Friday, June 21, 2019

Hook Cloud

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was watching the weather from NOAH in storm tracking and I noticed something which does not appear, again this HAARP or perhaps someone is receiving a much deserved recompense of hell storms in the American interior for being evil to us.

Anyway, look at the storm over the American center. Do you see those two red comma clouds hanging off of it? That is impossible, as impossible as there is not any rotation as in the cloud over Montana, but this creature is moving due east, and trailing two wind sheer lines, or more to the point, progressing a sheer  line, and a wind sheer line is following. That does not happen in storms ever in squall lines like this, but it is a massive amount of energy being released, in rain, hail, high winds and it appears that one punch was not enough, but two should scorch the earth.

From what HAARP is promising, the heat will start pressing into the American center again this weekend. It is amazing in HAARP had that hook cloud over Montana hanging in North Dakota most of yesterday, pissing nothing to the wind. It is too cold and dry Canada up north for any storms, but the heat is moving north. For now the Kansas plains are hosting this shit weather, deluging the wet midwest to drown out and keep the last of the crops from being planted, and further delay growth.

I am amazed at watching this map move though as the Montana storm moved west which is impossible and the Kansas storms are blasting straight east.
That river of water flowing out of Colorado is going to be interesting, not so much for the Dakotas, but after it gets out of Minnesota, it should make life interesting in Ohio.

The red commas of Missouri in the above though are the anomaly in this Lame Cherry exclusive. I hope those apostate bastards of Kansas City don't have an ark to save themselves as they are a sodom region deserving of Biblical storm in acts of God.

That wraps this up, as I have a nice walk planned in getting away from this in eating an apple with TL.

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