Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Your Klusterfuct Mind Conditioning.

I'm the caring Marxist of the CIA
who just wants to Obama you with caring.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Just as Sean Homo Hannity has dragged Southern Baptists, who make up most of his NASCAR and Country group he is hired to shepherd into accepting homosexuality, all of us are being set up to accept the unacceptable, but the extreme being fused in.

See while the right is masturbating over Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the CIA asset, putting a pretty face on Marxism, as the "extreme" of Nancy Pelosi who is sounding more reasonable, so the Webster Griffin Tarpley prediction has come true in the the DNC will split to a Marxists and Nazi party, and now Donald Trump is heading the Nazi wing as 34% of his Joe Lieberman democrats are pouring into his Michigan rallies.....shoving the Evangelicals out the door.........

Yeah Joe, I grab the pussy, you sniff the pussy,
Obama is the pussy, and Schumer is the prick.


Direct from Mike Pence's Indian Mafia comes Pete Buttigieg, as the extreme of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, to make AOC seem like the kind of girl that Don jr. would bring home to mother.
Yes Pete Buttigieg complete with an ass fuck name, is a blazing queer, and  more to the point, he is a bonified communist of the Jewish ordained Communist Manifesto.

You are being told America will have a fag president. No it will not be in this election, but you are being conditioned to it, in this mind rape of your senses. But then you accepted Donald Trump in his gay ass promotions, as those faggots of the missing Log Cabins are now in complete control of the Trump White House and GOP and more to the point, no one is not any longer raising hell about it in Christian America.

This is all by design, and as I warned you a decade ago, this is about the legalization of child rape in the United States.

I hate God but love having things stuck up my ass.


Pete Buttigieg´s father was a Marxist professor
who lauded the Communist Manifesto

This man may be the perfect guy for
the left but not for us.

As for your GOP, Megs McCain is now the poster plumper for your voice. See she is like all of you in accepting things now, in Joe Biden who is a pervert, who says it is wonderful that his dead son's wife, is fucking his whore sons widow, which broke up the whore son's marriage, and Meg's is now got fang and claw out defending the first stages of pedophilia and dirty old men feeling up women, because Uncle Joe was nice to Megs.
This fat girl is interesting in she has let something slip in Lindsey in the gay ear Graham, is plotting to blame John the hero  McCain for Pissgate.  That is what fatty is getting at in her father's friends did not come and fondle her fatness to comfort her, but creepy Joe was  on the phone masturbating as Megs wept about her daddy's suicide, as John McCain did take himself out, as his cancer was cured, and he was going to die of dimension in the not so near future. That leaking out would have made him a worse pariah than Lindsey Graham is about to bend that old cadaver over and give him the Benghazi Attack.

Meghan McCain defends ‘compassionate’ Joe
Biden amid inappropriate touching claims

New York Post, by Tamar Lapin    Original Article
Meghan McCain on Monday jumped to defend Joe Biden—who has been accused by two women of inappropriate touching. McCain called the rumored 2020 presidential hopeful “one of the truly decent and compassionate men in all of American politics.” “He has helped me through my father’s diagnosis, treatment and ultimate passing more than anyone of my father’s friends combined,” McCain tweeted. Her father, Arizona Sen. John McCain, died in August of brain cancer. “The View” co-host added: “I wish there was more empathy from our politicians not less.” Biden, 76, was accused on Monday of grabbing a woman by the head      
Nancy Pelosi tells Joe Biden to ´join
the straight arm club´ as she weighs in
on Creepy Joe scandal saying: ´People´s
space is important to them´
Associated Press & Daily Mail (UK), by Staff & Geoff Earle    Original Article
As former Vice President Joe Biden´s camp scrambles to contain any political damage over his past behavior with women, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has some words of advice: Keep your distance. ´Join the straight-arm club,´ Pelosi told a breakfast hour Washington event on Tuesday. In other words, keep your handshakes at arms´ length and don´t be touchy-feely. ´Just pretend you have a cold and I have a cold,´ Pelosi advised. It is advice that Biden, who has called himself a ´tactile politician, has not frequently followed during his decades in government and politics. Pelosi, a California Democrat who served with

Don't worry daddy your legacy is safe,
I'm in bed with pedophiles and they are defending you. 

See what I told you about your conditioning. Megs McCain defending pedophilia, and her treacherous treasonous old man, while it is Nancy Pelosi setting the limits, in telling Uncle Joe that he can't finger fuck the dark skinned maidens of the DNC as they need them to vote democratic.

I am through warning all of you on this and this is now going to point out from time to time, the realities of how you have been conditioned to accept this mind rape. You are assaulted, you are manipulated, you are presented the lesser of two evils, and in the end you like Nancy Pelosi now, AOC is the hot Marxist you can accept, and this Butt Boy of Mike Pence's Indiana is the extreme, which when they are through with the Snowflakes will become the next Nigger cry which was sent up for Obama, the Birther foreigner, in now to prove you are not a homophobe, you must vote for a real queer for things you did to them in college.


See I'm not so creepy, so communist and so bad now.


Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nuff said