Sunday, April 14, 2019

MK Tom ULTRA Arnold

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember back in the day when pussies like Matthew McConaughey, Bruce Campbell, Nathan Filion and whatever twats now hiding in the weeds, were hating on Don John Trump?
Sure you do, and suddenly they were all gone, and there appeared these crazy bitches like Rosie O'Donnell, Ashley Judd, Alyssa Milano, Debra Messing and Tom Arnold appeared.

It's almost as if someone created an MK ULTRA operation of ranting zombie to discredit all of these Trump wackos, with the chief spot going to John Brennan.

Failed Coup Leader, Obama Communist Spy John Brennan — Who in a Sane World Would be Facing Treason Charges — Attacks President Trump as ‘Craven,’ ‘Unfit For Office’ With a ‘Lack of Humanity’

It's almost as if the Obama legacy is a big Birther afterbirth aborted pile of crazy shit which keeps getting more AOC green kookade and Muslim Omar terrorist, and Nancy Pelosi blinks her way to making you think that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are as nuts as those constantly accusing Don John of shit.

Tom Arnold has emerged, disappeared and now reemerged as the face of #NeverTrump. He  seems to swing between insanity and crazy, that even the Daily Beast is too CIA Mockingbird phobic to sanction the  Arnold spew.

First there is the conspiracy that Arnold was silenced by being hired to find a tape in Donald Trump screaming NIGGER NIGGER MY TRUMP TOWER FOR  A NIGGER!!!!
Then having a foursome with Michael Cohen, and moving onto having fist fight with Touched by an Angel star Roma Downey.

Arnold’s obsession with bringing down Trump has led him to make conspiratorial claims about tapes of the former reality TV star turned president assaulting his wife and saying the n-word that haven’t borne out. It cost him his Vice gig. It led him to exaggerate a chance encounter with Michael Cohen (he claimed to have turned the president’s former fixer against Trump over what turned out to be just a hotel selfie). And it got him into a fistfight with Apprentice producer Mark Burnett during last year’s Emmy Awards. 

I honestly thought Arnold was burned out, but suddenly he appeared again in not going to Georgia, which is probably what Georgia wants.

Then there is Tom Arnold screaming into his phone conspiracy theories of why his going nowhere career is now all Donald Trump's fault.

Tom Arnold: My Trump Addiction Is Destroying My Career and I Don't Care
Tom Arnold is inside the Regency Bar and Grill in Manhattan, yelling into the phone of a freelance sound mixer he believe…
The Daily Beas


The part though about Arnold saying he has sex tape pictures of Jerry Falwell jr. which he likes sharing with all reporters as all reporters like Jerry Falwell porn apparently, is again something reporters on the left have figured out is Tom Arnold going gonzo nuts again.

When I first met Arnold several days prior at a movie screening for The Brink, a new documentary about Steve Bannon, he pulled me aside in the lobby to hype an alleged sex tape featuring Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. For about 30 seconds I thought there might be a scoop, before it became obvious he unloads this type of gossip on anyone who will listen, especially reporters. 

It then all ends with Tom Arnold's folder while talking to a reporter, spontaneously combusts on top of a candle and fills a restaurant with smoke.

Apparently Arnold has not heard of the internet, laptops or search engines, as he goes for Sharpies and paper to trail Donald Trump and the key figures of Russiagate, which we now have discovered by Robert Mueller was a non event, except to Tom Arnold and other maniacs who swear Obama was an American, when Obama hisself stated his British citizenship expired, so he is a dual citizen, but now swear they have no information to prove that Donald Trump was a Russian spy.

Just then a burning smell envelopes the restaurant. After I dismiss the odor, a waiter rushes over to put out the fire at our table. It was Arnold’s notebook containing all his Sharpie scribblings of key Russiagate figures and dates, a candle flame blackening its cover. He hardly notices and is already freewheeling on what it was like being questioned by Secret Service. 

The people on the right who believed Lawrence Sinclair, Barry Soetoro, Benghazi etc... actually had evidence that Obama was a fraud, but Tom Arnold and his group have zero evidence, but swear there is evidence, and then have these strange events which keep enveloping them like spontaneous combustion or fist fights with women touched by Angels.

Thee entire anti Trump movement is now the face of Tom Arnold. Statements by men like Alec Baldwin stating he could easily beat Trump, now are looked at sideways, as the strange entourage of democrats led by geezer Bernie and Biden, all are tainted by this mania.

This is so perverse and so strange, that it almost looks like someone hired a group of people to play the roles of their lives or juiced them with MK ULTRA so they all sound nuts. As I pointed out at the beginning of this, there were the twat boys  who played  brave for a few statements, but when they figured out it was ruining their careers they shut up. Not their replacements though, they are the Kardashians weekly being robbed in Paris and blaming Don John.

This appears like the group which backed Donald Trump is running a discrediting operation........more to the point, the leftist media is the one smearing this group of nuts.

Think about it.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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