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That Missing Fink

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this Lame Cherry series of the Missing Link, there is a wonderful mortar and brick article which appeared almost a decade ago exposing John the hero McCain, in his fraudulent connections with Russia, Ukraine and the Balkans. The reason this communist magazine should be revisited is the people named, read like a Who's Who of Pissgate and the Mueller Indictments.

It appears that South Carolinian, Lindsey in the gay ear Graham, has inherited from the cartel, the McCain figurehead in Congress. Graham has been busy steering Donald Trump with great effect. It is also a reality to watch in the coming time span, a reality that you can tell when gay ear starts talking to Trump about John McCain, because Trump immediately goes into a rage at a political event or on Twitter.
Lindsey Graham in the Missing Link cover up, is laying the blame on the suicided John the hero McCain as dead men tell no tales, and his fat stupid daughter, keeps going off like a vaginal volcano drawing attention to her old man.
McCain's creepy fingerprints are all over this, but the people in power, the real people, are allowing Graham and sweaty Marco Rubio to go camo, and John the hero McCain will be left holding the bag on this.

The Nation Magazine.

All of this begins in 2007, when McCain was having the election stolen for him in the GOP, so Obama would steal the White House as a birther. In this, McCain's campaign manager was Rick Davis, the same Rick Davis with Paul Manafort, in that goose that kept laying golden eggs in Bob Dole.
Dole's schemes to make money were part of this, and his people were swindlers in Davis and Manafort, but they were "our" swindlers under George W. Bush and protected. For the rest of Dole's staff, they served Donald Trump extremely well and effectively and have not caused any political or criminal problems for Donald Trump.
It is just that the Missing Link stuck Paul Manafort and Rick Davis into the Trump campaign, as the Missing Link knew this was how to put Trump on a leash, end MAGA and bring about the Rod Rosenstein special counsel. This was set up years ago and the genesis of this was over a decade ago as John McCain was bashing Vladimir Putin and Russia in public, but was working hand to hand with the Kremlin in the scheme to carve off Montenegro from Serbia, as Clinton carved off Kosovo from that Christian nation.

McCain lashed out at Putin and the Russian oligarchs, who, “rich with oil wealth and corrupt with power…[are] reassembling the old Russian Empire.” McCain rushed to publicly support the Georgian republic during its recent conflict with Russia and amplified his threat to expel Moscow from the G-8 club of major powers. His running mate, Sarah Palin, suggested in her first major interview that the United States might have to go to war with Russia one day in order to protect Georgia—the kind of apocalyptic scenario the United States avoided during the cold war.
Yet despite McCain’s tough talk, behind the scenes his top advisers have cultivated deep ties with Russia’s oligarchy—indeed, they have promoted the Kremlin’s geopolitical and economic interests, as well as some of its most unsavory business figures, through greedy cynicism and geopolitical stupor. The most notable example is the tale of how McCain and his campaign manager, Rick Davis, advanced what became a key victory for the Kremlin: gaining control over the small but strategically important country of Montenegro.

Russia had strategic reason for being the Balkans, but John McCain appears to be a Russiaphobe who was manipulated into the drama of the Ukraine, by the events of South Osetia, in which Putin moved on Georgia to protect Russians living there.
South Oseita for those who know, was all instigated by George Soros, who did not appreciate the Tel Aviv competition to Soros Jewry rapine in Georgia. The net result was the Russians ran the Tel Aviv Jews out of Georgia, and Soros remained in control with the Americans thinking they were on the frontline of freedom.

From this, Ukraine was tossed from Moscow to DC, and the interests were a Jewish finance again. It would be John McCain who would help install the Nazis of Ukraine as Putin again moved to protect Russians in eastern Ukraine and Crimea from genocide.
Moscow effected by Bill Clinton and General Wesley Clark trying to start world war 4 in the Kosovo by bombing Chinese and Russians, began with Rick Davis, via Paul Manafort, then of the McCain campaign to liberating Montenegro from Serbia. For John McCain, all he had to be told was he was going to stick it to the Christian Serbs that Russia was backing and McCain was ready for an independent Montenegro.
McCain appears absolutely clueless in what he was doing or why. It was typical of McCain's one dimensional sociopath persona in if he could fuck someone over he had a grudge against, he would fuck them over without having a clue about who he was involved with.
In Ukraine, McCain fucked the Russians over, and allied with Nazis. In Syria, it was fucking Assad and Putin over by allying with ISIS terrorists. In Montenegro, McCain allied with Russia to fuck over the Christian Serbs. It is a matter of John the hero McCain has zero thought about anything, other than blind revenge in the most sadistic way.

