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The Donald Trump Cunt Punch of 2016 was Jared Kushner

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a new book out by Timothy Alberta, aimed at filleting off what is left if Donald Trump's Christian base entitled Mother is not Going to like This, in saga of the Trump Pussy Grab recording.

I will return to Webster Griffin Tarpley, the premier insider leftist who divulged all of this on the Jeff Rense program that the powers that be in America, have an agenda they are implementing in splitting the DNC into two parties, a Communist under AOC and a Nazi wing under Hillary Clinton, with the GOP becoming a 3rd tier party like the Greens. With Donald Trump out trumping Hillary Clinton,  that agenda now has Mr. Trump destined to lead the American Nazi or National Socialist party and that is what this Alberta book is intended this far out.

While the focus is on Donald Trump and the chasm between Trump and the GOP leadership, there are damning realities of the kind of Cassius that Vice President Mike Pence is, as he simply left the building at a key moment in the campaign, and it was not until Donald Trump got off the mat and leveled Hillary Clinton in the debates, that Pence reappeared.
See thee entire talk at this time was about forcing Donald Trump off the ticket and putting Mike Pence on as the presidential nominee. That is what this was all about and dimes to donuts  Pence's choice as Vice President would not have a Rhino like Condi  Rice, but Jeb Bush as that is what was driving all of this from the Bill Krystol and Mitt Romney 3rd party to bleed votes off of Trump to the discovery of the Pussy Grab recording as the CIA's Washington October Surprise.


You're really going to have to muff dive on the old ball and chain
to make up for this Mike.

 Every single person was telling him the same thing: Trump was doomed. The party needed to replace him with Mike Pence atop the ticket.

Reconnecting by phone later that night, Ryan demanded that the national party take action to excommunicate Trump. “This is fatal,” he told Priebus. “How can you get him out of the race?”

It all came down to Donald Trump being snowed by the Pence's and  not seeing past their pharisee, because  Mike Pence calls his wife 'mother" and Donald Trump was worried about mother not liking the pussy grab recording.
Mother in fact did not, as she refused to be with Trump and forced her apron string husband to hide out in Indiana at this crucial period. It is a testimony of the Pence's in their true character, in Donald Trump was not to be seen with when they thought the coup against him would succeed, but when Donald Trump flattened Hillary Clinton, then mother was more interested in her future as Mother in the White House.

For those who have forgotten 2016, the end of the race was between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz from Canada. It came to a bevy of states at the end, as Donald Trump battled the GOP and was winning. Suddenly though in talks for the Vice President, Donald Trump had a number of choices before him, and had not yet decided, when suddenly BAM, Mike Pence issued a press release that he was the Vice President.

The event that preceded this announcement was the voting period which included the state of Indiana .Ted Cruz was not going to give up, and suddenly Donald Trump swept into Indiana and other states and won easily. Yes there was vote rigging, denying Donald Trump votes to keep the pressure on him, but as soon as Mike Pence appeared on the ticket, all of Donald Trump's problems in voting disappeared.

Someone was forcing Mike Pence on the ticket and this would be the Bush family.

But on the ticket was to morph into President Pence 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, as Mike Cernovich exposed that it was Paul Ryan's to aide in Dan Senor, the #NeverTrumper who leaked the Pussy recording to the Washington Post. Senor's wife is Campbell Brown of NBC who obtained the recording.
For all of the surprise of Paul Ryan, he had his rejection of Donald Trump along with Mitt  Romney already written out, as this was the first coup against Donald Trump and it happened a month out from the elections.

Ryan and Senor were to be the first shot to drop Donald Trump to the canvas. They knew a bigger dossier was on the agenda, which would level Donald Trump in the fabricated Pissgate document.

Conspirators Paul Ryan - Dan Senor
There are reports that an associate of Paul Ryan’s was behind the leak. Paul Ryan’s and Mitt Romney’s former advisor, Dan SeƱor, who still remains a close associate, might have leaked the story and there is confirmation.
Mike Cernovich, author of Gorilla Mindset, has evidence that Dan Senor’s wife, who worked for NBC, is behind the leaked tapes. Dan Senor’s wife is Campbell Brown, a former NBC anchor.
Senor is rabidly anti-Trump and condemns pro-Trump Republicans on his social media pages with great regularity. Look at his comments after Ryan’s statement.

