Saturday, July 13, 2019

Russia's Super CHA

The Orca with her CHA.

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So it is comforting I suppose in President Donald Trump has a Mad Dog Mattis, Rex Tillerson, Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo, and I honestly do not know who is on this revolving door anymore, but the results are pretty ugly certain that all of this Obama Bush Clinton policy of John Brennan and James Comey, British MI6, Mosaad have generated a United States foreign policy in Russia, which has the Kremlin doing live practice drills with the Super CHA.

For those who unfamiliar with this, if you take A, as a primer in A is an atomic bomb, and use it as a primer for H, a hydrogen bomb, which is how all thermonuclear bombs begin, and make an AH the size of a submarine, and coat that submarine with C, Cobalt, it will become mutant cobalt which will emit radioactive decay like a phaser for 5 years, killing every living creature which has blood in it's veins.

See what is interesting in this, is the Russians have CHA, because President Putin provided this top secret document to the world to inform the world that American policy of first strike in battlefield nuclear weapons and coups in Russia was not acceptable.


The problem for live practice drills involving cobalt super torpedoes is that sometimes accidents happen, and one took place in deep water of thousands of feet, and the silent running lithium batteries which power the electric power plants, became overheated, and in the chain reaction exploded and started a fire inside this nuclear powered boat. Yes this torpedo has it's nuclear power plant to produce steam for a generator, to power batteries and to drive the motors on board.
There have been photos of this sub series with the drive like the infamous Red October being hidden from the public. The batteries are back up, should not have to have been charged with a nuclear plant providing continuous power. The theory is perhaps this sub was using battery power to create a worm drive, which does not produce a prop sound to be picked up, meaning these submarines are stealth in silent running.

The purpose is a 20,000 foot depth submarine which had a crew of a said majority of officers on board, which can dive deeper than American submarines, evade detection and deliver a 200 megaton CHA to the American continental shelf, and deliver a nuclear tidal wave to the American coasts, with a 200 mile inland wash of radioactive scorched earth for five years.

I would conclude on the above, that US foreign policy is not effective for protecting Americans, as it has created new nuclear holocaust certainties for Americans.

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