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The Magic Political Spyware Spying On You

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 When this blog first exposed the criminal misuse of people's identities by the republicans and democratic parties in marketing them for profit, there was the original question in why was a person who wanted to be Pan in Greece, handed over the entire Republican monetary infrastructure, as it makes absolutely no sense, as how Gerritt Lansing without any computer programming degrees, ended up with a computer program the GOP was selling it's soul for.

My gut tells me what this looks like, is what it is. This is a CIA based operation. I do not mean spook central, but as in PROMIS software, in someone found an Andrew Breitbart as that queer Matt Drudge did to create that deep state siite, and Breitbart later for Arianna Huffington created her site which was another intelligence funded operation by political minders, and that is what WinRed is that the Republicans are morphing together.

This is data coordinating software and that is what PROMIS is and was, and it built all other programs, including the Mercer's Cambridge Analytica.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

When Donald Trump Began Laundering Republican Donations To The Kushner Family

When the internet was created by  CIA funding, Bill Gates was not a genius. The fact is all Gates did with his Windows system was take IBM foundations and joined them together and that is what Microsoft was. Gates was not a genius. He took the parts of a car and put them together and sold it as a car, and what followed were programs created with holes in them for the NSA to spy through.

It was the Bush family, melding into Mitt Romney with the base of this Paul Ryan of the liberal Aspen Institute, which was attempting to create this magic political software, but as Karl Rove attempted to create it by enticing Silicon Valley, the liberals there funded by the deep state, wanted not any part of it. That is why I believe whatever the Republicans created, came out of the NSA labs, originating with the Bush family CIA connections and it is an intelligence operation as is Facebook in that platform.
This is why these same deep state names appear at the genesis of this, and why those who are placed at the head of this, are people who have zero codex programming, but are akin to Hillary Clinton, Vince Foster and Webb Hubble at Rose Law Firm using PROMIS software in managing money laundering accounts in that Whitewater fiasco.

Rove’s involvement, while useful in Washington, hasn’t helped appeal to Silicon Valley programmers.
“Karl Rove, to me, doesn’t mean engaging an open-source community,” said Aaron Ginn, director of growth for StumbleUpon, who also worked for the Romney campaign.

Rove’s involvement, while useful in Washington, hasn’t helped appeal to Silicon Valley programmers.
“Karl Rove, to me, doesn’t mean engaging an open-source community,” said Aaron Ginn, director of growth for StumbleUpon, who also worked for the Romney campaign.
Boyce had it easier selling Liberty Works to the Washington establishment, with Rove as his Sherpa. Boyce met with Beltway insiders, including RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, chief of staff Mike Shields, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and others from Team Romney, according to a person close to Liberty Works.
“He was really interested in talking about what worked and what could have been better,” said Zac Moffatt, digital director for Mitt Romney’s campaign, who spoke with Boyce both during and after the election. “They’re trying to build something that’s more than just one campaign.”
The names of WinRed, link to Mike Shields of Russiagate MI6 manufacture via Theresa May and Paul Ryan at base, melding into Mitt Romney, the perpetual nemesis of Donald Trump.

When I stated that WinRed, the GOP magic software is akin to Bill Gates Microsoft, it is. Because the reality is WinRed does not really exist, it instead was the original data mining software, meaning PROMIS as DataTrust and what is credit card billing software in Revv.

In this package we have Gerritt Lansing of Revv joined with Mike Shields at the foudation of DataTrust. This is WinRed, which is melding the four Republican fundraising houses from the White House to Congress. This is the cash cow in selling your names and data to campaigns around the country, and Revv is making 4 dollars on every 100 dollars processed. These are immense sums in a billion dollar campaign.

The Republican fundraising vehicle is a joint effort between the party’s data clearinghouse DataTrust and GOP payment processing firm Revv.
Gerrit Lansing, founder of Revv, says that the data combination will help the GOP sail past Democrats and ActBlue.

Meanwhile, Democrats are playing from behind themselves as they struggle to create a data hub that can rival DataTrust.

 Democrats have their own Obama version running in ActBlue, which was the first CIA backed software which was sorting democratic voters by the scent of feces penis.
DataTrust was most intrusive, as it was harnessing what is law enforcement data, which is sold to background checks to the public, in credit cards, media viewing and what kind of porn you watch.

DataTrust, use your credit card purchases, cable TV choices and other personal info which is far more revealing about your inner life than the BS you put on your Facebook profile. Don’t trust DataTrust: This cyber-monster is operated by Karl Rove, "Bush’s Brain," who is principally funded by Paul Singer, the far Right financier better known as The Vulture…

Gerritt Lansing is quite an enigma for being an attention whore, but he does provide information in his profiles, like being married to this bottle blonde from Ohio, who is a most attractive enigma, but reveals that Gerritt Lansing apparently has more under the flute than being Pan Boy.


