Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Panda Bear

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The end of the United States is near, and the surest sign of the American corpse is that international hunting markets are turning to China to sell safaris too. And why should this not be, when all of these goddamn green idiots dox and destroy the lives of hunters who legally invest money in game management to shoot some lion, elephant or ibex around the globe.

The tradition of George Washington to Teddy Roosevelt is vanquished. Americans are not Don and Eric Trump freelancing hunting as Melania bans fur from the White  House and Donald sr. can not whine about elephants or some lions in Africa, while banning gun parts. The numbers do not lie.

As the number of hunters in the United States declines, some are looking to the other side of the world to reinvigorate an international hunting market hit by urbanization and culture shift.
The first-ever hunting show was held in China last month, and its founders and promoters are hoping to expand interest in the sport and encourage wealthy Chinese citizens to book hunts from Africa to Canada.
“This is the opening of the largest potential [hunting] market in the history of the universe,” Steve Scott, an American hunter and television producer, told Quartz. “This is the D-Day for hunting on the biggest beach there will ever be.”
The show was organized by Chinese entrepreneur Jerry Li, who emigrated to Canada in 2002 and soon harvested his first black bear in British Columbia. Li believes that as Chinese people grow wealthier, they’ll be looking for new and exciting ways to spend their money.

For those who think they won and are celebrating this. Animals do not exist on shelves. They live for a purpose and in increasing populations, humans will rid themselves of wild animals. Animals which do not pay for themselves will be destroyed by locals who need land for crops or a place to build their home.
Americans did more for protecting wildlife by hunting it, than any conservation effort ever produced in this world.

International hunting and safari companies are beginning to take notice. Alexander Oelofse, who was born and raised in Namibia and runs a hunting safari company his father founded in 1975, attended the China Hunting Show to tap into the market that might replace the dwindling number of American hunters.

This is though more than the Melania Trump fur bans. This is the reality that money in America is concentrated to the feudal few. On the right there are Jews and fag billionaires who have no interest in the American heritage of Boone and Crockett. On the left is more faggery and trolls who hunt babies in the womb. Americans have been deliberately bled dry of money in high Obama taxes and rationed death. Donald Trump has restored nothing with his Obama 3rd term of Trumpflation in high oil prices to consumers, with his open borders.
I warned all of you that America had 18 months to resurrect herself after Donald Trump took office. All Mr. High Rise did was allow Ryan and McConnell to pass tax cuts for Goldman Sachs, keep Obamacare on the books, keep Obama's high taxes on the books, and increase energy prices while increasing legalized 3rd world vermin invading America.

MAGA was destroyed, and now the Chicoms are being marketed to on the very American market of hunting for conservation, but that will never produce any secure future for wildlife as Africa has 2 billion consumers who will take the place of the elephant and lion, as 1 billion Chicoms die off in a non consumer market.

The end of American hunters is the epitaph of the United States. The coyote will howl over the graves of the leftists who engineered this. What worked  for America was Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. What destroyed America was the Bush family and Birther Hussein Obama, and Donald Trump did nothing but tweet words over the American dirge.

The pity is few will read this, most will pass on in thinking this does not matter, but this is the connecting point to all connecting points in why your life is shit in the United States as God Guns and Country created America and all there is now is a pile of guns for the huddled masses who can't afford bullets while they tell themselves the are still free.

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