Putin wanted to establish a Russian outpost in the Mediterranean, and Montenegro–a coastal republic across the Adriatic from Italy—was seen as his best hope. McCain also lobbied for Montenegro’s independence from Serbia, calling it “the greatest European democracy project since the end of the cold war.” For McCain, the simplistic notion of “independence” from a country America had gone to war with in the late 1990s was all that mattered. What Montenegro looked like after independence seemed not to interest him. This suited Putin just fine. Russia had generally sided with Serbia against the West during the Balkan wars of the 1990s, but for the Kremlin, cutting Montenegro free from Serbia meant dealing with a Montenegro that could be more easily controlled. Indeed, today, after its “independence,” Montenegro is nicknamed “Moscow by the Mediterranean.” Russian oligarchs control huge chunks of the country’s industry and prized coastline—and Russians exert a powerful influence over the country’s political culture. “Montenegro is almost a new Russian colony, as rubles flow in to buy property and business in the tiny state,” 

Once Russian ambitions were completed on the liberation of Montenegro, which in turn the Russians betrayed their Serbian allies for this Mediterranean beach head, the world of John McCain and the Pissgate dossier and Robert Mueller indictees came full circle, for it was at Davos in a meeting of world globalists, that Rick Davis engineered a meeting of McCain and the Italian felon, Raffaello Follieri, where McCain would  show up as honored guest with Davis for McCain's 70th birthday.

McCain's birthday was the  cover for what was really taking place.

Birthday cadaver John McCain weakly shuffles behind Rick Davis as conman Follieri and Anne Hathaway greet them in Montenegro.


Raffaello Follieri - Anne Hathaway


The main event was the docking of the ship,as the aluminum tycoon of Russia, Oleg Deripaska had arrived next door to the criminal Italian's yacht.  The Queen K noted that Moscow now had beach front in the Mediterranean. So if you put this into context, 2016 was not about Russian collusion, it was about Russian annexation of the Mediterranean Sea, and it was not Donald Trump, but John McCain's actions.

McCain celebrating his seventieth birthday in Montenegro in August 2006 at a yacht party hosted by convicted Italian felon Raffaello Follieri and his movie-star girlfriend Anne Hathaway. On the same day one of the largest mega-yachts in the world, the Queen K, was moored in the same bay of Kotor. This was where the real party was. The owner of the Queen K was known as “Putin’s oligarch”: Oleg Deripaska, controlling shareholder of the Russian aluminum giant RusAl, currently listed as the ninth-richest man in the world, with a rap sheet as abundant as his wealth. By mid-2005 Deripaska had already virtually taken control of Montenegro’s economy by snapping up its aluminum plant, KAP—which accounts for up to 40 percent of the country’s GDP and some 80 percent of its export earnings

Deripaska’s Queen K yacht.

Russia’s virtual takeover of Montenegro was well under way by January 2006, when Rick Davis introduced Deripaska to McCain at a villa in Davos, Switzerland. They met again seven months later, at a reception in Montenegro celebrating McCain’s birthday, as reported in The Washington Post.

So the hate filled world of John McCain had come full circle. What began as the Cold Warrior in places like Georgia, Ukraine and Serbia, became the hot birthday party of John McCain, with McCain now meeting with the most powerful conduit in the Oligarchs of Russia working for President Vladimir Putin.

Deripaska has been the most beneficial conduit for Moscow. When Vladimir Putin needed a Sochi complex built for the Olympics, it was the Aluminum Magnet who accomplished all.

It was the Russians who funded the Montenegro independence vote.  It would expand to even more interesting commerce of American needs and Russian funding.

According to two former senior US diplomats who served in the Balkans, Davis and his lobbying firm, Davis Manafort, received several million dollars to help run Montenegro’s independence referendum campaign of 2006. The terms of the agreement were never disclosed to the public, but top Montenegrin officials told the US diplomats that Davis’s work was underwritten by powerful Russian business interests connected to the Kremlin and operating in Montenegro

It then took a strange brew turn in 2003, when Deripaska hired Bob Dole to help him with his image in the west, all at the moving of Rick Davis and another McCain employee in Dole's lobbying partner, Bruce Jackson. A half a million dollars was paid by the Russian to Dole and  McCain associates to obtain a visa for the Deripaska to enter the United States.

