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Donald Trumps Frankenstein's Monster

Who really is Trumpenstein's Monster...

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It is taking some time to unravel the weave of the cloth in what is really going on behind the shadow curtain in the invasion of your privacy and finances in both the right and left in America, but the shadows have left prints upon the walls and Gerritt Lansing is that which has floated to the top, and he is the one to examine as to who are the known associates and the hands which rock the cradle of Donald Trump's Frankenstein Monster.

This begins at The Republican National Committee had a fundraising system in place, but it was scrapped immediately upon the arrival of Gerritt Lansing who appeared out of nowhere.

With Lansing installed atop the RNC’s digital shop, the RNC switched to Revv to process donations. After he became the Republican nominee, Trump dropped the vendor he had used during the primary, Targeted Victory, in favor of Revv. Targeted Victory declined to comment.

In every case, as Robert Mueller unleashed his investigators, the place to start once you have a name is to start examining  the money trail, and in Gerritt Lansing's Revv which has become Donald Trump's WinRed data mining and fundraising operation taking poor people's money, we discover that Lansing did not have such an all encompassing application, but he turned to a credit card processing platform, which not everyone can have access to. He did though and it was a platform controlled by liberals who hated Donald Trump.
It was called Stripe.

Revv makes its money by charging clients 4 percent of every donation, plus a 30-cent transaction fee, according to its website. Most of those funds go to pay credit-card fees to Visa or MasterCard, and a share goes to Stripe, the processing platform on which Revv is built.

Stripe is noteworthy, in it is owned by Josh Kushner, the brother of Jared Kushner, son in law of the President and sons of convicted felon, Charles Kushner.

Sons of convicted felon, Josh and Jared Kushner

Josh Kushner is noted in hating Donald Trump and attended the Pussy Hat Protest against the President.

The friction in this began early as the #NeverTrumper factions cut out of the Trump Pie, began posting things after their careers were ended. Erick Erickson who was exiled from Rush Limbaugh and discarded from Red State, provides not enough insider information on what he really knows.

We know Gerritt Lansing has zero computer education. We know that smarmy Mitch McConnell was part of the inner workings of promoting cronies as he set his name to Trump's WinRed which Jared Kushner set up. What we now have proof of though from Erick Erickson is there was a far superior program available than Lansing's Revv. It was Anedot. Half the GOP field was using this superior program, until the appearance of Donald Trump, who started promoting Gerritt Lansing by name.

We also know from the above that Jared Kushner's brother, Josh, owned Stripe, the credit card processing center which Revv was built on. In other words, Josh Kushner has your personal financial information.

We also know in this building criminal enterprise, that Brad Parscale, Jared Kushner's black vote suppressor in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, out of Texas, absolutely lied in choosing Gerritt Lansing's Revv to handling RNC donations that it was the best program out there.
Erick Erickson is on record stating that Anedot is superior.

Trump himself has once weighed in personally on Lansing, tweeting in 2013, “I am hearing that @NRCC Digital Director @lansing is doing great work expanding and modernizing @GOP social media. Good – we need it.”)
Brad Parscale, Trump’s digital director, said that, while he understood the potential perception of a conflict, he was unaware Revv was owned in part by Lansing when he selected it. Parscale said he picked Revv because it was “technologically superior.”

It was not until Revv was infused by the RNC's Katie Walsh with the RNC and Karl Rove's DataTrust, data mining information on you, Revv was a program with nothing in it.

“I asked what their plan was to grow that user base fast enough to be valuable in the current election cycle,” Steslow said of his meeting with Lansing and another Revv co-founder. “Their answer was their relationships at the RNC and NRCC —and that the RNC would be switching to Revv very soon, bringing all of those donors onto the platform.”

 Gerrit Lansing got hired at the RNC to be their digital strategist. Lansing, you should note, has no technical training.
- Erick Erickson

Like many others in Washington, Lansing set up an outside fundraising engine called Revv. Candidates could use Revv to raise money. Below this post is a fundraising widget for The Resurgent. We use a superior company called Anedot. And that’s the point. I think Anedot is a superior product designed by people who ran for congress and had computer, technical backgrounds.

When Lansing moved over to the RNC, guess what company the RNC started using for fundraising? But on top of that, I have had more than one person tell me of rumors that some candidates were “encouraged” to use Revv. No one has ever come forward and admitted it, but given how other contractors have operated, including, for example, Mitch McConnell using his clout to blackball certain consulting firms, it would not surprise me.

I cannot recommend Anedot enough. If you are looking for a fundraising solution, their website is here. There’s a reason more than half the Republicans in Congress use Anedot. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. And I have no conflicts of interest in recommending them or self-dealing issues.

