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Mark Steyn Destroys Conservative Media

The Canadian Clipper in the Eye of the Storm

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Who knew that Rusty Hudson Limbaugh's  most humorous testicle in the jolly roger, Mark Steyn has always wanted to be Jewish on this Passover, in being the next Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch in destroying conservative media, taking ownership of it, and possessing the souls of Jewican Mark Levin and Filipinocan Michelle Malkin.

Yes while the world slept in Jesus slumbers of peace, the clever Canadican Mark Steyn was finishing off American ConMedia, and smashing it into little pieces, and no one reported it, save Mark Steyn.

You really need to pay attention to Steyn's rather glib recording of events in the Faustian pact where the devil that Levin and Malking made agreement with is now in foreclosure with a Steyn. Steyn is twisting the knife in not having contacted Malkin and Levin, but in public is speculating on the endangerment and ruination of their careers. This is remarkably Shylock in CRTV after receiving a multi million dollar judgment in court against CRTV, is now turning the screws on CRTV by threatening their first two and last two superstars.

I thought I was a cut throat Jew until Shylock Steyn owned my soul.


Mark will wind up owning CRTV? Will Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and the rest be okay with that? (I am assuming they have agreements with CRTV that can be transferred in the bankruptcy (and provision to he contrary being void).)

I recall Mark Steyn on Rusty Hudson Limbaugh's Golden EIB Mic, without condom covering, speaking or free advertising his program on CRTV. I do not know if Mr. Steyn paid Rush Limbaugh for this advertising as 3 hours of it, is a gratuity and the IRS would be interested in that kind of exchange of commerce in Limbaugh not reporting the full amount of the payment and Steyn not reporting the full amount of the "free" advertising, but we do know that Steyn praised Rush Limbaugh for staying with him in this year of torment.
One wonders in Rush Limbaugh providing Steyn a platform just what had Rusty played in this, in taking over ConMedia in league with Steyn.
The question now is as Rush Limbaugh was golfing with President Donald Trump, if this is the Trump Media which son in law, Jared Kushner has been plotting to acquire since 2016. While everyone was watching Russiagate as a diversion was Rush Limbaugh part of a CIA Director William Casey media reincarnation, as Limbaugh was created by Bill Casey, as Casey founded ABC Cap Cities long ago for this purpose.
What followed after Robert Maxwell was assassinated by Mosaad, for the Bush family, followed by Rupert Murdoch who swung hard for Obama after intelligence asset Newt Gingrich passed special legislation for FOX control, has now come full circle in Mark Steyn has gutted CRTV, as it merged with Glenn Beck's TheBlaze.

In remembering Steyn's blathering on EIB, he mentioned a flutist. What a flute player is about, is he hired a flute player which was quite expensive, but it seems the expenses of Steyn knew few bounds. CRTV constructed an entire studio for Mark Steyn in Vermont, as Steyn resided and worked in New Hampshire.

Remember expensive Pan and his flute playing for Steyn.

The key word according to CRTV is work, as Steyn liked filling fridges with expensive meat and cheese, and calling for meetings and then not showing up for meetings, including meetings in blizzards which endangered production crew members, as Steyn did not give the full 100% work ethic of a good Yankee in the shows were never completed.

Working for Steyn was interesting as it included control over bowl movements according to the Daily Beast. It seems a bit like working for Hillary Clinton where workers were not allowed to make eye contact with Hamrod, and Steyn demanded the same non eye contact. There are not any references to Steyn demanding women close their nethers and where their panties as Hamrod did in walking by and looking under desks.

No one though could discuss the show with Steyn, which is sort of necessary, as they held their bowel movements in not desiring the wrath of Steyn.
One thing is evident in all these bowel movements or not, is that the Judge ruled in Steyn's favor and that translates in Mark Steyn who legates his way through life, has practiced the perfect art of justice in hiring better attorneys to obtain what is justice.

