Tuesday, April 30, 2019

President Donald Trump A White Paper Policy

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Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp is warning that the George Soros hire a mob, which produced Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, will erupt into violence against Law Enforcement, White Christian Americans and MAGA hat wearers if John Brennan and other cohorts are indicted for there criminal coup against this President.

With the Capitol Hill megaphone, amped by CNN and CNBC,  an intimidation by rampage will sweep across American cities, leaving blood from the innocent and smoke from torched communities, to "acquit" by riot, the conspirators.

A former CIA officer is warning that things in America may be about to get ugly. Very ugly.
In a recent interview with the website USAWatchdog.com, former spook Kevin Shipp warned that if John Brennan and others are indicted for an attempted coup against the president of the United States, the violence from Leftists “is going to increase to the point where it’s going to be very, very bad.”
Americans, he said, need to arm themselves, and be ready to defend themselves, and they need to be aware there are going to be “beatings” and “probably shootings” – including shooting at police.
Shipp was a high-ranking officer stationed at CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia, and also at Camp Stanley, an Army weapons depot north of San Antonio, Texas, that has a secret CIA facility.

As Mr. Shipp, has produced this warning to be carried throughout the media, as Alex Jones has been promoting for MAGA to get into people's faces, the stage is being set for America, that Law Enforcement in the Thin Blue Line, is not going to be able to deal with this funded violence in another Obama Spring, as Mike Pence's Indiana Mayor, Peter Bungholio, stated in his manifesto in running for the DNC nomination that he will lead an "American Spring".
The Obama Arab and Persian Springs, left Khadaffi raped and dead and Lara Logan gang raped and left for dead. Couple the Ocasio Cortez hire a mob which shits on things with the millions of Mexicans and Muslims in America, the 'very very bad' outcome which this CIA Officer is warning of, could see mass rape as a tool of intimidation against American men, women and children on the streets of every metro.

It is in this White Paper, that this Lame Cherry once again calls upon President Donald Trump to prepare for this beyond Law Enforcement. The military has proved feckless on the Mexican Border. Federal Law Enforcement has been cumbered. Local Law Enforcement has been deluged to traffic stops of Americans. What is necessary is for this President to nationalize the NRA, by deputizing it's members as US Marshals.

No better person for this undertaking would be Sheriff Joe Arpiao, who is trusted and would be able to manage this group of 5 million registered gun owners. It is vital in this national emergency that law abiding gun owners come under the same shield as Law Enforcement, to protect themselves from specific leftist police jurisdictions and provide for them the legal authority to maintain the peace in their communities.

There will not be a need for a march on Washington, but each city will have this militia force backing the Police. These deputized volunteers, answering to the President, via his NRA Governor General in times of emergency, would turn the the Thin Blue Line into a Solid Blue Trump Wall in every community.
5 million NRA members in need of leadership due to the problems there, would benefit from the President, and the 5 million would benefit from 50 million gun owners, deputized.

Of course the corporate cartel would not be in favor of this measure as it would empower the people and the people would begin taking America back in swathes. Leaving this nation though to mass beatings, rapings and slaughter in other Obama enterprises is not protecting and serving America. Donald Trump now having been cleared of collusion and obstruction, is at the necessary point of his administration to become the executive force in shaping America for peace and prosperity, and that begins by apprehending the criminal elements of the deep state with a bold, decisive move.

Law Enforcement needs to know that the armed Citizens are supporting them. That support will reduce the reactionary crack down of the Police and quickly quell this hire a mob's terrorism against Americans. No one person in America should be left to the mob, and wondering when attacked if the beating or rape would be better than to have a prosecutor and judge throw them into prison for years for defending themselves. It is time to deputize a Trump Corp of millions who will protect their communities and protect this President.

No one has published this yet in examining what America will do when this indictment process moves past John Brennan, and apprehends  Hillary Clinton, image Obama, Michelle Obama and Val-erie Jarrett. That is where the real Lincoln measure of President Trump will have to emerge, because place these martyrs in captivity or exile, and their Schiffs, Ocasio Cortez's and Omar's will pour gasoline upon the population and expand Brennan treason into a civil war.

As the Civil War proved in 1851, Mr. Lincoln and his federal troops were no match for state militia, as numbers overwhelmed the federal posts. Mr. Trump must on every street in every state secure his gun owners,  because by them in every state, will the executive with the represented proletariat secure control of the entire nation.

This President will have to come to terms with what to do with the ringleaders of this. Arresting and imprisoning them makes them martyrs. Leaving them free incites the mob to violence. Executed for capital crimes of treason, produces the "their shit don't stink Che" to adorn leftist fantasies. Exile produces the next Democratic rally point to tear America apart, with a Biden mass pardon.

The only solution is a decree of UnAmerican Activities, the stripping of Citizenship which can never be restored, and a Napoleon exile where quarantine is the rule.
It is a nasty business this treachery from within a nation. England was torn and rent by Charles, and his sadistic adherents later dug up Cromwell and put his head on a pike in revenge. Dead kings produce political wounds which terrorize nations for a generation ahead.

This is the wound of those who conspired in Russiagate to end Rule of Law in the United States and conspire yet to end the Electoral College to pouring in foreigners to subvert American elections. A flashpoint is generating beyond sensational headlines. The only remedy in this which will prevail is George Washington's where a blind judiciary, allowed for Americans to displace the British Tories in driving them out of the United States by passive force. This saved the United States from terrorism and riots.

This is the White Paper Policy which Stephen Miller must expand upon in thoughtful deliberation in order to present this to President Donald Trump, as waiting will cause the anarchy of mob, where the Police will be overcome, and finally allow the posse and lynch mob to arise to cull those from the ranks who are the instigators. It would be better for America, for this President to deputize the armed loyalists to America, to provide an overwhelming force to this resistance of the paid for few.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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