Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Facial Freak Show

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like most of you, I am disgusted in the ugly shoved in my face from sodomy promotion by John Cena public service announcements, to the deluge of these people who stretch their face skin like a bloated whale in trying to look not what they are in old women.

Kathy Lee Gifford is one of the latest in this hideous creations in looking like some circus freak show.

Gifford joins a growing list of putrid looking  faces led by the repulsive face of Cher.

Then there is Nancy Pelosi whose  face looked like it has been stretched to make her a water balloon brain injected with ass fat and botox, that what is going on in that mind blubbers out in stammering dialect of the near brain dead.

It is though not just women. Kenny Rogers joins Burt Reynolds who have the same surprise expression pasted on their face like these geezers have discovered they had an erection.

When  I think of beauty, I think of the gorgeous Olivia DeHavilland who was as attractive without hacking off her face at 90 as she was when she was more beautiful than that nutty Scarlet in Gone with the Wind.

The liberal Katherine Hepburn who was the same face at 20 as she was at 70. It was an amazing thing that women with talent, still can act at 70 like they did at 20.   Hepburn had sexual appeal no matter her age, because she was confidant. Imagine that, a self assured woman presents herself to the world and people want to watch her.

Maureen O'Hara is another stunning example who was timeless. Sure some women have bone structure and age better, but anyone would rather look at an old woman than what our eyes are assaulted with in the worst of crimes to vision.

Goldie Hawn is someone you just want to look away.

Meg Ryan is just something  that induces vomit. This woman never could act, like Tom Hanks "acting" was the same rolling expression and as long as liberals do it, it is deemed a wonder. It though is what no talent produces.

Hanks though looks like he had his head extruded, while his wife got the blow up doll inflation.

So geezers I plead with you, just grow old. There is nothing wrong with it. You look like a freak show as everyone can see it and recoils in horror. Just take a bath, because even if your nose is wore out, the rest of the world is not without a nose, and for your sake, perfume and cologne is not to be used by the gallon. You should have plumes rising from you that look like heat waves and flies should not be dropping out of the sky like you are wearing Raid.

Stop trying to be 25, because you are not 25, you are not young, you are old. Stop subjecting yourself to the work of the high priests of On in Egypt who made mummies look good, but the mummy look does not look good on the living.

People still love you when you are even a fat old man, who has no fear of being a fat old man.

Nuff Said