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Time for Executable Action for the NRA

Tom Gresham

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I have come to admire Tom Gresham of Gun Talk, after rolling my eyes over him in his once upon a time NRA stance of the NRA is always to be supported. Gresham whose father was a legend in the outdoor sports world, awoke to the reality that the same anti social democrats who might support gun rights like Harry Reid, were also the problem on all the other issues  which led to the endangering of Americans.

Early in the #NeverTrump group, he assessed that it had to be Donald Trump to be supported in 2016 as the alternative was Hillary Clinton.  It was his voice which questioned the Wayne LaPierre NRA which stopped advocating for gun rights, and started trying to sell insurance for profit to gun owners.

In all of this admiration though, I am not pleased at how right I have been in what a fraud the NRA is, as  there is not just a crisis in the fraud of Wayne LaPierre, a crisis in the debt the NRA is carrying, but the real crisis are the NRA Board who are still in zombie status.

 Wayne LaPierre

It all comes down to what Mr. Gresham related in an NRA Board member questioned him this past week over Gresham stating the NRA was finished. The Board Member could not comprehend what the farsighted Gresham was seeing, and that was the NRA has lost touch with the members who pay the bills, the faith of the public that the NRA advocates for their rights, and the disaster that the NRA Board just gave carte blanche to in throwing out President Oliver North and retaining the crooked Wayne LaPierre whose entire mission has been to neutralize the NRA and now in the Trump era to destroy the NRA, and we are on the threshold of this reality.
Exactly as the Protestant Churches have been sodomized in the leadership alienating by design the Faithful, the NRA has become a group who is deliberately leading away from where the membership, the real gun lobby has been paying a fortune to.


Jeff Knox

That fortune as Jeff Knox reported on Gun Talk is that the NRA is paying the son of the lobbying firm which was questioning LaPierre's spending addiction on retreats and expensive suits, 100,000 dollars a day. This kind of ridiculous spending has placed the NRA in debt of tens of millions of dollars.

Harlan Carter

The NRA is gone and no longer the effective group it was as founded by NRA Executive Director Harlan Carter. You know Mr. Carter was effective, as the left has been smearing this long dead Patriot for years for the effectiveness his policies had.

To put it plainly, Harlan Carter was a manifestation of the effective OSS agent, William Casey who was Ronald Reagan's effective campaign manager, and rose to Direct the CIA. Casey was a genius in the Reagan Revolution as he created ABC Cap Cities for a media voice. It was Bill Casey who created the fiction of Rush Limbaugh, but the tragedy is in Casey's death from brain cancer, is that his operations were overthrown by Bush fam in ABC Cap Cities became a leftwing orifice and the NRA was soon hijacked by another plant named Wayne LaPierre after the end of the Harlan Carter stewardship and advancement of gun rights in America.

It is a confirmed reality as Tom Gresham expressed in the NRA has been completely silenced by the fiasco and debt it has embroiled itself in. It has lost membership and has lost donations. It has been taken out of the coming 2020 elections, as it's board has alienated the trust of the membership, and the NRA is absolutely nothing without the NRA's members, except a group of rich gun industry pricks who make more money off of Obama Clinton in the White House than a Donald Trump, who does help a great deal by constantly harping about banning gun components or not allowing affordable Russian imports in to the American public.

Remember in this that in 2016 Donald Trump promised with the NRA leadership to bring about Constitutional Carry. The issue was never taken up, and the same frauds in Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, mirrored Wayne LaPierre, until nothing could be done about this issue once Nancy Pelosi was back in control of the House in more fraud American elections.

The White and Black of Gun Ownership

The problems of the NRA as President Trump noted were self generated. They were Wayne LaPierre, and when DIA operative Oliver North attempted to expose this reality, the NRA Board fired him and voted unanimous  to not only retain LaPierre, but then installed a 70 year old walking poster girl for racist smearing, as the new NRA President may be ok as a Vice President, but she is not the face of the NRA members, and more to the point, Carolyn Meadows is pounding the nails into the coffin of the NRA which Wayne LaPierre custom built.

The NRA no longer speaks for Americans, and it is why I have pleaded for President Trump to place the NRA into receivership, and to be led by a board of custodians with an executive committee beginning with Tom Gresham and Jeff Knox. The NRA must be salvaged with trustworthy Americans as the gun lobby is splintering in Ammoland can not accomplish all the framework that Harlan Carter established with Bill Casey forty years ago.

Harlan Carter's NRA was hijacked and flown to the liberal side after his tenure was complete. It is time that Americans take back the NRA from the gun industry and what has always been this as of late John Brennan CIA which has been effectively bleeding money from the American right to be squandered at the NRA for creating gun confiscation by degree.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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