Friday, April 26, 2019

Drunk on the Dew

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

See this is why I tell everyone to behave, pay their taxes and not make yourselves a target as a Citizen today caught up in the euphoria of the NRA swindling them out of millions for Wayne LaPierre, decided to throw his phone on the state that President Donald Trump was strolling on.

JUST IN: Man arrested for throwing cell phone at Trump!

There are important facts in this which all of you should be aware of as a warning.

First, the man was drunk.

What a perfectly good waste of adult intoxication on the NRA and Donald Trump.

Second, the man threw his 1000 dollar cell phone on stage.

Does not this man know that the NRA and Trump 2020 lusts for that 1000 dollars in donations!

Last, he was drinking Mountain Dew.

What a waste of Mountain Dew in the Secret Service probably spilled it in arresting him.

Now in always trying to help the Secret Service, Homeland and FBI, the Lame Cherry, offers this positive solution.

Use your cell phone to click on the Lame Cherry DONATE tab.

Donate 1000 dollars, and that way you get to keep your phone.

With the 1000 dollars, I promise to purchase some Mountain Dew and drink it.

That should solve things, and here is my really helping you out, in you can be drunk, but not anal searched by the Secret Service and getting a government file on you like me.

You children and brats have got to keep your heads about you, as nothing this regime or these mic heads are about is worth getting worked up over.

Just remember that booze and guns do not mix, Trump and cell phones do not mix,  like Americans and the NRA.

Nuff Said