Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Trust

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

America is a reign not of Americanism, but of National Socialist Nazism, and in this hybrid of the three ball Jewsters of the old world, in which the Goldmans, Sachs, Lehmans etc... controlled the investment funds of retired and the rich, a new order of "hedgefunders" centralized by Karl Rove for the GOPliter insiders to profit them is what has become American Nazism, whether it is right wing, or left wing, the money pool has the same stink, and it is all designed to profit the 1% by legally confiscating the wealth of the 99%.

When one hears the rich pay all of the taxes which is bogus as all taxes are passed down to the poor who do not have deductions, the reality in this which democrats or republicans will not inform you of, is the reason the 1% have all that money is because the national control system of taxes and expenditures is designed to reward the connected 1% who glean funds from the US Treasury, Stock Market and Regime Spending, whether it is War or Welfare.

I care not what the liberal does as they are their own cancer. The right wing though do focus up on for the hypocrites they are. In this we expose the first layer, the economic layer of the Grande Olde Partee in America, in who are the top donors who having rather needy personalities are targeted by the GOP fundraisers who tell them they can feel important if they donate millions of dollars to the causes they believe in.
Oddly the GOP never tells a Christian donor that their million dollars is in the same pot as Paul Singer who advocates sticking shit smelling dicks up people's asses as a right of passage.  The Christian agenda is never progressed by the GOP, although it is put into platforms and spoken of by the mic heads of Mockingbird, but when it is all said and done, it is just like Donald Trump in 2016, what you get in 2020 is the feces penis scent and not the scent of Merry Christmas pine trees.

If you notice in this pretty NBC diagram, somehow both the GOP and the democrats have the same central orbit and the same satellites, almost as if some intelligence agency in the deep state created an exact group of filter money through, and that money then appears in political campaigns for the charade of free elections which disappeared long ago with electronic voting.

 I have nothing against people with money in THE TRUST, but what I have against them is they put money into a system and get nothing in return. The same Nazi policies would prevail because that is what the cartel has decided on long ago and politics is just a cover to divide the people.
I would love it if Richard Uhlein of Illinois would adopt me or donate the same money he wastes in the GOP in promoting this blog. He actually would have returned America to MAGA by now, or at least become an IRS target with his being made an example of by the cartel. Think of what the GOP rich do is pay money to the party to keep the police state from confiscating all they have.

The biggest individual Republican donor, by a healthy margin, is Richard Uihlein, a Chicago businessman who founded a shipping company with his wife in 1980 after working for a family packaging business founded by his father.
So far in this election cycle, Uihlein and his wife have contributed more than $21 million to Republican and conservative candidates. Since 2010, Uihlein has given nearly $50 million to political organizations, according to Federal Election Commission records compiled by Ballotpedia.

I actually took the time to list the top GOP owners of your dreams which have become Obamacare established, a liberal Supreme Court, aborticide out of the womb, no peace with Russia and whatever Obama's 3rd term under Donald J. Trump is in his National Socialism of America.

I can understand casino owners for their gambling buying politicians and people who manufacture things in trying to get an edge, but most of these people, like the trolls who sit on boards and the politicians are sent in to phone them, so the cartel does not have to send in SWAT.........see you contain the rich ticks bloated with blood by making them feel important and make them think that they are really doing something but having a politician who answers their calls, as it shuts them up.

Where was I?

That is about it, millions of dollars wasted, when  they should have just wrote the check out to the ruling families of the Federal Reserve and saved all the time, as the politicians are going to do what they are installed for and all of this is just therapy for THE TRUST>

1     Adelson, Sheldon G. & Miriam O.
Las Vegas Sands/Adelson Drug Clinic
Las Vegas, NV     $123,254,400     $123,234,400

4     Uihlein, Richard & Elizabeth
Uline Inc
Lake Forest, IL     $39,854,696       $39,756,996

9     Schwarzman, Stephen A. & Christine
Blackstone Group
New York, NY     $12,871,400          $12,851,400

12     Mellon, Timothy
Saratoga, WY     $10,061,000         $10,058,300

7     Marcus, Bernard & Billi Wilma
Marcus Foundation
Atlanta, GA     $8,003,918     $17,300     $7,966,818

19     Yass, Jeffrey S. & Janine
Susquehanna International Group
Haverford, PA     $7,681,083     $250     $7,365,833

23     Cameron, Ronald M. & Nina J.
Mountaire Corp
North Little Rock, AR     $6,572,924     $6,557,924
24     Mercer, Robert L. & Diana
Renaissance Technologies
East Setauket, NY     $6,531,324          $6,354,224
25     Singer, Paul
Elliott Management
New York, NY     $6,430,301         $6,412,201
26     Beal, D. Andrew
Beal Bank
Plano, TX     $6,232,847        $6,227,847

30     Johnson, Charles B. & Ann L.
Franklin Resources
Hillsborough, CA     $5,250,853     $2,700     $5,232,620
31     Ricketts, John J. & Marlene M.
TD Ameritrade
Omaha, NE     $5,096,712         $5,096,712

