Page, related that it was her and Peter Strzok coordinating at FBI, to leak information and plant it into the press, and then calling attention to it in James Comey and Andrew McCabe as "confirmation" in all of this.

In the Missing Link though, we still do not know who it was, who was leaking both files to the CIA press in minute descriptions which were alarming Page and Strzok, as they were worried someone would think it was them. Yes someone in this, the Missing Link was deliberately tying Page and Strzok to the leaks to burn them.

This is all about the Missing Link though and it was the second part of Doug Collins interview by Sean Homo Hannity which is a bit more information in this which is vital. Rep. Collins stated from the Lisa Page testimony, that two people were early  targets in this .Not for Robert Mueller, but while the dossier's ink was still wet. You know the duo as Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort.

For those who think that Pissgate started in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, NBC reports on the original connection in this, that Mike Flynn had alerted US authorities at the DIA over this, so there would no be any misunderstanding.

Flynn in 2015 was already advising Donald Trump for his coming campaign. Flynn a former Obama administration official, was invited to Moscow, and placed at the table with President Vladimir Putin, including Jill Stein who would run against Hillary Clinton.

Flynn's Moscow jaunt, like his oddly timed phone chats with the Russian ambassador, has been well reported. But who else came to dinner on Dec. 10, 2015? An NBC News review of video and photos from the RT gala shows a healthy serving of ex-spies, cronies and oligarchs, with a side of friendly journalists and another American.
Flynn was one of 10 people at the head table, including the Kremlin's top leadership. Three of the Russians, including Putin, were under U.S. sanctions at the time for their role in Russia's annexation of Crimea.

The event was a Russian Times gala, and into this we know the had of RT was beaten to death in his hotel room, and called an accident. We also know in this that there was someone in a #NeverTrumper who was fixated on the Russian Times as many were in the swamp, and that was John the hero McCain.

This all comes full circle in the 3 Amigos of McCain, Graham and Rubio,  the front men promoting an international hegemony for the cartel, showing up in Kiev  Ukraine and railing against the Russian Times which was exposing a great deal of the American deep state in the process.

John McCain if Jeb Bush won, was to be either Defense of Secretary of State, as the 3 Amigos had already hijacked Obama foreign policy for the cartel as Webster Griffin Tarpley revealed on the Rense program. Now that McCain is dead, Graham is the neo McCain and Rubio is sweating it up as McCain's left wing testicle in calling for revolution in Venezuela and gun control in America.

As for Paul Manafort, as was  reported here, Manafort was Steve Bannon before  Bannon appeared for the DIA. Manafort was attempting a plan at using  Russian finance to set up nationalist candidates in the United States and Europe. Think of it as the old CIA South Korean use of Sung Moon's money to fund American evangelicals and American right wing candidates.

Paul Manafort went down to stop the Britain's phobia of a German Russian or a German American alliance which would disrupt the London Jewish finance order.

Mike Flynn appears to have been brought down as there was an extended Bush family allied scheme to sell 40 nuclear reactors to the Egypians to the Saudis.  Mossad can not have the entire Mideast with nuclear weapons from Pakistan to Egypt.

Has this blog opened your glazed over cataract retinas to begin seeing what was happening behind the shadow curtain?

The Missing Link was already setting up Mike Flynn in the Trump campaign in 2015 and by 2016  the Missing Link was going through the Trump sphere in whispering to Trump friend Thomas Barrack and converts to the Trump campaign from the 3 Amigos, confirming to Thomas Barrack, with Roger Stone that Paul Manafort was the guy to solve all of Trump's problems. The Missing Link though knew that Manafort and Flynn would be the  counterfeits to frame Donald Trump.

As the Mueller investigation has now closed, and it did not dare indict Jerome Corsi  as his Attorney Larry Klayman in discovery would begin piecing together who the Missing Link is  as an entity and all it contacted to set this up, the reality is Robert Mueller was protecting America, by finding out who knew the identity of the Missing Link, as that link is what all of this was about. I remind all that as soon as I started posting about the Missing Link, from published accounts that is who the Mueller team was grilling everyone about, that in 2 weeks Robert Mueller closed up shop.

This set up was years in the making, and Lindsey Graham is functioning as a propaganda conduit now in pointing the finger of blame at John the hero McCain as dead men tell no tales.

What Congressman Doug Collins has revealed is the chink in the armour of all of this and no one has reported it, save here in the Missing INK articles. We now know that two dossiers were created by the Missing Link faction to support both fictions. We know now that Manafort and Flynn were targeted from the beginning of this, and the focus was the Russian Times, Russian investment into western candidates and the gemstone of nuclear reactors  for Muslim nations.

The people who keep appearing in this are MI6, Mossad and the American Deep State in a coordinated operation against the US elections.

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