In all of this though, we still do not know who it was that CREATED or wrote the software codex for Gerritt Lansing's program which liberals in the slum lord Kushners were highly keen on. Donald Trump was tweeting about Gerritt Lansing TWO YEARS BEFORE he even announced running for President.
Lansing though provided more information on his role in he founded Revv and he financed Revv. That is quite a leap for someone who read poetry in Greece, milked goats on a farm and could not get hired as a journalist after graduation, until the Koch Brothers funded Heritage Foundation employed Lansing to run their bot page, and then had him writing for the Koch propaganda sheet, the Daily Signal.

“I am extremely proud to have founded and personally financed an app that revolutionizes the way Republicans raise money online,” Lansing said in a written statement. 

When Lansing was appointed by Katie Walsh to the RNC, he landed with a 1000 ton gorilla presence. Immediately he started bullying campaigns. His Revv co founder, was CC emailing Lansing, so all the campaigns would see this and be intimidated to come on board.

Think of all the very powerful Republicans in Congress and Gerritt Lansing was bitch slapping them from inside the RNC, all the while Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were doing their worst to end Donald Trump.

Republican operatives representing multiple GOP presidential and Senate campaigns said that Lansing pushed them to use the company he co-founded, Revv, to collect their online donations after he was hired for the top RNC job — and that he used the fact that the RNC was using his platform as a selling point. Lansing was subsequently named to a top role in Trump’s White House.

 Gerritt Lansing was to well connected that when Katie Walsh moved up to the White House in her #NeverTrumper mode and leaking to the New York Times, for which she was fired, Lansing flat ass lied to Sean Spicer over Lansing's involvement at Revv. Spicer who was fired later, would have to retract his statement to Politico, and admit that Lansing lied to him.

Lansing had such cover that he was lying to the White House spokesman leaving him hang out to dry.

The controversy puts White House press secretary Sean Spicer in an awkward spot. As the RNC’s chief strategist, Spicer denied to POLITICO in mid-2016 that Lansing had any financial stake in Revv.
“He has zero connection to Revv,” Spicer said then. “He had to sever the ties.”
In fact, Lansing never did. He received a $909,000 payout from the company last year.
“The statement that was issued last year was based on information provided by Gerrit,” Spicer told POLITICO this week.

But who is Gerritt Lansing?

Fortunately, he lusted after a post in the White House, and filled out his financial forms, before leaving the White House in failing an FBI background check. Lansing is reported as unwilling to give up his stake in Revv as it was the goose that laid the golden egg, for a White House slot.
That is how big Revv was and how huge WinRed is, which Lansing from the early days in connections to a myriad of connected people, is now in full control over as a monopoly. Due to Jared Kushner creating WinRed, Lansing has four times the information, platform and wealth which was handed to him.
This is a multi billion dollar program.
Every 4 years a billion dollars is laundered through each presidential campaign. Gerritt Lansing in WinRed is skimming that billion dollars like the Rothschilds at the Federal Reserve charging you interest for your own money. In reality, whether ActBlue or WinRed, poor Americans are being obliterated, so it is fitting that you see where your money in part has furnished Gerritt Lansing and his blushing bride with a life of luxury you will never know.

Lansing's portfolio looks like a Kushner or Kennedy trust fund baby document. There is everything from capital gains, to dividends, to making money off of feeding people with cancer to owning some kind of  ranch in Cody Wyoming.
The ranch is interesting in you paid for it.

The thing is how is B4 Ranch owned by Gerritt Lansing a FAMILY business and it is listed as a FOREIGN LLC.
Just more questions for the person who controls all of your financial data.

This is a missing list of positions that Gerritt Lansing held, at the RNC, something called Greenview in a consulting practice and Revv. Why is not his position at Heritage listed, and what else is not listed if that is missing?

The same pattern as above is listed in RNC, Greenview and Revv. in employment. Why is he hiding the Heritage Foundation link.

Lastly we come to the lovely skirt in Gerritt Lansing's wife, the lovely Christine Keyes, who is an Ohio mystery like John Kasich being a #NeverTrumper who hired all the RNC wranglers to help set up Donald Trump to have to hire Paul Manafort and set off the Mueller investigation.

This Katie Walsh look alike, who Gerritt gushes over in being lucky to be married to her, is most interesting as somewhere at Politico she was employed at 85,000 dollars a year. A most interesting salary in it is not disclosed what her job status was in this powerful publication.

That is the continued trail of Gerritt Lansing which answers absolutely none of the questions in who was backing this goat milker and giving him the kind of cover he used to bully powerful people. There are answers in this, and if Donald Trump knew about this kid and his program early, the Josh and Jared Kushner connection appears early. That though does not fit the known associates as Jared Kushner we were told was not on board the Trump Train this early, and yet somehow Gerritt Lansing was in place with Josh Kushner, knowing he would rise in the Trump sphere.

This runs into the intelligence factions in Trump was DIA and if real reporters would step out from Mockingbird cover ups, we would discover what was behind all of this, as this is getting close to the Missing Link and at base, ActBlue and WinRed probably originate from the same deep state board room.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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