35     Hendricks, Diane M.
Abc Supply
Beloit, WI     $4,547,900      $4,547,900
36     Ansary, Hushang & Shahla
Stewart & Stevenson
Houston, TX     $4,428,682     $4,428,682
37     Palmer, Geoff
GH Palmer Assoc
Los Angeles, CA     $4,396,097     $25     $4,395,072

40     Childs, John W. & Marlene I.
JW Childs Assoc
Vero Beach, FL     $4,249,571         $4,249,571

2     Stephens, Warren
Stephens Inc
Little Rock, AR     $3,956,600          $3,951,600

44     Cohen, Steven A.
Point72 Asset Management
Greenwich, CT     $3,616,600        $3,516,600
45     McNair, Robert
Houston Texans
Houston, TX     $3,435,500        $3,425,500

50     Humphreys, David C. & Debra G.
TAMKO Building Products
Joplin, MO     $2,820,240     $5,400     $2,804,840
51     Wright, Karen A.
Ariel Corp
Mt Vernon, OH     $2,810,317      $2,781,317

53     Fertitta, Frank J. III & Jill
Station Casinos
Las Vegas, NV     $2,753,100     $2,700     $2,740,400
54     Fertitta, Lorenzo J. & Teresa J.
Zuffa LLC
Las Vegas, NV     $2,747,700     $2,700     $2,735,000
55     Faison, Jay W.
Clear Path Foundation
Charlotte, NC     $2,707,499     $0     $2,691,599
56     Obendorf, William E. & Susan C.
Oberndorf Enterprises
San Francisco, CA     $2,652,300     $37,000     $2,615,300
57     Dunn, Timothy M.
Crownquest Operating
Midland, TX     $2,636,000         $2,636,000
58     McInerney, Thomas E. & Paula G.
Bluff Point Assoc
Westport, CT     $2,613,500         $2,611,200

62     Scully, William P.
Vero Beach, FL     $2,329,485         $2,329,485
63     Foster, Paul L. & Alejandra De La Vega
Western Refining
El Paso, TX     $2,325,500     $5,400     $2,314,600    
64     Duchossois, Craig J. & Janet J.
Duchossois Group
Chicago, IL     $2,286,300     $155,500     $2,129,800
65     Moskowitz, Irving & Cherna
Irving Moskowitz Foundation
Miami Beach, FL     $2,260,380     $2,700     $2,257,680

67     Groff, Howard & Susan L.
Northwest Excavating
Northridge, CA     $2,246,924         $2,241,924    
68     Sinquefield, Rex A. & Jeanne C.
Show Me Institute
Westphalia, MO     $2,222,524       $2,222,524
69     Chazen, Stephen
Occidental Petroleum
Bellaire, TX     $2,179,878         $2,179,878

77     Bergan, Mary
Fargo, ND     $2,051,850         $2,051,850

82     Lauder, Ronald S.
Estee Lauder Companies
New York, NY     $1,894,700     $5,400     $1,889,300    
83     Hillman, Tatnall Lea & Roberta
Chilmark, MA     $1,884,995     $2,700     $1,767,095    

86     Reyes, J. Christopher
Reyes Holdings
West Palm Beach, FL     $1,843,300     $6,650     $1,816,400

89     Daniel & Margaret Loeb
Third Point LLC
New York City, NY     $1,804,098     $185,580     $1,603,433     10%     90%
90     Epstein, Mark
Qualcomm Inc
Potomac, MD     $1,802,700         $1,802,700

94     Russell, Thomas
UOP Russell
Tulsa, OK     $1,727,972         $1,725,872    
95     Rastin, Tom
Ariel Corp
Mt Vernon, OH     $1,693,000         $1,683,000    

99     Warren, Kelcy L.
Energy Transfer Partners
Dallas, TX     $1,631,428         $1,631,428    
100     Lindberg, Greg
Eli Global
Durham, NC     $1,601,600     $56,300     $1,539,800

Charles and David Koch

Estimated net worth: $100 billion

How they made they money: Koch Industries, based in Kansas, is the country's second-largest private company. It began as an oil refinery and has since expanded into many other fields.

Sheldon Adelson
Estimated net worth: $29.1 billion

How he made his money: Casinos

Foster Friess
Estimated net worth: $530 million as of 2012, according to the Wealth-X research firm

How he made his money: Mutual-fund investing

Paul Singer

Estimated net worth: $1.92 billion

How he made his money: Hedge funds

Robert Mercer

Estimated net worth: Unknown, but he reportedly earned $100 million or more annually between 2011-2013

How he made his money: Renaissance Technologies, a hedge-fund company

Woody Johnson

Estimated net worth: Unknown, but he's the owner of the New York Jets, a franchise whose value has been estimated at $1.38 billion

How he made his money: His great-grandfather co-founded Johnson & Johnson, and Woody now runs his own investment firm.

Norman Braman

Estimated net worth: $1.89 billion

How he made his money: Selling cars

Who he's backing: Marco Rubio.

Ken Langone

Estimated net worth: $2.7 billion

How he made his money: He co-founded Home Depot.

Joe Ricketts

Estimated net worth: $1.67 billion

How he made his money: He co-founded Ameritrade, which is now TD Ameritrade, the online stock-trading giant.

Peter Thiel

Estimated net worth: $2.2 billion

How he made his money: He invested early in Facebook and co-founded PayPal.

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