Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Brexit Third Page

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As John McCain's Nazi leader in Ukraine was discovered to have the benefits of a Jew Rothschild retirement account padding his rapine of that nation, as Vladimir Putin continues to suffer in defending Russian nationals in Ukraine and Crimea, by Trump's Jewish Sec. of Treasury Steven Mnuchkin.......banning Americans access to firearms from Russia, a certain reality is forming which this blog has been posting on in the fake Theresa May Brexit.

By all accounts, the soft Brexit which Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has mandated, is now mutating into a hard Brexit, as London warehouses are full, and literally a London Wall is being built against Americans entering Europe in trade and commerce due to May's deliberate manueverings in this.

Remember in 2008 the 9 11 economic attack upon America which installed foreign bred Birther Obama, that this was a four part attack which began in Iceland, then moved to London, and twice the French cartel collapsed the banking structure there which then set off the American plunge, which concentrated all wealth into three major factions. JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs Jewry and Muslim Saudi Citibank, which now owns all American oil drilling contracts.

Be warned in this, that none of what May is doing is by accident. This is the Rothschilds in action, and fully consider some realities which Zerohedge has not spoken to.

England owns the greatest portion of United States investment. That means London control. The US Federal Reserve is foreign owned. What do you think would happen in the United States, if a hard Brexit takes place, and England as Churchill did in World War II to destroy the British Empire in war against Germany, began liquidating that empire in order to steal it back from America over the next 50 England began liquidating American ownership wholesale?
You may think this was be great in some great deals, but that much investment pouring out of the United States would implode Wall Street, and once that began the trillions in debt which are propping of the sham of Wall Street, would collapse it to an economic crater.

In order to gain some type of stability, there is only one reality which would be presented, and that would be for the regime in DC to nationalize the markets, in other words, instead of Goldman Sachs getting the loot this time, it would be Steve Mnuchkin annexing US industry and finance, exactly as the Nazis did in Germany for a complete state run system.

The United States would be told in more propaganda to prop up those poor Brits in feeding them and whatever else in free fuel for Londonstan. It would suck the life out of the United States, which has now been effectively isolated by Donald Trump's inability to play 3 dimensional chess. Mr. Trump can see China, but Mr. Trump can not comprehend that every time he moves a piece, that Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has already signed a treaty there, undercutting the Americans.
Kurz just did this on China, before Trump's people could seal the deal. He has done this with Japan, South Korea, South Asia, Africa, Russia, the Mideast and Europe. What is left is the blood vein wound of South America and England to bleed the United States dry. Everything in this Brexit is taking the form of toppling the United States to a global depression status which the world will be roaring into the 21st century as America goes foot traffic and eating garbage, along with those goddamn Visa Vermin who keep getting dumped into the United States.

Those are the facts in the economic dominoes which are set up. I am not predicting a thing, but I am stating an apple falls from a tree, it will hit the ground. Either the United States is going to be blackmailed into servitude or the United States is going to be imploded economically, and major terror attacks and war will follow in this isolation.

Perhaps with the meager funds the rich have left us with here by being non Christian in not donating, we will have the resources of currency to buy our land finally, as what this looks like is going to be a major meltdown.

I could inquire, but with winter hanging on, dead things around here and being worn out, that is not going to happen as I have new bobbers in the wind to deal with. The ruse of Brexit though is not what it is being championed for. Something else is taking place and the target looks like Trumpamerica, and he is not taking the actions to protect the people, and has only set up the firewall for Jewstreet.

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