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The Missing Klink

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Putin is as bad as Saddam Hussein and the West MUST take ...

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If you desire to know the inner workings of Pissgate or the Russian Dossier, which was created for Marco Rubio to be Jeb Bush's VP, contracted by Bill Kristol's son in law, paid for by fag Jew billionaire Paul Singer and handed off to the Hillary Clinton campaign by Fusion GPS, a base point in this is 2014, but could have been as much 1979 with Jimmy Carter' betrayal of the Shah of Iran, as all of these events are one and the same, with Americans dying and Americans funding operations which have nothing to do with the United States.

If you recall this blog shocking all of you, in stating that Birther Hussein was managing Muslim terrorists out of the White House, before anyone ever mentioned it, this all goes back to the Obama Contract to replace nationalist Islamic leaders with communists throughout the Mideast.

The worst of this, which John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco  Rubio, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were involved in, was the mass murder in Libya, which led to the murder of fag US Ambassador and three other Americans at Benghazi, who were attempting to get back weapons given to ISIS against Syria, where ISIS was supplied by Turkey, and trained in Jordan, by American CIA, and ISIS never existed, save they were Kurdish Muslims stealing oil from Syria and Iraq, and then selling it to Turkey and parts European westward in another Saddam Hussein oil for money laundering scheme, which is what Bill Clinton set up.

Putin blasts West for failing to fight Islamic State ...

This has always been about two nations in Russia and the United States as targets. Russia is to be brought down for it's raw wealth, the United States is to be brought down in being replaced by a select group of Europeans, and that is why when this all started in 2014, before Donald Trump even appeared, but while the Defense Intelligence Agency was led by  General Mike Flynn, in searching for a candidate to install into 1600 Penn in order to stop the coming nuclear scorching of eastern Europe and the Mideast, that Flynn became an early target of the British MI6 in Sir Richard Dearlove, the same operative who would hand the Pissgate Dossier over to John the hero McCain and others in this British led and Tel Aviv assisted operation of war between the United States and Russia, fought in eastern Europe and the eastern Mideast.

Dick  Dearlove
The Steele Dossier and the Integrity Institute involve the same British intelligence networks revolving around Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6. Dr. Victor Madeira, one of the key staffers at the Integrity Institute used to work directly for Dearlove and Sir Christopher Andrew at the Cambridge Intelligence Forum. In 2014, then DIA chief Michael Flynn was invited to visit that forum and chatted about Russian intelligence history with a Russian graduate student and historian there.

It was this Cambridge meeting where this was all to take place in tainting Mike Flynn. It was all a set up and a frame up. It was more to the point, a red flag operation to keep Mike Flynn from possibly appearing as a Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate in 201 AD in the year of our Lord.

Flynn was the first Barack Hussein Obama employee who started bucking the London - Tel Aviv coming war between the US and Russia. Flynn in high morals, was repulsed that Birther Hussein and his caste were growing their own terrorist alternative to al Qaeda, in fact. the Zbigniew Brzezinski Militant Islam, was transformed under secular Islamist Barack Hussein Obama, into being a weaponized arm of America policy,as the United States had lost control to the Russians concerning al Qaeda in the prelude to 9 11.

Flynn’s real sin was his confrontation of the Obama Administration and the British for using terrorists to fight the Assad regime in Syria, highlighting their other alliances with Islamic terrorist groups, and for insisting that Russia could be a valuable ally in the war on terror and on other fronts.

The smarmy insider who was chosen to run this was oft times Bush Clinton conduit, Stefan Halper. He would manifest again in targeting the Trump Campaign, but was already shadowing Mike Flynn at Cambridge where an entire "honorary dinner" was created in order to link Mike Flynn to the Russians.
Halper would against Trump be  the conduit in the Bush Obama alliance, and part of the massive manic Russophobes illegal operation, using the FBI as a front in CIA Director John Brennan.

