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Donald Trump and His Person's of Interest

We'll just let Trump follow along behind until we dump him.

Romney Wants Investigation of Trump Sexual Assault Accusation

By | June 27th, 2019

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The ever disloyal eastern patrician, Mitt Romney, of Mormon cultism, has joined with Iowa Senator Joan Ernst to call for an investigation of President Donald Trump for raping a DNC funded leftist, named E. Jean Carroll, who has noted she has been "raped" by like 23 men, that rape is sexy, that she was not really raped by Donald Trump and that she finds being interviewed by Anderson Cooper fascinating.

The Lame Cherry stands with Mitt Romney, in this blog is all for investigations, but the Lame Cherry calls upon Attorney General William Barr to open a criminal investigation by the FBI and a US Attorney with a Grand Jury into the Republican National Committee, over a criminal conspiracy which appeared and has been generating within the Republican Party, involving money laundering, graft, grift and a a conspiracy against the President to deny Donald Trump the Presidency and to end his presidency.

What this all begins with is the Lame Cherry expose in the strange relations which are taking place in the RNC, concerning Jared Kushner, getting into bed with #NeverTrumpers and Mitt Romney rank and file, in handing over the Republican fundraising arm, and all of your data to be bought and sold for immense profits.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

When Donald Trump Began Laundering Republican Donations To The Kushner Family

At the center of all of this is the same group which were promoted and rose to power under Mitt Romney in the Republican Party. Chief of which is Mike Shields, who has a most nefarious past in he was raised in England, somehow got the Prime Minister to allow him into 10 Downing Street to propose to his wife, and that wife in Katie Walsh was a massive #NeverTrumper with Reince Priebus, who was fired by the White House for leaking to the leftist media.
Shields is at the center again of WinRed, the Kushner monopoly for fundraising, which Kushner's brother owns an investment stake the data operation.

Shields with his paramour, Katie Walsh worked out a real sweatheart deal with the #NeverTrumpers in he stepped down to manage a lucrative PAC, while his sex mate took over his job at the RNC, which propelled her Trump hating persona into the White House.

As this was all taking place, British MI6 Director Theresa May was running an operation with John Brennan called Pissgate, where Brennan was taking Hillary Clinton script given to MI6 and distributing it to the FBI for FISA warrants against Donald Trump.
This all began with Marco Rubio's campaign for Jeb Bush, and fluttering around in the background was Mitt Romney trying with Bill Kristol to deny Donald Trump the nomination and Romney taking it. It is vital to understand in this conspiracy that Kristol's son in law was the originator of hiring  Clinton's Fusion GPS at the Washington Beacon, owned by fag billionaire Paul Singer, who happened to be funding Marco Rubio.

It was in this that the Missing Link appeared in who pushed Paul Manafort to be hired by the Trump campaign, as John Kasich had been sent out to hire all of the convention managers. Paul Manafort was put forward so Robert Mueller would have a Russian link to go after against Donald Trump in this frame up.  Robert Mueller's chief focus was protecting who the Missing Link was, and it all is connected to the Indiana Pence and Lindsey Graham Carolina Mafia, as both rose to the surface in this as minders against Donald Trump and MAGA.

Mike Shields

Shields has been appointed president of both the American Action Network, a 501(c)4 organization focused on issue advocacy, and its sister super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund. Shields, who begins work at the groups next Monday, is stepping down as chief of staff at the RNC, where he is being replaced by Katie Walsh, who had been the party committee’s finance director.
The move will put Shields at the center of policy debates on Capitol Hill, where Republicans now control both chambers,

This was the genesis of the entire Mitt Romney 2012 takeover of the RNC and the political minders who soon appeared with their entire focus Bain Capital, Hart Intercivic, who owned the voting machines in swing state America and in this Mitt Romney as presidential nominee controlled the your voting information and selling it.

At the RNC over the past two years, Shields worked with Chairman Reince Priebus in overseeing a transformation of the RNC spurred by its “Growth and Opportunity Project,” a post-mortem following Mitt Romney’s defeat in the 2012 presidential election.

