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The Epstein Factor

Jeff and Don

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everyone of you, well not everyone of you, as the people who monitor for the people who know most  things, know, but the rest of you do not know, that the saga of Jeffrey Epstein is the tip of an iceberg.

The question is not if a Jew worked for Mosaad, because all Jews are cult extensions of Mosaad.

 The Other Jeffs

What you are missing is Mosaad according to Victor Ostrovsky has in their American branch has been driving the United States policy by ever hook and crook.
A Chicago reporter who was assassinated at the beginning of Birther Hussein, provided a number of facts and facets which connect some of the major stories you have forgotten about in all of these diversions.


Sherman Skolnick

 A glimpse of this is the FBI providing the bombing materials for the Oklahoma City Bombing which had TOW missiles in the basement of a daycare above it.
The principle in this was someone named Timothy McVeigh who had ties to numbers of Mideastern John Does in Oklahoma, Muslims in the Philippines and of course the "militias" which Eric Holder for Bill Clinton went to war with.

McVeigh was "executed", by the state, but the problem was he was breathing when he was "dead".

About this time in this murky trail, a young Jewess named Chandra Levy of the Mosaad was doing some rough sex with a US Congressman named Gary Condit.

Chandra Levy - Gary Condit and a woman who looks like young Hillary Clinton

The problem in all of this was not the blackmailing of Condit, but the eye that Levy was keeping an eye on the operation which Tim McVeigh had been featured in out of Clintonrama.
Lots of eyes on the Clintons and lots of dead bodies kept piling up.

The most infamous was the lovely Vince Foster who had interludes with lesbian Hamrod Clinton. Foster committed suicide which was the official report.

Hillary Clinton - Vince Foster'

The problem was the devil in the cover up of Vince Foster who was a bagman for the CIA in PROMIS software out of Rose Law, where Clinton and Webb Hubble (father of Chelsea Clinton) worked.

It was where Foster's body was dumped that has always been the mystery and the key to it all. Foster had his money lifted from his account, was grousing about it all. Foster was dumped in Fort Marcy Park. The location though was by the Saudi Arabian official residence. That is the finger the murder of Foster was being pointed to, for a reason.

Remember that reason because it had Ken Starr the Special Counsel covering up this murder, and you just had Donald Trump appoint the chief of the cover up, in Brett Kavanaugh, who got his pay off in this from the deep state as that execution of Vince Foster in this factional infighting in the cover up was most important and had a pretty good rewards program.


 Then there were the Clinton's who performed a coup against the Jew who sleeps in Jared Kushner's bed in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and installed their boy Ehud Barak who had a thing for Mosaad money launderer Marc Rich, and with Eric Holder got Bill Clinton to give a pardon to Rich.

Ehud Barack - Hillary Clinton

When you start looking at this you start seeing a greater percentage of Jews popping up and they are not supposed to be getting dead, and yet, for some time in this factional infighting the Jews of certain genders are ending up DOA in most interesting natural causes, each time they begin bucking the system.

No bigger trophy was Andrew Breitbart, the genius who built faggot deep stater, Matt Drudge's media empire, and then built the deep state counter balance of Huffington Post.

The main point in this is not to be diverted away from Jeffrey Epstein who was running a Kiddie Pot, for Mosaad, just like the FBI and CIA were running the same entrapment frame ups of powerful people to blackmail them.

The DC Madam was executed in someone hanged her in her garage to shut her up. This perversion blackmail is how the few non intelligence assets, who were not recruited out of college, like some up and coming billionaires in Gerrit Lansing of Donald Trump's spyware WinRed, end up having their secrets recorded.

Michelle Bachmann

In short, it is obvious that Jeffrey Epstein was protected by the intelligence community. His being Jewish confirms he was running a pedophile ring in the American sphere for Mosaad, and the reason he was protected by the George W. Bush DOJ, was that Mosaad  in exchange for this live feed known to the CIA, was  feeding blackmail information to the Americans, as Mosaad was running various operations inside the United States to further their purposes.

This is the Epstein Factor. Jeffrey Epstein recruited Bill Clinton by giving Bill Clinton the young pussy that Bill Clinton desired to defile. Jeffrey Epstein attempted to recruit Donald Trump with adult models and a falling out took place.

If you notice there are enough of these Trump incidentals of Clinton Jewish perverts who are making the headlines in an attempt to smear Donald Trump, that the pattern is there that scores are being settled.

Hillary Clinton - Harvey Weinstein

That is the Epstein Factor in the exposure of the incestuous link between the John Brennan wing of the CIA and the Mosaad, running operations inside the Bush, Obama and Clinton disunited states.

It also has the scent of Jared Kushner in all of this with Benjamin Netanyahu, as another coup is being unleashed on Netanyahu in the scope of the slum lord Kushner's peace plan to turn the Mideast into his ghetto.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Birther Hussein Obama

Jeffrey Epstein is not a reality of the corruption of the US Justice System, as the propaganda is attempting to divert your attention from. What the facts prove is the United States government has been in congress with the Mosaad running blackmail operations inside the United States, and the Jewry which has been backing Donald Trump has been settling scores with their Americans like the President who were targets, and these Americans did not appreciate the attempted frame.

Casper Star-Trib

That is the Epstein Factor. This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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