Saturday, July 27, 2019

Robert Mueller: Keep Trump on the Leash

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 When this poor orphan girl broke the story that something was wrong with Robert Mueller, this Lame Cherry continued to investigate this reality of Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress, in which Mueller appeared senile, and posted the reality that there was a chorus in right wing media, assisting the left wing which desires to impeach Donald Trump, that Robert Mueller was incapacitated and that a new Special Prosecutor would have to be appointed by a recused Attorney General William Barr.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Robert Mueller Zweiter Teil

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the disturbing performance of Robert Mueller before Congress, people are missing the point in all of this as the Republicans mock and people reinforce the narrative which was presented.

Senile, dementia, geriatric: Twitter mocks Mueller

Who Wrote the Mueller Report?

Mueller was either cracking under pressure, or he’s not been fit for purpose throughout the whole investigation.


With Robert Mueller incapacitated in proof before the American People, a most interesting narrative began emerging in media, led by William Casey's deep state creation of Rush Limbaugh of Mockingbird Media. The revelation was startling, because Limbaugh, the insider was producing a narrative that Lindsey Graham, the #NeverTrumper who assumed the mantel of John the hero McCain of Pissgate Dossiers, was named by Limbaugh as a source that Robert Mueller was known as a vegetable brain by everyone.
Yet no one said a word in this Trumpstate coup which flipped Donald Trump to become  an open borders National Socialist.

The reality in this is, Robert Mueller in his final statement before the press, was not a drooling veg head, but was the same Robert Mueller of the thug state. Could it be that Robert Mueller was playing a part? Of course it is, and that role was a waiting narrative for Rush Limbaugh and the Red State, all #NeverTrumpers, remember that Rush Limbaugh like Sean Homo Hannity and Mark Levin were all in the boat for Ted Cruz, due to money funneling into their advertising programs.
There was a real conspiracy by these mic heads to deny Donald Trump the nomination, and once again their media is progressing a narrative that Mueller was out of the food chain all along.

It Sure Looks Like Robert Mueller Didn’t Even Write That “Snitty” Letter to AG Bill Barr

There is no more damning link that of Medium dot Com, which points to Linsdey Graham as the Carolina Mafia's #NeverTrumper CIA  assets who were conspiring against Donald Trump to flip him and have successfully put Donald Trump on the leash, and flipped him.

How long will it be that the democratic scripted narrative moves from "impeachment" to the narrative that Rush Limbaugh was deployed to progress, that Robert Mueller was brain fried, and by this the investigation into Donald Trump was being conducted by someone who was incompetent, so a new Special Prosecutor must be appointed as Attorney General Barr, is forced to recuse himself.

More to the point in this is, has Lindsey Graham already whispered to Donald Trump that Mr. Trump is not going to be free from the Mueller investigation, as Lindsey Graham says it is time to "move on", because Graham has already carried the message of blackmail to Donald Trump, for Mr. Trump to sink to even lower betrayals of MAGA?

The proof are these generated headlines. They are coordinated and all of this hinges on Lindsey Graham in the Senate and Rush Limbaugh behind the mic and the same #NeverTrumper media providing the talking points to democrats who hate Donald Trump to have him prosecuted again.

This all hinges on the Missing Link, who Robert Mueller was always protecting and is still being protected. It is certain that Donald Trump has been told that he keeps on the leash on, or a new prosecutor will be appointed for 2020 to this time drag Donald Trump before a deposition as Bill Clinton was.

Open your this is so big that it has Robert Mueller saving himself by being a drooling geezer as his epitaph, as the orders are he is expendable in order to keep Donald Trump on the leash.

The #NeverTrumpers knew this was going to be a mistrial or misinvestigation. Lindsey Graham confirmed it and Rush Limbaugh promoted it. All for the enemies of Donald Trump and America, to overthrow those 2016 AD in the year of our Lord elections.