Chistyn Keyes Lansing

Ms Christyn Patricia Keyes

Lives in: Washington, DC
Used to live: Washington DC, Hudson OH
AKA: Christyn P Keyes, Chrisyn P Keyes, Christyn Lansing, Christyn Patricia Keyes, Ms Christyn P Keyes

 Whatever the attributes of Pan Boy, his position was enhanced when Trump Trans installed him into the White House. In this, Gerritt Lansing happened to reveal why he was in his job, as his group was busy rewriting the Office of Management and Budget's guide rules, to thwart Donald Trump's directive in freezing federal hiring.
Lansing informed the world that the the Jared Kushner element in league with others in the White House, were circumventing the rules and would be hiring in mass internet technology experts.

During a Jan. 26 a General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service (TTS) townhall, employees who spoke to Federal News Radio on the condition of anonymity said Lansing assured them that the Trump administration’s hiring freeze would not block the hiring of talented IT employees.
“He said the administration would protect the ability we have to do tour-of-duty hiring,” said one GSA employee. “Gerrit said they have already incorporated language into OMB’s guidance that is coming out in the next few weeks that protects 18F and USDS from the hiring freeze. They said it’s a done deal. They didn’t go into a ton of detail, but said they had to get creative in the guidance.”

Lansing though did not last long in the White House, as he could not pass an FBI background check. What was later confirmed was that Lansing had been involved in some investments which sent up red flares for the FBI. Hints of it had to do with Revv. The question is in this, if Lansing's ethics barred him from being trusted in the White House, has Gerritt Lansing in charge of all of your personal data and selling it to whoever has the money to purchase it.

Chief digital officer steps down from White House job over background check

A source close to Lansing said the issue with the background check was over investments.

 Something in this though keeps taking on different aromas of stink when it comes to Gerritt Lansing as his background does not check in education compared to what he is now managing and earning a fortune over.

Once he was removed from the White House by failing the FBI background check, Lansing was back in his native Chicago. It was Illinois that Lansing broke into the political world from the Heritage think tank, but on his return, he was soon a Resident Fellow holding seminars at what appears to be the University of Chicago and associated with the Pritzkers.
This money swindling family of billionaires, sent their Penny into the Obama campaign, which had to do with handling Obama's finances in his campaign, and you probably remember the ACORN problems which arose.

So the intrigue in this is, what is the guy who has all of your information, doing holding seminars at Obama University?

Gerritt Lansing
Spring 2018 Resident Fellow
Lansing has previously worked as the Press Secretary for the House Budget Committee under Congressman Paul Ryan (WI) and as New Media Director for Congressman Peter Roskam (IL).
He grew up in Lake Forest, north of Chicago and graduated from the University of the South in 2007 with a degree in Classical Languages.

It does evolve into an even more interesting bed fellows, but who should appear in this marketing whorehouse, but none other than Katie Walsh telling the secrets of Donald Trump and Lansing's partner in Gary Coby who was an active manager in the Trump campaign.

It is the point that why is not someone like Sean Homo Hannity not investigating this odd money trail and the only investigative journalists is this orphan girl providing data to the public.

Gerrit Lansing on “The Internet’s Disruption of Politics & Government”

Gerrit Lansing's seminars will be held on Mondays at 3:30pm.

All IOP Pritzker Fellows Seminars will be held in the IOP Living Room unless otherwise noted.
All seminars are students only and closed to press/off the record.

Session 5 (April 30): An Insider’s Look at the RNC

Special Guest: Gary Coby, Senior Partner at IMGE, former Director of Advertising for the RNC & the Trump campaign

Session 7 (May 14): Party as a Platform
Special Guest: Katie Walsh, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Implementation for the Trump administration

Should not every republican and democrat know just who created the programs which is data mining them, and should there not be an accounting of how much money your identity is generating for the political parties as this is now all a conflict of interest reality.
Should not you be able to have a privacy check mark by your name, that your name can not be bought and sold?

Obviously your name got a nice piece of revenue to attract such a lovely blonde wife for Gerritt Lansing. You seem to have gotten nothing out of this, but would it not be appropriate in open government, as all of your private information is known, to know who actually created this magic political software and where it came from.

The answer is in the codex. It is unique and it can be traced to the writer. Should not every Republican know who Gerritt Lansing really is and who was providing cover for this magic political spyware.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.