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The Jew Coup


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This article begins with the question, if one of your family members was in danger, and someone knew how to save them, and they ended up dead, would that person be criminally responsible for your family member's murder and more to the point would you blame them?

How about in the information on Donald Trump, in Pissgate, would you be offended if some nation had been involved setting up Donald Trump and ruining all you voted for in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord?

This blog is going to return you to 1984, not the Orwell novel, but the time of Ronald Reagan, when he was searching for peace in the Middle East, as Donald Trump is now, but as the evidence reveals, when Mr. Reagan sent in American and French peacekeepers to Lebannon, the Mossad let them be bombed by Muslims in order to teach the United States a lesson and drive them from Lebannon.

CIA Station Chief William Buckley

What followed in that was October of 1984, when the CIA station chief, William Buckley, the other William Buckley in the CIA was walking home when he was kidnapped by Muslim terrorists, who were involved in kidnapping numerous American and British hostages for ransom.
Buckley though was a problem in he knew things, and the Iranian backed terrorists tortured him severely to make him talk.

At this point, this blog will point out that nothing happened in Lebanon that the Jewish Mossad did not have a good idea of. As far as Iran, the Jewish state from the Iran Iraq War had been supplying the Iranians with all the mortars they could produce, according to Victor Ostrovsky in his book By Way of Deception, where a great deal of fill in information is provided in the first level of this article, as Mr. Ostrovsky was a Mossad katsa, before the Mossad tried to murder him.

The Americans were quite fervent in wanting Buckley and their hostages back, both for political reasons in Ronald Reagan, and the intelligence reasons in the CIA. Formal requests went out to Jewish Prime Minister Simone Peres, and he instructed the Mossad without limitations to provide the CIA with all information Mossad had in locating William Buckley.
The problem was, the CIA showed up, the Mossad lied to them, stonewalled them, and said there was really nothing they could do to help the Americans.
In this era, the Soviet Union had one kidnapping incident in Beirut. The KGB answered by kidnapping the family members of the kidnappers, torturing one member, cut off his testicles, shoved them into his mouth, blew his brains out, and then dumped the cadaver on the doorstep of the kidnappers. The Russian was released and the Soviet Union did not have any more problems with terrorists in the Middle East for years.

For the Americans though, the trouble was just beginning, as the Mossad would not help Peres and Peres could do nothing about it as no Prime Minister could. What appeared next was a most interesting person, who was a personal assistant to Simone Peres as the Mossad Chief retorted to the CIA appearing again:

"Those fucking Americans.  Maybe they want us to get the hostages for them too! What are they crazy?

Victor Ostrovsky quoting the Mossad Chief Admony at Mossad headquarters
Page 325
By Way of Deception

Amiram Nir


In this leaving Americans to die policy by the Mossad, a special adviser to Simone Peres appeared in one Amiram Nir. You will remember his work shortly, as what followed was a most interesting part of American history, like the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the coup against Richard Nixon, and well, you will soon comprehend what takes place when someone crosses the Jews in Tel Aviv.

Remember in this that Ronald Reagan had, had a war of words with former Prime Minister Menachim Begin, over the Mossad letting loose Jesuits in Lebanon, to slaughter PLO refugees in concentration camps held there, as the Jews watched from their listening posts for several days. It was Simone Peres now in control of Tel Aviv's regime, and Nir was the liaison between the United States and Judea.
Nir's liaison in Washington DC, was a bright, intelligent, handpicked political officer from the US Marines, who was working at the NSA for George H. W. Bush, in the now infamous, Lt. Col. Oliver North.
For those with memory alpha, when Ronald Reagan dispatched his two envoys to Tehran Iran, in Lt. Col. North and NSA advisor Robert "Bud" MacFarlane, that along with the cake which was presented in the Jewish orchestration of this, Nir was the one who carried the personally autographed Bible to the British communist agent Ayatollah Khomeini on that clandestine mission.
This 1986 trip was to sell arms to the Islamocommunists of Iran and would later appear in the American press scouring Ronald Reagan in the Iran Contra Affair.

