Friday, April 26, 2019

From the man who bans Gun Purchases

 President Ronald Reagan with Rifle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am just going to present the facts as President Trump was at the NRA convention, a gun grabber group which I will have more on soon, claiming he would never ratify an Obama gun grabber treaty with the UN.

The problem is the President does not ratify anything. The Senate votes to ratify.

The problem is Donald Trump has zero say on this, as this Obama treaty sitting in the US Senate has not been touched by Republican Mitch McConnell for years.

The problem is Donald Trump said nothing of this treaty from DAY ONE and now in trying to hide his inaction on Firearm Rights is trying to con gun owners for his 2020 re election.

  Trump to pull U.S. out of U.N.
arms treaty, heeding NRA

Reuters, by Roberta Rampton    Original Article
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INDIANAPOLIS- President Donald Trump on Friday announced at the National Rifle Association´s annual meeting that the United States will drop out of an international arms treaty signed in 2013 by then-President Barack Obama but opposed by the NRA and other conservative groups. Trump told members of the gun lobby that he intends to revoke the status of the United States as a signatory of the Arms Trade Treaty, which was never ratified by the U.S. Senate. "We´re taking our signature back," Trump said to thousands of cheering attendees, many wearing red hats emblazoned with the Republican president´s "Make America Great


 I will remind all that Donald Trump inviting AR 15 owners on stage is NOT a national carry law which this President promised gun owners.

Trump during NRA speech invites people
on stage who used AR-15s to stop attacks

Washington Examiner, by Julio Rosas    Original Article
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Toward the end of his speech at the National Rifle Association´s Annual Meetings and Exhibits, President Trump invited two people on stage who used AR-15 rifles to stop attacks. The AR-15, and rifles similar to it, are frequently targeted for bans among pro-gun control groups and politicians because of their use in mass shootings. Handguns, however, make up the vast majority of homicides by guns in comparisons to rifles. Trump brought up Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma County Reserve deputy, who stopped a knife attack that took place at work with his AR-15 that he had in his car."I immediately entered

I will remind readers that Donald Trump was Mr. Bumpstock Ban.

Is the Lame Cherry the only public figure interested in protecting and restoring 2nd Amendment Rights for Americans? It seems so as nothing but Trump Clappers appear praising Donald Trump for his zero double decker burger he served up at the gun grabber NRA.

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