Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Green Tree in the Weeds of Sodom

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My Holy Ghost Inspired reading has been in Psalm 52, both in typifying me as a green tree growing in the garden of God, and verse 7, the anti Cherry, who is the rich person who trusts in themselves, their investments and is always about wickedness.

Wickedness is not about what most people think of as wicked though in murder or rape. Wickedness is an entire false carrying out of your life in thinking you are a pretty good person, can keep your sins around because you can handle them, and leaving people to suffer.

Wickedness is the antithesis of God, Who mandates that you must care about others.

PSALM 52:7

Lo, this is the man that made not God his strength; but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his wickedness.

Wickedness is about those who bastardize Scripture and make excuses for sin.

The latest example of this was a Tennessee Pastor, and Detective, Grayson Fitts who stated that the government should arrest sodomites, according to Biblical teaching and then execute them.

It is a fringe belief to think the Bible advocates for the government to arrest and quickly execute LGBTQ people, an expert on American religious history says.    But a Knoxville, Tennessee, pastor, who also is a Knox County sheriff's detective, continues to defend the belief and the sermon he preached on it earlier this month.

While Pastor Detective Fitts is termed a fringe belief, he is a fringe Pastor, only because he is actually teaching what the Old and New Testament state. Jesus did not appear and do away with Old Testament Law, but to fulfill that Law completely.
St, Paul in Romans writes extensively on the abomination of homosexuality and sexual depravity, stating that God at a point of no return, hands these perverts over to their own lusts and they are destroyed.

It is quite clear in Mosiac Law that a number of sex crimes are punishable by State sentenced death, and homosexuality is one of those abominations. The cults which overtook Sodom, Canaan and Israel and Judah were filled with sexual deviants in their final years as kingdoms, and those peoples were destroyed.

So while Pastor Detective Fitts is a fringe now, where he was a majority in 1776 and for that matter in 1976 in stating what the Bible and a Christian Government should be implementing to protect the societal order, in this age the Pastor Detective is now being investigated for preaching this, violating the Constitution in the First Amendment Rights of this Protestant Christian.

This is the reality in the United States of the growing persecution of Christians who first appeared on Clinton FBI terrorist lists for believing in Jesus Second Coming.

The wickedness which prevails is from clergy named below who have bastardized the Gospel while twisting Scripture. Certainly Christ repudiated an eye for an eye, which is person on person justice which was allowed for in Mosiac Law, but that does not mean that the State in protecting Christian teachings is not to enforce the Law of God and man.

This Methodist faggery throws out Scripture as satan did on Temple Mount in tempting Christ. When Christ said to Love God and to Love your neighbor, Christ defined your neighbor as the people who were disciples  of the Law and Gospel, not murders or other deviants. The Law is the guiding path to the journey of enlightenment people have a choice to follow in Life or death.
The Methodist then lies in stating what the Pastor Detective spoke was contrary to Jewish and Christian teaching. Jewish teaching is Talmudic not Mosiac, and there are no provisions for promoting sodomy. In fact the Talmud is quite expressive in hating all non Jews and using whatever means against them.
It is Protestant Christianism which is the True scion of Mosiac Law as Christianity brings the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, with the message of Mercy and Grace FOR THE REPENTANT, not for those sticking their penis up an anus.

The Rev. Paul Purdue, pastor of Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, called Fritts' sermon gross and hurtful. He said Jesus repudiates the retaliation idea of an eye for an eye. 
"It's completely contrary to the teachings of Jesus who said that you love the lord your God with all your heart, your soul, your mind and you love your neighbor as yourself. It's contrary to the Golden Rule to do unto others as you would have done unto you," Purdue said. "I would say its contrary to the main Jewish and Christian teaching."

It is the fact now that a Christian in the Detective Pastor is not only ostracized, but persecuted, including harassment by the State, for stating plainly what Scripture states. America is a heathen land of apostates, and it is the Protestant Christian whose rights are taken away in being silenced.

The Pastor Detective in not any way stated that any Church or person had the authority to go round up sodomites and execute them, as he knew quite literally they would be the ones in this wicked state who would be shot on sight. The Pastor Detective stated it was the Government's responsibility to enforce the Christian Laws and to pass sentence and execute that sentence.

This is not about whether one agrees with the Pastor Detective preaching what the Word of God states. This is about those who are lining up to give him the same Sanhedrin treatment Jesus got before Pontius Pilate washed his hands of that Jewish murder.

The fact is, the entirety of Christianity has been infiltrated by the same CIA Mockingbird overthrow which sodomized the Boy Scouts and runs the corrupt NRA. Methodists are one of the leading progenitors of sodomy and anti Christianity now, along with the rest of these state run cults. This is why God is not present in these whoredoms and Christians are moving away to their own Churches to hear and learn the Word of God with the Holy Ghost leading them.

Scripture states quite plainly that the clergy which condones sins, is responsible for the sins of people and the nations, for they are not doing the job they occupy. For all of this wickedness promoted by wicked enablers, they will face the Judgment of Christ in the end, and they have already brought the United States and the West to the crumbling structure in which the end of civilization will arrive, as no society can survive when perversion prevails. That is the historical fact and a nation devouring itself can not survive.

It is now a criminal investigation for an American Pastor to advocate that the Government of the United States enforce Christian Laws as the CIA sponsored clergy advocate not for Christ, but for the scent of feces penis.

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