 Lt. Col. Oliver North

Lt. Col. North testified that it was Nir who came up with the idea of using the money from arms sales to Iran, to fund American CIA  operations which Congress had pulled the money on.
It was Nir who had the connections to open up the traffick inside Iran, as he is the operative in the Achille Lauro passenger ship rescue and Nir personally briefed Vice President George H. W. Bush on the sales of arms to Iranian communists. George HW Bush knew everything about this operation and was never charged, and he left Ronald Reagan out to hand and dry in this Israeli intelligence operation which almost brought down Ronald Reagan.
Oliver North would reveal that he and Nir had overseen several joint operations against terrorists, involving the United States and the state of Israel in 1986 and 1987 which were covered by a secret treaty, which no one knew of.

Nir would bring back in Iranian businessman, Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian the CIA had shed like bad dandruff, in sending out a burn notice on this liar, that his information was bogus.
Once the first American hostages were released, Nir informed HW Bush that it was now imperative for the Americans to begin shipping arms to Iran. What followed is a reality of what happens when one deals with the Mossad.

See in this the Americans did not ship the arms which were SAM's or Surface to Air Missiles to Iran directly as that is a criminal act. Instead another criminal act was sanctioned, in the HAWK missiles were pulled out of Judea. These Hawks were rotting literally and had been gaurding the nuclear facility which the Jews were using to build atomic bombs. The Jews according to Mr. Ostrovsky used to joke about how bad those missiles were.
What began the Hawk unloading though was a first shipment of TOW missiles which were operational to Iran.

Rayetheon Hawk Missiles

This is where the Iranian Islamcommunists really became furious, as it was Nir and the Mossad who had in order to close the deal told the Iranian mullahs that the Americans were not just shipping Hawks, but SUPER HAWKS which could shoot down the moon if they fired a missile at it. So when the Hawks appeared in Tehran, and the containers were opened, the Iranians discovered not Super Hawks, and not new Hawks, but old missiles which were not operational. The Iranians were furious at being betrayed.
The Americans were completely in the dark and had absolutely no idea Iran was now looking for blood. So you understand this, Mossad chummed the water with the TOW's, allowed the Americans to think Nir was helping them with Peres, but then the bright idea arose, of "Why not screw the Iranians over by unloading these expensive rotting HAWKS to Iran, as Mossad can profit off of this American funded arms shipment to the Jewish state".

 Manucher Ghorbannifar

As this was set up by Nir, the price had been 5 million dollars for the TOWs out of Judea. It would be Manucher Ghorbanifar, who provided the "bridge head loan" by contacting the Saudi Arabian millionaire, Adnan Khashoggi, who deposited the 5 million dollars.
Khashoggi had been a Mossad recruit years before in service to Tel Aviv. For those who are interested in a flash from the past, as all of this was blowing up for Ronald Reagan, another future President in businessman Donald Trump would appear, with one Roger Stone, who conducted a business deal where Donald Trump purchased the Jewish Mossad agent's yacht, and Stone had the harbor dredged in "creative ways" in order to bring the Trump yacht into port.
Remember that information as you ponder after reading this article about Jews involved in the George Papadopoulos link to Donald Trump and how recruitment, without people knowing it is engaged in all the time by the Mossad.

Adnan Khashoggi

Khashoggi, was on the Mossad payroll as an agent for years. Anytime he required funding, the Mossad provided the money, and according to Victor Ostrovsky, the Muslim Khashoggi, gained his funds from Morroccan born, French citizen, Ovadia Gaon.

The hostages were being released in all of this, as the 5 million bought 508 TOW missiles from the Jews. It was in this next period that the HAWK scam was put into the mix. Before though the United States could put all the pieces  together, which it never did accomplish, until this information has been published here in the entire scheme, Nir briefed George HW Bush that the Jews had activated a channel to Iran, with the radicals not the moderates.
HW Bush was informed of this reality at the King David hotel in Jerusalem personally by Nir. Craig Fuller who was Bush's assistant recorded all of this in a top secret memo, which HW Bush never informed President Ronald Reagan of. Ronald Reagan had been told he was dealing with moderates, and the Jews with HW Bush had opened channels to the terrorists of Iran, and were in the process of cheating them over the Hawks and Iran was furious. 