Stefan Halper

The Russian that Stefan Halper and the British MI chose to taint Mike Flynn with was a bizarre fawn caught in the headlights in Svetlana Lokhova, who in meeting Halper  told FOX's Tucker Carlson, that Halper was  an obnoxious racist whose main focus was equal to John Brennan in being a manic obsessed Russophobe.

“It was very, very unusual because Stefan Halper and I, despite being part of the same group, and meeting pretty much in a public forum, we've had no personal contact at all. [Halper] to me was an obnoxious academic who absolutely hated all Russians," she said.

It was a bizarre Cambridge dinner, with MI6 hosting the event, at their MI front meeting, which has Stefan  Halper representing the Obama Bush traitors to America, with Svetlana Lokhova, the Russian seated beside the MI spymaster as was the tradition in British etiquette.

General Michael Flynn at Cambridge.
Lokhova said the 2014 Cambridge event was attended by about a dozen people. According to an event flyer, the Cambridge events were organized by Halper and others including Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of British intelligence service MI6.

If this was not bizarre enough in this framing of Mike Flynn in 2014, the inclusion of Svetlana Lokhova, is even more bizarre as British press stories, surfaced where in her employ, this red headed Russian, was repeatedly word raped at her job by the English males. It was bullying of the worst sort and  as it is doubtful that there are numerous Svetlana Lokhova's in England associated with Cambridge, what this woman was put through in smearing her by MI6 equals to what Robert Mueller hammered the Trump campaign in his phase of protector of America.


Svetlana Lokhova

Banker dubbed ‘Crazy Miss Cokehead’ awarded £3.2m for ...

A banker nicknamed "Crazy Miss Cokehead" and "Miss Bonkers" by bullying male colleagues has been awarded £3.2 million for sexual harassment.
Cambridge graduate Svetlana Lokhova, 33, was a "resilient person" driven to a mental breakdown by workmates on the equity sales desk at the London branch of Russian bank Sberbank CIB, a tribunal ruled.
They accused her of being a cocaine addict, branded her "Miss Dodgy Septum", "chemically dependent" and told her she had only been hired "because of her t***".
Her ordeal continued when the false allegation that she was a drug user was put to her at an employment tribunal hearing.
A tribunal ruled last October that she suffered "disgraceful" gender-based harassment and victimisation before being unfairly sacked.
The panel at Central London Employment Tribunal has now awarded her £3.14m for lost earnings, £44,000 for hurt feelings and £15,000 in aggravated damages.

Svetlana Lokhova, was busy educated woman though, as she was apparently a KGB historical expert as is pointed to in this BBC story featuring her. Whatever the nuances of this woman, whatever she was, MI6 was obsessed with her, with smearing her, in any form of identity or name, and linking it all back to Michael Flynn who was the real target.

BBC Newshour on Twitter: ".@raziaiqbal with historian Svetlana Lokhova, who's seen the Mitrokhin ...
 This MI6 obsession with all things Russian, goes back to Christopher Steele, the handler of the Pissgate Dossier, who just happened to be the case officer of the Polonium Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko, who was the Molotov Mob's main verbal assassin against President Vladimir Putin, via the oligarch Borish Berezovsky.
Considering the fake assassination of other Russians in the not too distant past which Putin was again blamed for, it is important to note that after the Iron Curtain fell, George HW Bush and the Brits went in and looted Russia, set up Rothschild oligarchs to take control of Russian assets, and it was this that Vladimir Putin was elected to Russia to put an end to. From that moment on Vladimir Putin has had a target on his head, as much as Russia,  as every event from Georgia to Ukraine to Syria, has been about luring out the Russians to start a war, which would spawn another Russian revolution to cut off Putin's head. The same Schiff and Rothschild factions have their conduit's fingerprints all over this, in the initial framing of Mike Flynn.
Christopher Steele has a similar, albeit less developed pedigree. He was the MI6 case officer for Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian defector who worked for the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, and took up residence in Britain. Litvinenko was murdered, using polonium poison, in 2006. Berezovsky, after making millions of dollars looting Russia, fled to London and went to war against Putin on behalf of MI6. It is not a stretch to opine that Steele also ran Berezovsky’s operations. Prior to his murder, Litvinenko was characterized as Berezovsky's “bomb thrower” against Putin.

