Friday, July 19, 2019


Ich bin der AltTrumpf

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really have to hand it to President Trump, as he is the PT Barnum of politics, real Adolf Hitler, a Birther Hussein prototype in showmanship, as he will exploit anyone, and he views the entire world as a sucker born every minute.

 The game Donald Trump played in 1992 in partying with a Mosaad sayan, Jeffrey Epstein who was framing pedophiles and recruiting non Jews like Trump as extensions of Israeli intelligence in America, for information to be fed to the CIA, but he was playing it to the hilt as Oedipus Trump.

Donald  Trump is Der Fuehrer Trump, the Darwin master of the fittest, the political mutation, the 2016 AltRight of Jared Kushner, become the AltTrumpf of 2020, in a hindsight that has evolved past the last war, into a neo frontier of politics.

One day Donald Trump is pussy circumcising the Skirt Squad, the next he is poli pussy grabbing Nancy Pelosi in a love cuddle and while all that diversion is taking place, he has begun implementing his 2020 strategy in that race dog killing daughter in law, Lara thee Pregnant and Fertile, carrying a message to Germans worldwide that the Nazi's of 2016 are on the march again, as Lara Trump appeared in King of Prussia Pennsylvania, announcing Frauen für Trumpf.

 OK I admire Donald Trump for the size of the political gonads on him. He makes Michelle Obama's man cunt look like a skin crease and makes the testicles of Obama look like he has sand grain size balls.

Who else but Donald Trump after 3 years of betraying, screwing over, lying to, his entire base in legalizing all the Obama illegals, keeping Obamacare legal, raping  them by high gas prices, rewarding Goldman Sachs by robbing them, would upon casting away the  AltRight which Jared Kushner jewry created, resurrect it in a neo form as the AltTrumpf, and do it in King of Prussia Pennsylvania as the FU to the world in a Trump of Trump jokes that he is a National Socialist, is leading the neo National Socialists of America, and with a Vatican queen in the White House in Melania and a Tel Aviv JAP in Ivanka at the West Wing, without a Protestant around as Melania bans furs and Donald bans guns, Donald Trump comes home to bush muffing as their Nazi Fuehrer in King of Prussia Pennsylvania.

Of course Donald Trump is informing everyone that he is not joking in he is going to have a 3rd term. That is what a real King would do and American protestants will embrace this Vatican Jewry of Donald Trump and rally behind him, just like Austrians and Germans are enraptured with the leftist Sebastian Kurz.

Frankly, I would have loved to have had my 3rd cognac, my feet propped up, shooting e guns on the sofa, as President Donald Trump announced the grand plan was for Lara to go to King of Prussia Pennsylvania, the likeness of that fag Frederick  the Great, and embrace everything Nazi he is being accused of and is bringing upon himself in baiting Skirt Squads working for the CIA playing their parts.

I would have nearly died laughing at the joke as it is so simply Trumpian Audacious.  There simply is nothing this man will not delve to in the bottoms of ludicrous misbehavior to resurrect the hurricane Donald of 2016 AD with the public.
Donald Trump is an excellent showman. I honestly thought this man was going to fall flat in trying the same old game plan which got him there in WWE theater as that is what he was engaged in, but with King of Prussia, I perceive there are all sorts of entertainment out there that Donald Trump with his TrumpTrans led by Jared Kushner has in store to keep ringing the bell and telling you the world has been set on fire, but Donald Trump is holding the match.

Peter Navarro was on FOX on Thursday morning and the brilliance of the intelligence community running a propaganda operation was in store. Everyone knows we have entered into the Obama Super Depression again. China is imploding in a trade recession, which is not from Trump trade wars, but because the rest of the world has been in a recession on the Obama Super Depression for three years.
So Navarro starts making the point that in order to stop a recession, which we are already in, the Fed has to cut rates, and Congress needs to pass some trillion dollar spending program. Donald Trump has exposed his 2020 campaign, in he is running against the Federal Reserve and the US Congress. He is already blaming them for an event he is responsible for in his Goldman Sachs tax breaks, leaving Obamacare to loot a trillion dollars from the US economy each year, and the gouging of high energy prices which has bled America dry, as Trump opened the borders to legalize Obama illegals. MAGA was obliterated and now that the effects of Donald Trump as President and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell as leaders in Congress, Donald Trump steps into the ring and is blaming the duo of the Fed and Congress, as neither is in the Presidential election to debate. It is Nixonian brilliant, except Richard Nixon actually tried to save and help Americans.

No matter the details as Donald Trump has arrived in King of Prussia, and yes Kaiser Donald is here to stay. Yes the dog ate my homework, but Donald Trump has gone a hundred steps further in he is selling the dog shit as a new pate.

This is the AltTrumpf.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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