Despite rampant Russophobia among Republicans, Deripaska turned to powerful GOP figures to solve his problem—especially to Republicans connected with McCain. In 2003 Deripaska hired former presidential candidate Bob Dole, who had nearly picked McCain as his running mate, and Dole’s lobbying partner Bruce Jackson (also a McCain aide) to lobby the State Department to overturn the visa ban, according to Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby of The Wall Street Journal. Over the next few years Dole’s firm, Alston & Bird, was paid more than $500,000 to push for Deripaska’s visa. 

If the name Glenn Simpson sounds familiar, it should because of - Fusion GPS which was a Simpson creation and was hired by Bill Kristol's son in law, who worked for Paul Singer, who was funding Marco Rubio,  the trio amigo of John McCain and Lindsey Graham to create the Pissgate Dossier.
Thee entire McCain inner sanctum appeared out of the CIA's financial publication, owned by Rupert Murdoch, another #NeverTrumper, in gathering 13 years before on pro Russian project.

It became even more incestuous as another McCain associate and adviser who was chairman of the intelligence based firm, Diligence, which appears basically to be a civilian CIA capable of providing any Russian oligarch all they ever dreamed in inroads to the gold mine of the World Bank.
The way it was accomplished is Nathaniel Rothschild of London was brought in by having Rothschild purchase a stake in Diligence. With Rothschilds name out front, and not the Russians, all the financial doors opened which were shut to Russia.

If you notice at this point, none of the dossier creators or intelligence sellers, including the noted Rothschild were questioned or indicted in Pissgate for Russian collusion, and this was indeed Russian collusion in a financial scheme for Moscow.

Deripaska also reached out to a Washington-based intelligence firm, Diligence, chaired by GOP foreign policy hand Richard Burt, McCain’s top foreign policy adviser in 2000 and an adviser in ’08 (Burt left Diligence in 2007 to join Henry Kissinger’s consulting firm). Deripaska’s business partner in London, Nathaniel Rothschild, an heir to the English Rothschild fortune, bought a stake in Diligence, according to the New York Times and confirmed by a Rothschild spokesman. The firm offered Deripaska many useful services: corporate intelligence gathering, visa lobbying through considerable GOP connections and, crucially, help in obtaining a $150 million World Bank/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development loan for a Deripaska subsidiary, the Komi Aluminum Project. Getting the loan was useful in providing a layer of comfort to Western investors skittish about RusAl.

As this was taking place, Deripaska was apparently a mark to con more money out of the Russian  by getting the Oligarch to invest in another metals company represented by Rick Davis, in the hedge fund markets.

The Washington Post reported that Davis was “seeking to do business with the billionaire.” Indeed, Deripaska’s subsequent thank-you letter mentioned his possible investment in a metals company Davis represented through a hedge-fund client.
If you’re wondering how Deripaska came to know Davis & Co., the answer lies in Russia’s next-door neighbor Ukraine.

As the American doors opened, the commerce returned full circle again to the Ukraine which had been playing Russian Roulette with leaders who were pro Putin and Pro DC.
Manafort and Davis were backing the Russian side, while others were backing the Soros side. Manafort though would work magic in returning the Russian majority to Putin's orb in the now break away states of Ukraine. In March 2006, Vladimir Putin was back in the game in Ukraine with political control on his beach head to protect Russia from the West.

 Manafort assembled a skilled team of political operatives in Ukraine and set about raising the popularity of Yanukovich’s pro-Russian Party of Regions, which Akhmetov financed. It was a very lucrative deal for Davis Manafort—and successful (according to Ukrainian investigative journalist Mustafa Nayem, Akhmetov paid Manafort upward of $3 million). Yanukovich’s disgraced party won a resounding victory in the March 2006 elections—and Akhmetov returned as the top Ukrainian oligarch. Thanks in part to the work of Davis Manafort, the Orange Revolution was essentially undone, putting Putin back in the chess match over Ukraine’s future.

The good news in Ukraine though did not follow through in Montenegro, as in the independence vote, Serbia began threatening the break away with financial problems. To solve this Deripraska and Nathaniel Rothschild appeared, where Rothschild purchased the Montenegra vote in  student loan guarantees.
Peter Munk of Canada, who hosted the Rick Davis meeting of John McCain and Oleg Deripaska in Davos was also brought in to grease the skids.