This was not the first dossier which MI6 has produced for a sitting American Bushism, as in the lead up to the Second Gulf War, it was Richard Dearlove who vouched for the fake dossier linked to Saddam Hussein and Weapons of Mass Destruction, in which Prime Minister Tony Blair provided to President George W. Bush. Never lose sight in London,  Tel Aviv and New York in even the insiders get used by those in power to gain the purpose what they desire in using the US  military to expend America, so the inheritors pulling the strings will gain all.

While leading MI6, Dearlove infamously vouched for the doctored dossier which said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, collaborating with the CIA’s George Tenet on one of the most deadly intelligence lies in the last century.

That was what was behind all of this framing of Mike Flynn as it evolved to the framing of Donald Trump. This was an operation to protect the duo of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, to be installed to the White House, and either or to begin the scorched earth war, after Syria had been annexed by Greater Judea.

Lokhova said the U.K. academic group behind the dinner included American Stefan Halper. The professor, who did not return emails from Fox News seeking comment, is widely reported to be a confidential source in the FBI's original probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Halper also reached out to Trump campaign aides including Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Sam Clovis
Halper is also at the center of a whistleblower complaint filed last summer that alleges government contractor abuses, as well as excessive payments with taxpayer dollars.

Lokhova said the 2014 Cambridge event was attended by about a dozen people. According to an event flyer, the Cambridge events were organized by Halper and others including Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of British intelligence service MI6.
"General Flynn was the guest of honor and he sat on one side of the table in the middle. I sat on the opposite side of the table to Flynn next to Richard Dearlove because I was the only woman at dinner, and it's a British custom that the only woman gets to sit next to the host.”

When asked if she was ever alone with Flynn, Lokhova told Fox News, "I have never been alone with General Flynn, before, during or after the dinner."
Documents reviewed by Fox News appear to back up Lokhova’s timeline of events -- and raise questions about subsequent unsolicited outreach to Lokhova on Halper’s behalf.

What you have been watching is the Great Game, the historic Jewish financed and backed, British economic, political and literal war against Russia, to keep Moscow from first gaining treaty with Berlin and in this later version with Washington DC and Donald Trump.

This is about protecting a criminal monopoly from Tel Aviv, New York and London with a history of mass murder by global war.

The Great Game
"The Great Game" was a political and diplomatic confrontation that existed for most of the nineteenth century between the British Empire and the Russian Empire over Afghanistan and neighbouring territories in Central and Southern Asia.Wikipedia

 Clintonite Wesley Clark alerted the world to his surprise that wars had been planned out a decade in advance, and one can see in the 7 nations named, the only ones which remain are Lebanon and Iran, but that is currently in the works as Donald Trump has been evolving himself in  handing over US Soldiers to Jewish control in a Kushner treaty, and hot spots erupt with the call for the need to make war on Iran, Gaza and Lebanon.

What follows on this is the war with Russia, as that is what this is all about in neutralizing Russia and the United States by the 3 cartel members who were revealed in the above online posts which have been linked to.

With Chancellor Sebastian Kurz though moving swiftly for the Habsburgs with full Vatican Jesuit support, there is a new dimension in this of Vienna and the Deutsch are not for scorching their borders, but more for making France and England kiss the ring, in a world which is one which operates without the United States.

This is the Missing Brink in all of this and why Donald Trump should not have been Jehu  on Gay Parade being Tel Aviv's  man in Washington.

I can skirt more of the issues on this in covering this, but this blog has run it up right to the edge in all of this and this is a danger zone that you rich people who should be making the 6 figure donations to support this flow of information, as all of this is now reaching a phase where it is in all of the above's interest to have the United States neutralized economically and the ability to respond to a major military conflict, which is what was revealed exclusively in this blog in the wars and operations which Donald Trump is making policy for.

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