Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Jeffrey Eptsein: I swear she was a 'legal" child....

Can we just say looks like jail bait and jail bait are confusing.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The defense of liberal Jew, Jeffrey Epstein have coming pouring in, in his defense, as  who does not have hundreds of naked photos of children laying around their massage table, and who does not have all these world leaders and celebrities on their speed dial, willing to come forward and vouch for them.

Here’s What the Feds Found in Jeffrey
Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion

Federal authorities revealed Monday that a raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion turned up hundreds of nude photos of girls and young women; notes and messages that allegedly back up new sex-trafficking charges against him; and a massage table with sex toys. The details were disclosed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan as it laid out its reasons for asking the court to hold the billionaire financier without bail until trial. It said Epstein’s vast wealth and international holdings make him an “extreme flight risk”—and noted that he is in serious jeopardy of spending the rest of his life behind bars because of the evidence against him.

Here  we have Bill Clinton:

I like being called daddy and what can be wrong with that.

Dustin Hoffman


Tell me when I am molesting you baby as your breasts are so little girl.

Ralph Fiennes

Rich old men, younger women, who would not follow that act. 

Ehud Barack

 Can anyone judge a man who ties up children and he likes it?

Prince Andrew

With Jeff it was called the royal touch.

Alec Baldwin

It is all just a little foreplay.

Tony Blair

It's not illegal with the Queen if it is this long.

Andrew Cuomo

I consider it all legal if the hole is this size.

Michael Bloomberg

I say we need more gun control and less pedophile control.

Ted Kennedy

Yeah a Jew pedo in hell.......we won't be the lowest rung on that pole.

American law is about a jury of his peers. Jeffrey Epstein has been judge innocent, by his rich, privileged peers. Obviously Jeff Ep will be found not guilty......but Obama and everyone let Epstein skate, until Donald Trump needed the political issue to use against democrats.

Should not the protection of our children be a priority and not a political practice.

Of course it should but all of this is about  legalizing child rape.

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