“People that worked downstairs weren’t allowed to go to the upstairs offices because it was too distracting for Mark. It was bizarre,” Kullman said. According to one crew member’s sworn statement, staff were even instructed not to enter the second-floor restrooms and instead told to use ones by the studio facility’s loading dock.
Crew members eventually resorted to lingering outside the makeup room, one of the few places that they might be able to discuss the day’s show with Steyn before cameras rolled. “Eventually that became off-limits too,” Dunn recalls.

Steyn was bragging and promising to CRTV staff to not worry about their jobs or salaries, as he was about to receive a big payout, which he now speculates has put Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin under his control.

 Welcome to Filipino fleshy, sweaty, hot commentary
if I want to keep my job.

As tensions with CRTV flared, Dunn recalls being assured that Steyn would extract a large settlement check from the company. “Mark said it would be the second largest check Vermont has ever seen if CRTV tried to buy him out,” Dunn said in his sworn statement.
Another crew member’s sworn declaration recalled Howes saying “that she and Mark Steyn would receive a large settlement from CRTV and would have ‘enough money to pay everyone for a long long time.’”

Steyn must have some Seth Rich in him, in he got a hold of CRTV's emails. Maybe it is Russian as they got a hold of Hamrod's emails Robert Mueller said, but this is one beauty that he made sure to feature and hand over the female judge who found for Steyn.

Let's announce everything and put this motherf**ker on the hook for everything. If anything goes wrong, it lands on HIM, not CRTV. Time to get tough with Pussy Steyn and Momma Bitch Nutcase Melissa...

Steyn is quite chivalrous in protecting Mommy She Dog Wacko Melissa that CRTV detested.

I wondered who Melissa was, and finally discovered she is Melissa Howes. Unfortunately the she wolf protector of Mark Steyn is not this Melissa Howe as she did do Playboy TV.


How did I get involved in this flute playing intrigue.

Instead we got this hottie, who I can see why Mark Steyn likes calling this Marion the Librarian Mommy as this wild one with those lips could play 76 trombones, let her Shirley Jones hair down and cast away her glasses as she slides up and down banisters in the library.

 Fill up the tank when you get Mommy coffee.

Mommy is quite accomplished. She publishes all of Steyn's books and his tunes. She was the production company for Mark Steyn's, working arrangement for CRTV, which panned out kind of good as Steyn got lots of free cheese and if this plays out right, he and Rush Limbaugh will own Mark Steyn and Michelle Malkin, along with the foundation of Trump TV.
Hell, President Trump won't need to talk to Sean Homo Hannity after this, with Rusty Limbaugh playing with his balls and Mark Steyn tickling his ivories, and remember that flute player playing Hail To The Chief, it will be Trump TV winning the Hannity time slot and Homo will probably even loose Lynda as she will be the next Roger Ahles of the Trump Tower.

So while no one is reporting this gloating of Mark Steyn, which is interesting, as it makes one wonder why the cover up, as the leftists are silent in a border jumper in Steyn just crippled conservative media, as Rush Limbaugh supported the entire process from the EIB, and now two of the biggest names in right wing media, in Mark Levin who denies there is Jewish global control of finances and Michelle Malkin who diverted attention from Obama crimes for another story about Obama, are now at the mercy of Mark Steyn.

That would seem a big story, bigger than a poor orphan girl featuring this story again in Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter.

I am familiar with Jared's Piccolo


Then again, perhaps this is the solution for Jared Kushner, in through Rusty and Steyn, Trump Trans can purchase the Lame Cherry to feature it exclusively on Trump TV for the 13 million dollars, with interest that Limbaugh owes for plagiarism, and of course never feature it, to silence the twilight's last gleaming of Truth.

Congratulations to Mark Steyn. It sure looks like an even more brilliant set up than the diversion of Russiagate.

 We now return you to Trump TV, the Cheese Flute with Mark Steyn

You do know Jared Kushner tends to eliminate those who he no longer has a use for....

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