Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Donald Trump Blinked

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I was sitting in town watching the news feed for FOX when the disaster of Donald Trump appeared in the worst triple blunder of an American President. I am not writing that with #NeverTrumper glee, but with the anxiety of a Professor Stephen Cohen, in wanting this President to succeed, because the alternative is war, a weapon's of mass destruction war, which will first visit American shores and it will be a reality that this war will take up residence in the United States as certain as Trump's Visa Vermin.

 For all of the DC Whispers propaganda about how Trump stood firm, the reality of the reports are that after a year of Americans in rural areas being screwed over, that Donald Trump's Tariff Wars have accomplished absolutely nothing.

The Chinese technology espionage state firm, Huawei was given the exact access which dictator Xi wanted in American computers and Donald Trump got nothing.
On top of this, after bankrupting US farmers, agribusiness was  rewarded in Archer Daniels, Soros and Cargill sold US soybeans  to the Chinese.

Donald Trump did not get a blessed thing for America. He BLINKED and the Chinese know it.

Some progress seemed to be made in a dispute involving the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, which the Trump administration has branded a national security threat and barred it from buying American technology. Trump said Saturday he would allow U.S. companies to sell their products to Huawei, but he was not yet willing to remove the company from a trade blacklist.

Added to this, is the Russian Federation, which has been upgrading a myriad of first strike systems in nuclear warfare against the United States, upon meeting with Donald Trump, threatened him to not bomb Iran and stated it was in no hurry to limit nuclear warheads.
Russia not being interested in nuclear advancement, see this as their opportunity to advance past the United States. America is moving to use mini nukes in conventional wars, but  Russia's aim are continental and entire Army and Navy kills shots aimed at the United States.

Lastly, as this is connected to both Russia and China and Professor Cohen brilliantly explained this on Coast to Coast AM, in his book concerning war between the United States and Russia, triggered by Iran, is that Russia has 17 million Islamists and will move to defend Iran in order to save herself.
In this America is betting on the few Sunni Muslims while Russia and China are betting on the billion plus Shia Muslims.

Donald Trump has been stalemated, not checkmated by Iran. He has though been checkmated as Professor Cohen warned of in creating a super alliance of Russian nuclear strength, Chinese industrial strength and Iranian Shia Muslim strength.

This is a disaster.

Iran Strikes Back Against America. Is a War Coming to the Middle East?


Simply because Kushner media keeps blathering about Trump 12 dimension chess, does not mean that it is so.

Mr. Trump has somewhat blundered into mutual assured respect with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, but he has failed with Sebastian Kurz in Europe, has a Latin invasion being sponsored in America, in the disasters of Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela, and for allies, all Donald Trump are the backstabbing plotters of Pissgate in London, Tel Aviv, Rome and Jared Kushner.

The strategic assessment is Russia has become more self reliant in the sanctions against her. China is being rewarded as Donald Trump can not afford politically to continue his trade war into 2020 and Iran is the same 1000 pound nuclear turban sitting in the American front parlor looking to go off.

This blog warned in 2017 that Donald Trump's successful foreign policy solution was peace with Russia, and 90% of the rest of foreign policy would solve itself as Russia is the strength and cohesion to American adversaries, and without Russia, all the rest fold. Without Russia, China and Iran advance in the same challenging actions progressing toward their domination regionally over the United States.

Donald Trump inherited this failure from Birther Hussein Obama, and make no mistake in this, there is absolutely nothing the democrats of 2020 can bring to deal or solve that which Donald Trump has blinked over.

And as Donald Trump had his eyes shut, appeasing American adversaries, the act of war was pissed into Donald Trump's face as it was announced at the G 20.

The European Super State just completed a NON DOLLAR financial order with Iran and Asia. This is an act of war. When Iraq and Libya moved to gold and not the dollar, their regimes were shattered with full force. Instex is the act of war in response to American aggression as it is seen since HW Bush went oil are in Iraq and dope war in Panama,  Bill Clinton bombed Kosovo, George W bombed Islam, Barack Obama blew up the Mideast and Donald Trump Tomahawked Syria.

Donald Trump threw away a winning Christian Loyalist hand for a Jew Street / Deep State rendition of Obama's 3rd term. He gambled on that hand in his adversaries would make mistakes. They have not made any mistakes, so are taking all of Trump's tricks.

The only thing holding up in this is Stephen Miller and Ivanka's silicon tits.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would still advise that you rich people make those generous donations as the clock is ticking in what you have been warned of is out there.

Hosea 7:9

Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knoweth it not: yea, gray hairs are here and there upon him, yet he knoweth not.

The Prophecy has come true.

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