Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Soccer Conspiracy Against America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You do remember the bullshit of the kneelers in the NFL and NBA which alienated American fans and caused plunging viewership and revenues?

Well the conspiracy of that alienation of Americans is now being revealed how the United States is being moved from real sports to these Euro fag sports, which was epitomized by the fake championship of these Soygender dykes who were awarded the Women's World Soccer championship to piss on everything American.

I am telling you that this dyke cup, was a fake as Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa in their homer derby a few years ago. The proof of this is democrats were waiting in the wings with a federal funding bill about pay scales in soccer.

And wonder of wonders, after the farce of the dyke cup, is that North America is going to be hosting a number of these world cup games in 2026. Sort of like, gee let's hand a fake win to the dyke Americans, cause all this anti American pissing on flags, and then we will have the interest to bring all these Americans driven from real sports to soccer.


There is a great deal of money to be made in standing around on grass as a ball is kicked around by a few other people.

That is quite a bit of money for a "sport" which no one watches. I repeat no one watches this shit, meaning there are not stadiums with 50,000 fans, huge television contracts, advertising pays all this money for these fags to rub their vulvas on each other?

Well it turns out Visa, part of the economic war against Conservatives, is pledging about half the company's revenue to sponsoring soccer. That is one hell of a wad of cash for shit no one watches.

There is with this fake US victory in soccer a move to create a sport by indoctrinating the masses in the United States and by ridding America of baseball, basketball, football, make soccer a cash  cow monopoly, where the population will all be zombie watching this boring game of the 3rd world.

That is the conspiracy in this, and the above facts prove it.

Come on you asstards, do you really think these shemales who hate America, were better than the skilled dykes of Europe? The best players in the world, the best teams in the world and the United States just happens to create this American hating dyke team on cue, and with the hysteria, here are democrats with funding bills and VISA bankrupting itself for dyke ball.

No one is going to watch this shit, no more than now. This is just another mind conditioning operation by the elites. It has been in work since Obama and is coming to fruition.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. It is so blatantly obvious what is taking place and the reason it is so obvious is the American mind is so shit tard that those behind this know they can shovel this shit down the mind hole and everyone will be held hostage to it.

For the record, I use a Discover card, as I am not using Visa to support this con game.

Again, you think these club footed dykes of America really could beat the talented shemales of the world who have skills and ability?

Wake up Waldo and pull your head out of your ass, as you just met reality.

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