At key points in the campaign, Davis reached out to Deripaska’s allies for help. With the referendum too close to call, the Serbs tried to sway public opinion by threatening to revoke scholarships and other education privileges of Montenegrin students if the country should secede. This caused a panic–so to counter the Serbs, Davis turned to Deripaska emissary Nathaniel Rothschild (Rothschild has reportedly become the richest of all the Rothschilds, thanks to his privileged role as a Deripaska adviser).
Three weeks before the independence referendum, Davis asked Rothschild to come to Montenegro. After arriving in his private Gulfstream jet, Rothschild was trotted out before the cameras with the Montenegrin prime minister, where he pledged $1 million to support students who might be hurt by Serbia’s scholarship threat. Another Deripaska ally brought in to secure the student vote was Canadian billionaire Peter Munk, CEO of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold-mining corporation (it was Munk who had hosted the Davos meeting between McCain and Deripaska a few months earlier). Munk, who serves on the advisory board of RusAl, delivered pledges of support from Canadian universities. 

All went well though as Montenegro broke free of Serbia, and once free, the Russians swept in and purchased the main industry of Montenegro in the aluminum processing plant, a huge market control of this small state.
Rothschild would  appear to and buy up most of the Mediterranean coast of Montenegro for his cartel to develop.

Soon after the referendum, the powerful figures behind Montenegro’s independence were carving up the country. That summer Rothschild started discussions with top Montenegrin officials about gaining control of the valuable shoreline, including the half-billion-dollar Porto Montenegro project, which aims to become the world’s top mega-yacht marina, complete with luxury hotels, shopping and the country’s first eighteen-hole golf course.

In return for John McCain doing his best Neville Chamberlain in carving up small European nations for the powers that be, Nathaniel Rothschild illegally hosted a fundraiser for John the hero McCain at Spencer House in London for the 2008 elections.
Alas though, Rothschild did not match the Obama 300 million which was counterfeit credit card donations out of terror Muslim nations, but then Obama had the backing of TARP which bailed out the Rockefeller Chase Manhattan bank which laundered that money at American taxpayer expense.

McCain never answered for campaign finance fraud, nor for his collusion with Russia, as he was the horse  in the game with protection. John the hero McCain though did live long enough to cement Obamacare into the US policy stream in the Trump era, after lying to Arizona voters that he would vote Republican. This though was after John the hero McCain answered the Rothschild MI6 call from Theresa May to hand deliver the Pissgate dossier to the desk of James Comey, FBI Director to frame Donald John Trump.

Roughly two years later, in March of this year, Rothschild hosted a high-dollar fundraiser for McCain at London’s posh eighteenth-century Spencer House, which Rothschild donated for the occasion. Given the close relationship between Rothschild and Deripaska, some speculated that Deripaska was the hidden hand behind the event. The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, alleging that the fundraiser amounted to an illegal contribution by foreign nationals to McCain’s campaign.
The story of how McCain’s closest aides and employees have been undermining his vociferously expressed opposition to Putin and Russia’s oligarchs offers a highly disturbing preview of what a McCain administration might look like. When McCain’s campaign proclaims “country first,” one has to wonder, Which country?

As President Donald Trump wanted nothing to do with Montenegro as he knew what a cesspool it was of world war. The Rothschilds and Russians fighting over the political creations in Europe of John McCain was nothing America nor NATO needed to be a part of.

In an interview with Fox News, Mr Trump suggested that this country of fewer than a million citizens could somehow provoke a global conflict. His reply to interviewer Tucker Carlson caused jaws to drop on the Adriatic coast.
"Let's say Montenegro, which joined last year, is attacked," Carlson told the president. "Why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?"
He was referring to Article 5 of the Nato founding treaty, which sees an attack on one member as an attack on all. Mr Trump understood his point.

"They're very strong people, they're very aggressive people. They may get aggressive and, congratulations, you're in World War Three," Mr Trump extemporised. 

McCain though stood for his Rothschild donors and against the United States, leading America into conflict with Russia, a Russia that John McCain actually brought into Montenegro when it suited his political interests.

But in all of this intrigue with Russia buying Montenegro, the Americans wanting it and not wanting it, after blowing the hell out of Serbia, there is someone who has been busy annexing Montenegro, along with booting the Muslim Turks out of the Balkans. There was someone else who did want Montenegro, and has already annexed it for the Habsburgs.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the winner once again.

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