These are the #NeverTrumper people who entered the White House, who with Jared Kushner made certain Christians and Loyalists were purged. They continued on with destroying innocent Americans like Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.
The problem for Americans though is while Katie Walsh was discovered and fired for her duplicity as was Reince Priebus, Katie Walsh though was soon under the wing of Vice President Mike Pence in rising to control operations again, while she should have been under investigation for sex for sale in obtaining jobs at the RNC and leaking to the press.

Katie Walsh, like Paul Ryan, like Mitch McConnell, like the entire insider Bush and Romney leftists hated the Tea Party. They did everything they could to wipe them out politically, as they spent close to a quarter of a billion dollars on insiders, attempting to create a money laundering scheme to sell your data to Republicans under a monopoly control, so only their Rhino's got the data or had the money to access it while pimping and whoring you out.

Mike Pence and Katie Walsh

Lame Cherry: Look what the Pence Dragged In

It was Mike Pence who was pushing for this treacherous Mitt Romney to be Secretary of State, literally in line to be President or the certain choice of Pence to be Vice President once the coup against Donald Trump succeeded.

Never forget the first act of Mike Pence, was to travel to Texas, and sit down with the Bush mafia attempting to force Donald Trump to back a carbon tax on Americans, the very thing that the President said he would not do.
This took place at the Super Bowl, and within the week, Jared Kushner was at this White House meeting that Mike Pence set up for the Bush family, with full Mitt Romney support to destroy American small business for the conglomerates.

Bushite James Baker and Mike Pence

It was in this leverage of Donald Trump, that Mitt Romney's niece was placed at the head of the Republican National Committee as Chairskirt.

Donald Trump agreed to this promised buy off of the Romney clan, but demanded Ronna Romney McDaniel drop the Romney name. She certainly did that, but what has followed has evolved into high crimes against the Republican Party.

It all centers around this puzzling individual named Gerritt Lansing, who this blog first brought out of the shadows. Lansing was a college drop out, how as doing goat things in Greece for the summer, while reading Pan poetry. Upon reaching that height, he majored in journalism, could not get a job as no one would hire Pan Boy, but somehow was hired at Heritage Foundation, where he took over the blog there and again somehow a journalist which no one would hire, showed up at the Republican National Committee with a computer program from his company called Revv, and was paid almost 1 million dollars as he melded in with Jared Kushner's black vote suppressor in 2016 in Brad Parscale.

How does a person with a degree in journalism who read goat poetry, end up with the codex of a PROMIS type integrated software system of tracking every person reading this to exploit them, has the doors at the RNC headquarters opened to him, and to the shock of Republicans there, gets a sweetheart deal to cover up his conflict of interest, and when the amount of money that Lansing was paid for whatever he was doing was discovered, he was not fired or investigated.
Instead he ended up in the White House running the digital operations, but soon "left" and the next appearance out of nowhere is Gerritt Lansing is president of a monopoly of your voting data information, helped put together with Mike Shields and Jared Kushner was forcing everyone to hand over all their data to Lansing.


President WinRed

So in all of these glaring questions of improper actions and shady deals, and Mitt Romney now calling for an investigation of President Donald Trump for raping a woman who thinks rape is sexy, the Lame Cherry is calling for a criminal investigation by Attorney General William Barr of the above principles as persons of interest, because it is obvious that someone had Robert Mueller protecting Mike Pence as Mr. Pence was never questioned. In that, it is public fact that Mitt Romney was part of the Paul Singer coup against Donald Trump, and is still operating in that coup plot from the US Senate as the individuals he established in the Republican party are getting very rich over whoring your personal information.

Everyone reading this knows in their gut that something is not kosher here. This is the deep state at work and it is why no charges have been filed. Nom de Deus!!!! The very people who hate Donald Trump have leveraged him into abandoning MAGA as a farce, as they sabotage this President, and the surest sign of who are the crooks behind this are the ones who keep rising to more power and never face criminal investigation.

All of this is connected and interconnected from Pissgate, to Mitt Romney, to Mike Pence, to the magic software which appeared at the RNC headquarters making a fortune for the few as key assets were funneled money, your money, exactly as Obama and Hillary Clinton were using kickbacks starting with ACORN and the orgy of John Podesta rapine which swept through the DNC in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

Once again, this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as no on else is exposing all of this, as right or left, it is the same organism and it is working against Americans.

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