Paul Ryan  though succeeded in his operation in knocking Trump down. He was well aware of Pissgate, and these Rhino frauds of the GOP who killed MAGA and helped install Nancy Pelosi as democratic Speaker, so they would not have to deal with MAGA, but Donald Trump was not a pansy. He got up didn't grab Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump got off the mat and cunt punched that old lesbian

Trump's Pussy Punch was the punch heard round the world, and with it, he knocked the balls  off of Paul Ryan and the Cassius Conspirators.

While the party chairman saw no path to removing Trump, he wasn’t ruling out the possibility of Trump stepping aside. Having gotten the sense from Pence’s advisers that the Indiana governor would be willing to take over if Trump quit, Priebus talked into the wee hours Friday night with trusted allies—Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as well as top staffers and party lawyers—discussing the logistical hurdles to replacing a nominee one month before Election Day.

What 2016 was inside the GOP was Paul Ryan setting up Donald Trump, Katie Walsh turning off all the wealthy donors for Donald Trump and John McCain bringing forward that Donald Trump had 14 year old Russian whores pissing on Obama's hotel bed in Moscow.

There is something in all of this though in Trump's survival as a DIA asset of the leftists there in military intelligence and it is when this all broke, Jared Kushner said, This is not so bad".

Donald Trump being caught in locker room talk, setting off a coup, was not so bad for Kushner. Everything Jared Kushner has always done, has appeared to be to sabotage Donald Trump to lose.
Word had it that Kushner was a late find for the Trump campaign, but in the Lame Cherry expose on WinRed, we discover that Jared Kushner was involved in building a GOP data spy base to sell for profit with his brother, before 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.
I sincerely believe Donald Trump was around the GOP campaign, because he was promoting the Trump Brand. Trump tweeted out high praise in 2015 to Gerrit Lansing who was handed the multi billion dollar monopoly on selling your information by Jared Kushner and Paul Ryan. So all of this predates what is known, and Donald Trump appears to have by Jared Kushner been shown a huge cash cow awaited them, when they got a hold of your information which is now WinRed. Just as Webster Griffing Tarpley's changed so did Jared Kushner, because it appears that WinRed is built to hand over to the election of Ivanka Trump as head of the Nazi party in America in the Mike Pence era.

In this what has never previously been exposed, whether leftist Jared Kushner was involved with Donald Trump to defeat him, was involved with Donald Trump to destroy the GOP to a 3rd party status, or actually gave Donald Trump good advice, the reality is that Trump's staff had urged Donald Trump to appear on ABC with David  Muir to apologize. Trump agreed to Reince Priebus' typical advice, but when the meeting broke up, a short time later, Trump announced he was not doing the interview and he would not be apologizing.
There are only two people who  had that kind of sway with Donald Trump and that is Jared and Ivanka Kushner. They told Trump that he would look weak and he would have looked weak. It had to have been that devious little slum lord who told Donald Trump to stop apologizing and instead to go cunt punch Hillary Clinton. That would appeal to all the Trump instincts and character. So it was most likely that Jared Kushner is the one who laid out the plan for Donald Trump to stalk Hillary Clinton like a rapist on stage and then hit her in the puss so hard that her grandmother's ovaries felt it.

Whether Kushner for Mosaad was trying to bring down Trump, destroy the GOP, or to win it for the Donald, we do not know, but the effects are that Patton America as Richard Nixon stated, wanted a winner and Donald Trump in a new WWE put Hillary Clinton on the mat.

“Wow, this isn’t good,” Priebus said, his eyes fixed on a single line. “This is really, really bad.”
The group was paralyzed with silence. Finally, Kushner piped up. “You know, I don’t think it’s all that bad.”
“Jared, what are you talking about?” Priebus said, burying his head in his hands. “This is as bad as it gets.”
Unless you are a Jew slum lord who cunt punches the tenants to get them to pay the rent. Then the fight is just starting with a verbal pussy grab.

Cunt punch the old broad if she gets out of line Donald,
as that is what I do to the low renters.


This once again is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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