Vice President George HW Bush - CIA Director William Casey 

Soon enough the hostages stopped being released in Lebanon. Soon enough the tortured and murdered remains of CIA station chief William Buckley appeared. Everything that CIA Director William Casey had moved heaven and earth for in saving a CIA agent along with trying to save Ronald Reagan from a hostage crisis, was about to come crashing down in something called Iran Contra, that Ronald Reagan had zero idea of. When he was informed, he immediately opened an investigation to get to the bottom of it, but the reality is, no one has ever gotten to the bottom of this, and instead the smearing of Ronald Reagan was what was intended and it was a success.

As a side note to this, Mr. Ostrovsky records that Nir in about to be called before the Washington investigators was in Mexico, looking at large scale purchase of avocados, with his lovely Canadian secretary, Adriana Stanton, of Toronto. Five people boarded an airplane, which for some reason crashed. By miracle only Nir and the pilot died, while Stanton and three other passengers survived.
Stanton would refuse to make further comment on any of this.

Nir and Stanton were in Mexico using fake identities. The person who identified Nir was an employee in Mexico illegally too in an Argentinian named Pedro Cruchet.
Cruchet claimed the body and immediately had the remains cremated.

1000 people along with Prime Minister Yitahak Rabin, speaking at the funeral would morn the passing of Nir. As Mr. Ostrovsky recorded that intelligence officials did not believe Nir was dead, but that he had plastic surgery in Geneva, and disappeared. A disappearance which was said to have helped Ronald Reagan, but in reality it had one purpose in covering up the Mossad involvement in creating Iran Contra, and bringing down another American President.

Fawn  Hall

Oliver North, who Nancy Reagan disliked intensely in calling him a liar, wrote two smoking gun memos, implicating Ronald Reagan. One stated  there was a 15 minute closed door meeting with Simone Peres and President Reagan, and another to Admiral John Poindexter on September 15, 1986 in the year of our Lord, that Poindexter should "brief" Director Casey first and then President Reagan. All of these memos prove nothing as they were suggestions and no one knows what Peres ever told Ronald Reagan, so Reagan was not lying, but he was being framed by an HW Bush operative to be brought down so the Vice President would become president in another coup.
For those who were not there or do not remember, Oliver North and his assistant Fawn Hall were stuffing documents into their underwear as the FBI sat in the office drinking coffee. Of all the documents not taken out by Oliver North, the ones which pointed to Ronald Reagan were deliberately left for the FBI to discover.

It was during all of this that for profit, Jews were for Mossad shipping weapons to the Columbian drug lords, who were then under HW Bush funding the Contras, and most importantly CIA planes flown by Barry Seals were being flow into the United States in Jeb Bush Florida and Bill Clinton Arkansas loaded with cocaine.
It was a most tangled web, but as Victor Ostrovsky concludes, none of the Iran Contra situation or arms to Iranian communists would have ever taken place, if the Mossad had simply done the right thing in assisting the Americans to rescue the hostages, which Mossad could have accomplished, but instead American Marines and French Paratroopers were dead to drive the United States out of Lebanon, and another American President was almost brought down like others have been before in the arms for hostages deal, which Ronald Reagan knew absolutely nothing about.

A a final Lame Cherry memory alpha moment, the Iran Contra Scandal was not broken by the American press in the Washington Post or New York Times CIA fronts. The story was broken in an obscure Lebanese publication, a Lebanon controlled by the Mossad and contested over by Iran. That story would never have seen the light of day if the Mossad had not wanted it published, and have it immediately picked up by the America CIA press which were deep state against Ronald Reagan. The Mossad's hands were clean as the irate Iranians could be blamed for leaking the story of Arms for Hostages, and in this Ronald Reagan could juggle an impeachment scandal, instead of attempting peace in the Middle East, which had no Mossad profit in it, nor in shutting down the Columbian drug lords that Mossad was shipping arms to.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as no one else will.

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