Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Why is Mike Pence in Peter Strzok's and Lisa Page's Sex Texting?

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As President Donald Trump, once again turns to Sean Homo Hannity to rage about the coup against him, this time focusing on Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, developing leads, creating informants and engaging in their own investigation with a "team" which included FBI Agents, Andrew McCabe and Bill Preistap, there is something in all of this Strzok Page sexting which no one is addressing, so it falls to this blog to point out the reality that Page and Strzok mentioned Mike Pence during their sexting.

The Lame Cherry wants to know why this is and will point out some disturbing facts in this that apparently Homo Hannity and President Trump have not thought of.

In the sexting, the duo state that Mike Pence has been briefed, and they are discussing that briefing. This briefing which Pence received is so important to what Page and Strzok are engaged in, because Pence is the lynch pin in the preliminaries of what they are doing in this spying operation. Those involved have to know that the right hand was stroking Pence while the left hand was doing the same, and a redacted name is being alerted to this reality.

The entire sexting of Page and Strzok which focuses on Mike Pence.

There were in the early days of this, two individuals who were focused on. The first as General Michael Flynn who was the protector of the President elect and why Obama Inc wanted Flynn gone early, and why they used the Kushner's to submarine Flynn to fire him in this grande coup framing of the General.

The second is Mike Pence. Note in this that Mike Pence was briefed on something days after the election. There are reasons an investigation focuses on people. It is they are either criminals, assets or weak links to be subverted. Mike Pence was one of the above and Pence by his actions has always been a person who has sabotaged this President as he weaseled his way onto this ticket. Remember how Pence stuck the knife if Trump's back in Pussygrab in not supporting Donald Trump?

That is why the texts about Pence can be taken one of three ways. Pence is either being given information to manipulate him, and that was an interesting manipulation as he is the reason Mike Flynn was removed. Now did the FBI use Pence to get Flynn fired or was Pence there to do just that in this coup for Bush fam?
The briefing could have been standard, but Page and Strzok were not standard in this, as they were developing spies in the White House., which brings to the last reality of, "Was Mike Pence colluding with the coup plotters in why they turned to him first?"

Remember in this that in all of this, Mike Pence in numerous contacts, he like Jared Kushner was never under investigation. His family was never threatened. Mike Pence has been the person in the shadows whose name never surfaces in the Mueller Report, but his name is the focus on the Page and Strzok sexting, because they were talking to Mike Pence as were members of this "team" to get Donald Trump.

Mike Pence has a great deal of cover in the media deep state which has proven time and again to keep this asset safe for the swamp. His not being a focus on any of this, including the leftist media in asking what in the hell was Mike Pence being briefed on? Information was being planted with him, it is evident, and Strzok was involved in Crossfire Hurricane to frame Donald Trump, so it appears that Mike Pence was a most sympathetic ear to the coup plotters, who were telling him that Donald Trump was having whores piss on his Obama sheets.........and Pence appears a most willing listener in this, because he knew as did the coup plotters that bringing down Donald Trump, would make this President Mike Pence.

Remember that Mike Pence in his first act, he went to the Super Bowl with Bush fam, and brought back James Baker for an audience with Donald Trump to push Ivanka and Jared's leftist, Bush family, CARBON TAX on Americans. That is not a Conservative or a MAGA action. That is deep state to the core.

Now as only this Lame Cherry is asking the question, which needs to be asked in:




The only answer I need in this though is for President Donald Trump to boot this coup licker off the 2020 ticket and find a real Conservative Christian who was not in bed with Lisa Page and Peter Strzok in day one of this framing of Donald Trump.

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