Sunday, July 28, 2019

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When this blog published on Friday, the reality of the linked storyline that what was on Donald Trump's mind was re establishing the American air base in Saudi Arabia, I did not post any analogy to give you time to think about things, or as most of you would do, is just click off as you are too dense to think from point A to point Q.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The point in all of this is the Saudi air base is receiving Patriot missiles again. That is not an offensive capability. That is defensive and it is to shoot down Iranian nuclear, biological and chemical weapons inbound for Riyadh and Tel Aviv. Those warheads are to fall in Iraq, and the Arabian Gulf, and not on Sauds or Jews.

The Holy Ghost provided this Bible verse as I was writing this.

Psalm 7:13

He hath also prepared for him the instruments of death; he ordaineth his arrows against the persecutors.

In everything Donald Trump is hearing from the Pentagon which has zero civilian or military oversight is that the United States can obliterate everything, and it can. He made that point about Afghanistan being wiped out in 10 days.

That is the reality of Iran. The reason I presented to you the Russian English invasion of Persia, was to show that Russia took the north of a few hundred miles, but did not take Tehran. The English took the Gulf coast. The reason the interior was not taken is it is a rough wasteland which would destroy armies.

The only feasible solution for Iran is the use of nuclear bunker busters, dial a nuke small scale warheads, and the coming military tactic of scorched nuclear earth by residual pollution. Hiroshima and Nagasaki proved that nuclear detonations were not forever. In fact, they are around  weeks and then safe, providing that cobalt or plutonium is not involved.
That is the key to nuclear pollution as it is both a human pesticide and an economic pesticide.

When God rained fire and brimstone on the sexual deviants of Sodom and the cities of the plain in their corrupt courts, it was a Judgment which still has it the Dead Sea. That area due to homosexuals will not be renewed until Christ returns and opens a spring out of Jerusalem. That is the longest perpetual judgment on planet earth.

No one has ever waged war against an enemy which did not allow for rebuilding in the modern era. Laying waste to cities by removing the entire population and sacking cities was thing of Babylon, Nineveh and Jerusalem. Very few scorched  earth battlefields ever were rebuilt.

Those are the terms Donald Trump is thinking in. America tried ludicrous Bush era nation building and it bankrupted the United States. The world can not afford wars where an enemy is allowed to rebuild and maintain the threat. The only solution is the type of English warfare, which they engaged in Persia in the 19th century and against Germany in the 20th century, by cutting off supply, so epidemics spread and millions of  the population perish.
Stalin's genocide in the Ukraine and Turkey's  in Armenia, solved their problems for 70 years,until the populations recovered.

When this President speaks of nation destroying, that is where his mind is, and what he will unleash in creating entire wastes and refugee populations who can not live in the modern Small Pox of the nuclear pollution zone.

Persians as much as Afghani will flood not west to Sunni regions, but will push into Russia and China's Muslim zones. Those nations dealing with 20 to 40 million Persian refugees would be an immense burden tying up their military and domestic resources which they can not afford to deal with.

Study the Ashkenaz "human bomb" of Latin America devastating the United States. Entire regions are a cancer wasteland and the US economy is bankrupted. This is what the nuclear pollution of warfare would do to surrounding superpowers in Asia.

That is why none of you reading just the links understood what those links meant in what Donald Trump was stating. Iran has set itself up to bring down the United States hegemony in the Mideast. If Donald Trump though selectively nuclear pollutes the Caspian into Tehran,  and the coastal areas of the Gulf shutting off oil supply, Iranian interior regions will not support life nor consume an American army. The surviving population then becomes a weapon against Russia and China as the population will move to the steppes to perish and create waves of human economic cancer and pandemic for Asia which will reach Peking and Moscow.

The Islamocommunists keep baiting Donald Trump, and Mr. Trump will not strike on Iranian terms. Someone will move  the blame to the Persians as these gambits expand for a direct series of attacks on the American mainland, and Donald Trump has telegraphed he will use ultimate weapons, because in the Bush and Obama bankruptcy of America, that is the only warfare which American can afford or she will perish in her Nazi statehood.

I realize how most of you are not Inspired by the Holy Ghost and have your heads up your asses in needing the dots connected and things explained to you. You have an example now of the original post and then the follow up to educate you, as to why you are required to donate, because you are not intelligent in the least to explain the events and the progression of the handwriting on the wall.

Benjamin Netanyahu needs an American war in the Mideast and Donald Trump needs a war in the Mideast to assist for his 2020 elections.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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